Solar Pool Covers Bubbles Up or Down

Solar Pool Covers Bubbles Up or Down

You might have heard about solar pool covers whether you own a pool or not. And if you have never, then you need to read this article to learn more about these covers.

This article will teach you everything about solar pool covers, and of important teach you how to install them. Therefore, you will be able to solve the mystery of solar pool covers bubbles up or down.

Solar Pool Covers Bubbles Up or Down

What Are Solar Pool Covers?

You probably have used a safety pool cover. But why would you require any other type of pool cover? Because a solar pool cover will not only keep debris and dirt out of your swimming pool – it will actually heat the water.

A solar pool cover is a cover that captures energy from the sun and takes it into your swimming pool water to warm it. This type of cover also helps to reduce evaporation, meaning that you save money that you would incur if you heard to feel chemicals regularly.

When Should You Use a Solar Pool Cover?

Any time you are not using your above ground pool or in-ground pool is a great time to use your solar cover. Especially during the night when the weather is extremely cold.

In addition, solar pool covers have a lot of benefits which include”

  • Less chemical use – These covers are able to shield your pool from the harmful UV rays that burn pool chemicals.
  • Better energy efficiency – They also conserve heat in order to reduce the need for using pool heaters.
  • Less pool maintenance – Solar pool covers are also able to keep dirt and debris out of a pool.
  • More comfortable swims whenever you want.

Do Bubbles Go Up or Down on Solar Pool Covers?

To know whether to put the bubbles up or down, you first need to know how solar pool covers work.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Works?

As your swimming pool sits under the hot sun, it naturally gets heated from the sun’s energy. This is why you will find the water to be warm during the hot season of the year.

But if natural heat enough to keep your pool ready for swim throughout the year? This is why most people will use solar pool covers – they are a dependable source of the required heat.

These covers are able to provide a barrier between the surface of the pool and the atmosphere. They function like a lid that covers your swimming pool to prevent heat loss. Besides, solar pool covers help to heat your pool faster.

And this is why you need to apply the cover the right way.

Which is the right way?

When placing your solar pool cover always ensure that the bubbles side looks down. The sun rays heat the air inside the bubbles and then heat is transferred into your pool. That’s why you should make sure that the bubbles are facing the water.

Moreover, the solar pool covers trap the head inside your swimming pool, so your facility will remain warm during the cold months. This means that they enable the water to retain heat that was acquired during the day.

Another thing you should note about solar pool cover is that they will allow you to swim as if they weren’t there.

What if the bubbles face down? What will happen?

If you place the solar cover while its bubbles are facing the sun, the process of warming your swimming pool will take longer and the sun might even damage these bubbles. That’s because they are not facing the water directly.

They will overheat in the atmosphere with nowhere to take the collected heat. Therefore, the sun’s ray will flow through the cover, instead of the air, before they can reach the water.  

How Can You Make Solar Covers More Effective?

There are a few things that you can do to make your solar pool covers more effective when warming your pool.

Use Energy-Efficient Heaters

Pool Heat Pumps

Although your pool heat pump won’t collect energy from the sun, it will harness the heat. Actually, the hotter it’s, the better the pool heat pump will work.

This is because it uses an evaporator coil as well as fan to collect natural heat and then turn it into hot gas for warming your pool.

Solar Pool Heaters

A solar pool heater uses fixture of panels that are installed on a roof, joined with a pool pump. The panel collects the heat from the sun while the pump takes water to the roof, where it gets heated.

Of course, many people know that there are days when the sun won’t come out and this is why they use pool heat pumps as well as solar pool heaters. This combination is not only reliable but also energy efficient when heating your pool.

Use An Auto Timer

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you leave the solar pool cover on but forget to operate the other systems? There will be a lot of heat loss.

However, with an auto timer, you don’t need to worry about anything since all operations will be automatic. This is just like operating an auto best robotic pool cleaner.

You only need to do a few adjustments and the timer will activate at a certain time, heating up your pump and heater even when you are gone for days.

Use a Windshield

An increase in the surface area will increase evaporation. And what might increase the surface area of your swimming pool? The answer is movement.

And even when there are no swimmers in your pool, there is still one factor that can increase the surface area. This is the wind.

The wind generates small waves when it moves across the surface of the water, increasing the surface area. So, you should block this by having a windshield.

In Conclusion

Solar pool covers bubbles up or down? Bubbles facing down is always the right way to install your pool cover. This will ensure more heat is transferred into your pool and the cover will last longer.

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