Coleman Pools vs Intex Pools 2020 Reviews & Top Pick


If you are looking for an above ground swimming pool, there are two main options on the market today: Coleman or Intex. These are the leading brands in the world of above ground pool today and provide high-quality products.

With that in mind, which brand can you depend on to provide the best models?

Continue reading the Coleman pools vs Intex pools reviews and buying guide to get an idea of what these firms are all about.


About Coleman and Intex Brands

Most people have a problem when trying to figure out which is the perfect company for their needs.


This company is situated in the United States and it is famous for producing top-quality outdoor recreational products. These products include above ground pools and camping gears.

The firm does have other products that it distributes, but it is well-known for the above two products. Furthermore, there are other branded products which are made by its business partners.

Overall, the company is pretty good when it comes to providing the best products, especially pools. This is because it does a lot of research before it decides to design and produce a certain product.


On the flip side, Intex is another firm that has been in business for decades. It is well-known for producing spas, above ground pools, furniture, airbeds, boats, and toys.

The company is superb when it comes to providing top performance products. The firm is also loved for having some unique features for its products.

Furthermore, with a helpful customer support team, you will get an easy time when using its swimming pools.

Coleman Pools vs Intex Pools: Comparison

Having known about the two companies, it only makes sense to compare them. This will give you a better understanding of what you should expect from their above ground pools.

What to Expect from Coleman

Coleman is famous for the following things:

Ease of Maintenance

When buying a swimming pool, you certainly want something that is easy to maintain. This is precisely what you get from Coleman’s swimming pools.

Its pools don’t even require the weekly or monthly maintenance and cleaning. You only need to follow the recommended routine by Coleman and you will be good to go.

The company’s pools come with filters that ensure the water remains clean 24/7. This also reduces the need for cleaning your pool regularly.

Generally, you will have a superb time working with Coleman’s pools as they do deliver on performance.

Adjustable Size

Another thing that you might love above Coleman’s pools is that they are easy to move. This means that you can always move your pool according to the weather.

You can also get these pools in different shapes and sizes. The same case applies for the depth. Ultimately, you will get an above ground pool that works better and more effectively than other models out there.

Also, depending on your family size, you can choose a nice large unit that is sufficient for everyone.

Ease of Cleaning and Installation

First of all, Coleman’s pools installation process will depend on the model you purchase. You should expect that some models will be easier to install than others.

However, for most of the brand’s pools, you can easily install them yourself. You don’t need to hire a professional to help you with the assembling process.

In terms of cleaning, it is also very easy to clean these pools. You can even use a robotic swimming pool cleaner to do the job for you.

Furthermore, most models come with an easy method of cleaning them. Some even come with a DVD that instructs you on how to install and clean them.

Guaranteed Privacy

If you are cautious about how you look, there is a high chance that you will love the privacy of Coleman above ground swimming pools. You can easily set up your pool in your yard and enjoy some quality relaxing time without visiting the public pools.

What to Expect from Intex

The Price

The Intex Company is well-known for providing high-quality pools at a great price. You don’t need to break the bank to own and enjoy one of its pools.

Actually, you can get them from as little as $150. Hence, even if you are on a budget, you will still get a pool that will offer you the fun you want.

For most people, they find it very convenient that Intex provides different types of swimming pools at different prices.

Setting Up

In terms of setting up, you will surely enjoy owning an Intex swimming pool. The models are very easy to set up.

This is made possible by the many top features that accompany the models. As well, Intex sends you a helpful DVD that you can watch and learn how to do the setting.

With the video step-by-step instructions, you will find it very easy to follow and setup your pool.

Customer Service

For many years, Intex has been known to provide one of the best customer services in the industry. You will have a good time when interacting with the support team.

This is because, if you get into any trouble with your pool, you can be assured of getting the support that you need.

Simplicity and Size

If you want a wide range of options, Intex is the brand to choose. They provide simple yet top performing products that you can always depend on for the much-needed cooling session.

Top 6 Coleman and Intex Pools Reviews 2019

Here is a review of the top 6 Coleman and Intex pools on the market today.

Let’s start with Intex Pools:

1. Intex 12-Foot by 30-Inch Metal Frame Pool Set

If you are on a budget, the Intex 12 ft. x 30” might be the pool for you. Even with its affordability, you still get a decent quality product which is evident from its various high rating by past buyers.

Although it might not be the firmest pool on the market, its construction is commendably durable. It’s made of Super-Tough laminated side walls consisting of 3 different layers that give it unrivaled strength.

Moreover, setting up this pool is pretty easy. It comes with a step-by-step instructional DVD to help you through the process.

2. Intex 15-foot by 48 inches Easy Set Pool Set

One of the most popular above ground pools on the market today is the Intex 15 ft. x 48”. This is an easy to assemble model; in fact, if you get stuck when assembling it, you can refer to the instructional DVD that accompanies the set.

It is made of Super-Tough laminated side walls that ensure your pool doesn’t get a hole easily. Also, its top ring is inflatable, providing your unit with the sturdiness it requires.

Very affordable, the pool comes with a 30 days warranty to give you peace of mind and offers you many hours of fun.

3. Intex 14-foot by 42 Inches Ultra Frame Pool Set

If you have children, then the Intex 14 ft. x 42” might be the pool for you. It is ideal for two grownups and 2 children. Actually, due to its height, the product is mainly ideal for kids who can swim comfortably and cool down.

Also, it takes only 2 individuals to assemble this pool in about 45 minutes. Engineered for strength, the unit is supported by firm, durable steel frames which coated for beauty and a rust-free performance.

With a contemporary look and heightened strength, this is the standard pool on the market today.

4. Intex 24-foot by 12-foot by 52 Inches Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

We all love large pools and that what you get from the Intex 24 ft. x 12 ft. x 52”. The product is engineered for strength and is supported by durable and solid steel frames that are coated to avert rusting.

Its side walls are constructed with Super-Tough TM laminated material, so it doesn’t tear, leak, or rip even when you play games inside. Assembling is also easy; thanks to its easy lock system TM that brings the set together without needing any tool.

Let’s move to Coleman Pools:

1. Coleman 22-foot x 52 Inches Power Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set

Are you looking for a pool that can accommodate your family? The Coleman 22 ft. x 52” might be what you need. It is a recommended pool for a family due to its high-quality steel frame design that offers durability and strength. Plus, free-tool assembling process makes it easy to assemble; it takes just a few minutes.

Another feature of this product is rust-free metal frames that ensure your pool remains in top shape for years. It also comes with an effective flow control drain outlet that enables you to drain your pool easily.

2. Coleman 18-foot by 9-foot by 48 Inches Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you are looking for an easy to assemble pool, then the Coleman 18 ft. x 9 ft. x 48” is the unit for you. In fact, it doesn’t need a lot of tools to get completely assembled. Also, the product comes with a DVD that guides you on how on install it.

This pool is also rust-free; thanks to its high-quality metal frames and its side walls are reinforced PVC material. These walls come in a triple-layer polyester design that prevents any tearing when swimming or playing in the pool.

Tips for Buying an Above Ground Pool

There are critical things that you should watch out for when buying your above ground pool.


This factor becomes more important if you have children. Above ground pools are usually safe, but you need to monitor the level of water in your pool.

Therefore, go for a pool that won’t tear easily even when kids play games inside.


You can choose different sizes and types of pools and consider the price and safety, but one thing that matters is the brand. There are thousands of brands out there which you can choose from, but if you want the best, consider Coleman or Intex.

One of the best things of choosing these brands is the availability of accessories like filters and heaters as well as spare parts. Furthermore, if you get a problem with your pool, you can easily get the assistance and help you require.


It is important for you to determine if the pool is formidable. You shouldn’t but a product that you will be fixing leaks every now and then and buying new parts every season.

So, you need to check the material used in the pool and its structure before you buy it.


Getting an above ground pool at your set budget is great, but if it comes with other packages and offers, such as pool ladders and filter pumps, then it is even better.

The products we have reviewed above come with amazing extras including ladders and filters.

FAQs on Above Ground Pools

  1. Do I need a permit to own an above ground swimming pool?
    All municipalities and cities are different. Check with your local zoning and planning department to find out about the regulations and laws of your area.
  2. Will I need a safety barrier for my above ground pool?
    A: Yes. Actually, you can easily get one from Coleman or Intex or simply construct one around your swimming pool.
  3. Will I need a professional to install my pool?
    A: Often, it is advisable to get a professional to install your pool. However, most Coleman and Intex above ground pools are easy to install and come with an instruction DVD to help you out.
  4. How long do above ground pools last?
    A: These products can last for about 5 to 15 years. It will depend on the brand, the quality, and how you use your pool.
  5. What should I do to ensure that my above ground pool last longer?
    A: First, remove leaky liners from your pool since the water will destroy the walls. Second, examine the walls when you remove the liners. Also, spray any corrosion and don’t jump or sit on the pool’s rails.


We hope we have solved the question of Coleman pools vs Intex pools. You can choose any of the products we have reviewed above to get value for your money.

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