The 9 Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


Getting the best solar pool cover for your in-ground or above ground pool is critical if you want to avoid gross water and swim in warm water. Selecting the right model means that you should know what choices you can get on the market.

We have written this review and guide to help you know the options out there and know how to choose the right cover for your pool. Let us start by reviewing the top nine solar pool covers for 2020 and then give you a buyer’s guide.

Solar Pool Cover Reviews – Editors’ Top 9 picks 

After hours and hours of research, our editors found out that these are the top nine solar pool covers out there today.

1. Intex Solar Cover (10ft Diameter Pools)

Ideal for heating, the Intex Solar Cover is recommended for all pools of up to 10 feet in diameter. It ensures that you enjoy warmer water to prolong your swimming season even when the cold weather starts to knock the door.

That is all possible because it helps to keep your pool water warm, in addition to heating it during the sunny days. Besides, the cover is quite economical as it helps to prevent evaporation by up to 95%. 

Another feature is the ability to use the cover with ease – you can install it without seeking help from a professional. It also comes with a reusable carrying bag that makes it easier to store the gear.

There are eight holes on the cover that helps to prevent the water from settling on the top. Thus, you can be confident that the water will drain to prevent sagging.


  • Able to heat the water
  • Prevents evaporation 
  • Easy to install


  • Not quite durable 

2. Sun2Solar Blue 4’x8’ Rectangle Solar Cover

The model is made from small bubbles that work together to gather and trap heat during the chilly days and nights. Its blue color offers an appealing appearance while also collecting the sun rays to keep your facility warm.

Another feature is the ability of the cover to prevent evaporation by about 95% to ensure that you use fewer chemicals to maintain your pool. Besides, that means you fill up your pool less and get more time to swim.

The best part is that you can easily trim the cover to fit your pool’s size – no matter the shape of your facility. And you can do that without worrying about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also straightforward to install the cover, and you require just a few tools to do that. The cover was built to last for a couple of seasons.


  • Can be trimmed to fit
  • Collects and traps heat
  • Lasts long


  • A bit costly  

3. Sun2Solar Blue 12’ Round Solar Cover

The Sun2Solar Blue 12’ works for inground pool and above ground pools, making it a versatile product that you should consider having. It comes in an attractive blue color that helps to trap the heat from the sun and transfer it into the water.

Like its sister, the cover is made of thousands of small bubbles that helps in taking the heat to the water and trapping it inside. Also, this cover has been shown to minimize evaporation by up to 95%.

Evaporation can make you lose money by refilling the pool regularly and buying chemicals to treat it. Besides, this pool cover can easily be trimmed using scissors to ensure that it fits your facility.

You should make sure that you install the cover with the bubbles facing down to prevent the heat from getting lost. The installation process is also straightforward, and you don’t need a lot of people to help you.


  • Bubbles for trapping the heat
  • For above ground pool and inground ones
  • Easy to trim


  • Might lose some heat

4. Thermo-Tex 2831818 18’ Round Pool Solar Cover

Thermo-Tex 2831818 is a solar pool cover that can prolong your swimming season while reducing the operating costs. That is all possible because it keeps the water warm and able to reduce evaporation.

The US Department of Energy notes that this cover can reduce pool heating cost, water evaporation, and chemical usage. What that means is that it is a cover that was meant to make your life more enjoyable.

The model is made of quality UV stabilized material that resists degradation from the chemicals and sun. It can easily last for years without showing any sign of getting worn out.

Its lightweight design makes it easier to install and remove from your swimming pool. Moreover, the cover comes with a three years warranty and is made in Canada or USA.


  • Three years warranty
  • Reduces operation costs 
  • UV stabilized material


  • Cannot be trimmed

5. Blue Wave NS100 8-mil Solar Blanket

If you have a round above ground pool, then you should consider getting the Blue Wave NS100 Solar Blanket. It comes with insulating thermal cells that help to trap heat and preserve the warmth during the cold days. 

That means you can swim during the summer days without feeling cold. The product is made using UV-treated material that quickly resists deterioration from sunlight and chemicals. 

With this cover, you can quickly raise the water temperature by 15 degrees F, and it uses passive heating technology to achieve that. When it comes to evaporation, the blanket minimizes it by 95% to ensure that you use less chemical to treat your facility.

The reduction in evaporation plays a big part in protecting the environment and reduce operation cost. Another thing that makes it a great cover is the three years warranty.


  • Minimizes pools operation cost
  • Easy to install
  • Extends swimming season


  • Only for round pools 

6. Blue Wave NS525 14-mil Solar Blanket

Another solar blanket for heating your pool is the Blue Wave NS525 as it raises the water temperature by 15 degrees F. It comes with solar heating technology to achieve that, and it also retains the heat inside the pool. 

Besides, the model comes with insulating thermal bubbles that help in the heating process during the summer months. That means there is little heat loss no matter the time of the year.

There are also innovative cells that ensure your pool remains warm during the chilly days and cold nights. Perfect for inground pool, this superior quality covers easily withstand degradation caused by chemicals and sunlight. 

Also, it helps to reduce the evaporation by 95%, and that saves you water and chemicals. One unique thing about the cover is the six yeas warranty that covers any premature defect or deterioration.


  • Six years warranty
  • Reduce evaporation by 95%
  • Thermal bubbles trap the heat


  • A costly model 

7. In The Swim 12 x 20 Feet Rectangle Pool Solar Blanket Cover

You cannot miss the In The Swim pool covers in any review, and here we have the 12 x 20 feet model for rectangular facilities. It is made of UV-treated resin that ensures it lasts for over five years.

Also, note that this is a 12-mil cover that prevents elements from falling inside your pool while retaining the heat. It efficiently preserves the heat thanks to the thousands of small air bubbles that are located on the top of the cover.

The model also minimizes chemical loss by preventing evaporation – that saves you money for buying chemicals and refilling the pools. You can also cut it to fit oval, irregular, or kidney-shaped swimming pools.

One great thing is the seven years warranty that comes from the manufacturer.


  • Easy to trim
  • Seven years warranty
  • For big swimming pools


  • Hard to install 

8. Sun2Solar Blue 10’ x 15’ Oval Solar Cover

If you want a pool cover that will make your swimming pool to be more attractive, then you should get the Sun2Solar Blue 10×15 feet cover. The model is made of thousands of small bubbles that help to trap the heat and make your pool warm during the cold days.

The use of this cover also prevents evaporation by 95% to ensure that you use fewer chemicals to treat your pools. Also, that means that you save on water bills because you don’t need to keep on refilling your swimming pool.

Another notable feature is the ability to trim the cover to fit your facility’s size and mode. You only need a pair of scissors to do that, and you shouldn’t worry about voiding the warranty.

In terms of installation, you can easily put the cover on your pool and take it out with ease. 


  • No professional installation
  • Able to trap the heat
  • Can be trimmed


  • Not for all pools 

9. Harris 18’ Round Solar Cover

Last, but not the least, is the Harris 18’ Round Solar Cover. It is a fantastic heat retainer that lets you swim during the cold months without heating cost. 

The model can increase your pool’s temperature by 15 degrees F and prevent evaporation. You can be confident that the cover will save you bucks when it comes to refilling and treating your swimming pool.

Another notable feature of the solar cover is the easy installation that doesn’t require you to call an expert. Besides, the cover is made in such a way that the sun gets to the water surface faster.


  • Made of quality material 
  • Warms the water faster
  • Able to retain the heat


  • For round pools

Solar Pool Covers Buying Guide 

What’s the best solar pool cover? There is no right or wrong pool cover. Everything depends on the type of cover you want, your budget, your pools, and other factors.

Some of the things that you should consider include:

Cover’s Quality

When online shopping or in your nearest store, pay close attention to the make or quality of the cover. You can quickly know about that by looking at the construction of the blanket you want to buy.

A bad material can be the difference between your pool remaining warm and freezing during the cold days. Also, the right material can ensure that your cover lasts for years.

Blanket’s Color

The color lets you know if the cover will retain the heat.

  • Dark color – It efficiently traps the heat better than most colors, but it can also prevent the heat due to opaque nature. That is why many people opt for the semi-transparent models. 
  • Semi-transparent – Such a cover will allow the light to get into your pool and reach the water with ease. It also helps to prevent evaporation of water and heat from the pool.

Preventing evaporation also means that you won’t need to treat your pool regularly due to water loss. That means you save on water bill and chemical costs.

Cover’s Thickness

Another thing you should check is the thickness of the cover you want to buy. Thick covers are better at doing their job effectively compared to other kinds.

Besides, they last longer. However, they are often more expensive.

Blanket’s Design

If you look at the design, you will notice varying patterns and shapes in the solar pool cover.  Some standard models are hexagons, bubbles, and diamonds.  

Note that the design doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the cover. That means the cheaper the blanket, the better.

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

The right solar pool cover plays three essential functions:

  • Reduce evaporation – Most of the blankets reduce evaporation by 95%. What that means is that your pool losses less water and chemicals (35-60%).
  • Retain heat – These covers can easily trap the heat inside your swimming pool during the cold nights. That means there is no heating cost that can occur due to operating the heater.
  • Keep bugs and dirt out – It might not be the primary purpose of a pool cover, but it can easily shield your facility from bugs and dirt. That means you clean your pool less regularly.

In Conclusion 

Choosing the best solar pool cover can be a simple process if you know what to look for. Although we have given you a buying guide, we would recommend you to try any of the blankets we have reviewed above. 

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