The 10 Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Reviews & Top Pick 2020


A pressure-side pool cleaner gets its power from the water returning to your swimming pool using the jets. That means that it is the pressure side of your pump that drives the cleaner – not the suction side.

Due to this, such a cleaner doesn’t require electricity to work, making it an economic model. It is a great product but choosing the best one for your swimming pool can be a hassle.

That is why we did all the hard work to get you the best pressure side pool cleaner that you can get on the market today.

Top 10 Pressure Side Pool Cleaners Reviews – Top Picks 

Here are the top ten picks of the best pressure-side pool cleaners that can leave your facility spotless.

1. Zodiac F5T Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 TankTrax Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

The Vac-Sweep 280 comes with a three-wheel base that makes it easier for it to move around your swimming pool. It is a lightweight model that can clean the floor, walls, and the stairs.  

Another feature is the dual jets that shoot debris and dirt up into the filter bag. And you can use this device for all inground swimming pools, including fiberglass and vinyl.

Moreover, the machine connects easily and quickly to the dedicated suction line. It can easily clean your facility within three hours and even use the rear sweep tail to clean corners.

The kit comes with a 31 feet hose, which is enough for most swimming pools. It efficiently works without booster pump.


  • Lightweight design 
  • For cleaning stairs
  • Very affordable 


  • Rear sweep tail not included

2. Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

What more would you need if you have the Pentair 360228? It is a cleaning device that comes with all the features you would need to keep your pool ready for the next swimming session. 

In terms of performance, the model ranks among the top pressure side pool cleaners out there today. It comes with a large vacuum tube that provides 40% more pressure than most models.  

What that means is that even the largest of debris and leaves are taken straight to the filter bag. And the model comes in an attractive design that makes it a joy to watch while in your pool. 

There is also a rotating brush that rapidly and quickly removes stubborn stains from the surface. Besides, it takes less than five minutes to get the product in working condition.


  • Rotating brush 
  • 30% faster 
  • LED lights 


  • Can get stuck on steps 

3. Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Vac-Sweep 65 doesn’t cost much to ensure that you afford it and use it to clean your swimming pool. As a pressure side model, the cleaner uses jets to trap debris and dirt into the collecting bag. 

It is a simple-to-install model that you can put together within minutes and release it into your pool. Once inside, it vacuums, scrubs, and sweeps your pool’s walls and floor, for an optimal result.

The cleaner operates with the filtration system and pumps to provide a thoroughly cleaned facility within three hours. And its filter bag can trap large twigs, pebbles, leaves, and other material before they clog the pump. 

It was mainly designed to clean an above-ground pool that is made using fiberglass or vinyl. You can also use it to clean facilities with uneven surfaces. 


  • For vinyl and fiberglass pools
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Collects large debris


  • Stops working within four months 

4. Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 is another cleaner that comes with a three-wheel base that makes it possible to move around. The wheels are driven by a stainless steel chain to provide a powerful cleaning ability. 

One thing you should note about this model is that it works best when removing large debris or when cleaning a big pool. It helps to circulate an extra 40 GPH of water via the filter bag.

That means there is no possibility of bacteria and algae developing in your swimming pool. Besides, it comes with massive tires that enables it to clean the wall better. 

Another notable feature is the dual-chamber filter bag that takes a maximum of five-liter of dirt. There is also a rear sweep hose that helps to loosen all tough messes to ensure that you get an effectively cleaned pool.


  • For all inground pools 
  • Has a 31 feet feed hose
  • Water cannot spray outside


  • Not for cleaning steps 

5. Pentair LX5000G Kreepy Krauly Legend II Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pentair LX5000G Kreepy Krauly Legend II is a fantastic swimming pool cleaner that can give you value for the money. It is another model that doesn’t use a booster pump, making it an efficient unit. 

The best thing is that it can save you energy, leading to cheaper operating cost. Another feature of the model is the front-wheel-drive that provides maximum traction to allow it to climb up the walls.  

That design also makes it impossible for the machine to tip over. Its two thrust jets that provide power, speed, and performance. 

One unique feature of the gear is the auto backup valve that prevents the machine from hanging up while cleaning stairs or corners. You can use it to vacuum, scrub, and sweep your facility’s wall and floor.


  • Scrubs, sweeps, and vacuums 
  • Lowe energy usage 
  • No need of a booster pump


  • Can get stuck 

6. Zodiac 6-130-00T Polaris Turbo Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Zodiac 6-130-00T works with filtration and pumps system found on your above ground swimming pool. You can use it to clean a pool of up to five feet deep.

The model easily vacuums your pool surface and sweeps all the sides within three hours. One great feature that makes it a useful device is the patented jet sweep assembly that loosens dirt. 

There is also a filter bag that traps the trash and ensures that it doesn’t get into the pool. Since it is powered by pressure, there is no additional cost of electricity. 

It can also prolong the life of your filtration system because all the dirt is removed before it can reach there. 


  • Very easy to install 
  • Cleans debris and leave 
  • For above-ground pools 


  • Moves in circles 

7. Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

The LL505G is a pressure side cleaner that you can use to clean your inground swimming pool. It is a useful model that can provide you with the enjoyment of relaxing in a clean facility.

One feature that makes it a great product is the affordability. That doesn’t mean it is of low quality. It comes in a grey top that doesn’t show dirt compared to other models.

What more, the model cannot tip over due to its unique design of four wheels drive. It also comes with a quality bag that can easily handle all manner of debris. 

The model easily cleans your swimming pool within three hours. 


  • Scrubs floors
  • Effective performance 
  • Cleans the pool faster


  • The foam pad is of low-quality 

8. XtremePowerUS Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

You cannot get better value for your money than getting XtremePowerUS Pressure Side Pool Cleaner. It is one of the most affordable pool vacuums you can get on the market today and still comes with great features.

One thing you should note is that the model uses a booster pump; hence, you need to add it if your pool doesn’t have one. When it comes to installing, it is a natural process that you can complete without any hassle.

It also comes with a hose rotator system that ensures the cord doesn’t get stuck when cleaning your pool. Its wheel design comes in handy to make sure that the machine doesn’t tip-off. 

The unit can work for all large swimming pools and can reach a maximum distance of 31 feet. You also get a warranty of two years that covers against defect.  


  • Effective cleaning
  • For all pool types
  • For sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming


  • Requires booster pump

9. Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

If you want a pool cleaner for an inground pool, then you should consider getting the Zodiac F5B Polaris. It is a model that requires a booster pump and can work without your pool help.

The model works effectively to collect large debris, twigs, leaves, and other materials in your pool. Cleaning is easy, and it can take up to three hours to give you a fresh pool. 

You can use it to clean a vinyl pool, concrete, or fiberglass one. What more, it sweeps, vacuums, and scrubs your pool to give you a spotless facility.

Another thing about the cleaner is that it can clean even tight corners and other hard-to-reach areas. There is a 31-foot feed hose and two jets that provide the best cleaning power. 

The unit also comes with a five years warranty.


  • For all pools
  • Cleans effectively 
  • Has a 31-foot feed hose


  • Quite expensive 

10. Pentair LL505PMG Kreepy Krauly Platinum Pressure-Side Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner

Most people love the LL505PMG for its sturdy nature that makes it an excellent product for sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming your swimming pool. It is the ideal model for cleaning darker colored facilities.

You can use it to clean your inground swimming pool that has a lot of debris and leaves. One feature that makes it useful is the dual thrust jets that give it maximum power for powerful suction and speed. 

What that means is that you can clean your pool within three hours. Another feature of the model is the front-wheel-drive and treaded tires that give it maximum traction. 

Besides, the cleaner comes in grey color that ensures it remains free of dirt. It is an excellent product for a person who wants to have value for the money.


  • Comes in great color
  • Four-wheel drive
  • For cleaning large debris


  • Complicated to assemble 

Buying Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Let’s look at some of the things that you should consider when purchasing your pressure-side pool cleaner.

Q: Which Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is Ideal for My Pool?

First, you need to ensure that you get a model that can reach every corner of your swimming pool. That means getting a unit that comes with a long hose and cord.

Also, note that there are models for inground pools, above-ground ones, and those that can clean both facilities. Choose the pressure cleaner that can work for your pool.

Q: How Efficiently/Fast Does the Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Cleans?

You should pay attention to how effective and fast the model you intend to buy can be when cleaning your pool. That means getting a model that can climb walls, stairs, and avoid obstacles.

Q: How Much Will the Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Cost to Operate?

Adding and operating a booster pump can increase the cost of running your swimming pool. Some models don’t need an extra booster to work.

A model that requires a booster pump can make the existing pump to last longer since it doesn’t add more pressure to your pool system.

Q: How is the Installation Process?

You can easily install pressure side pool cleaners within minutes. But that is not always true for all brands.

Therefore, ensure that you choose a model that you can assemble and install without seeking professional help. 

Q: How Durable is the Pressure Side Pool Cleaner?

Expect to pay more for a high-quality model. Such a unit should resist chemicals, UV light, and other harsh elements. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive model is the one that can last for years. Choose a pressure side pool cleaner that comes from a reputable brand.

Our Final Take

It is possible to get the best pressure side pool cleaner on the market today if you know what you are looking for. We have given you a review of the top ten models today and some of the factors that you should consider when buying one. 

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