The 10 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses 2020 Reviews & Top Pick


If you clean your swimming pool regularly, you might have an idea of why you need the best pool vacuum hoses. These are useful attachments that you can connect to your generator to complete the cleaning process. 

Today there are hundreds of hosepipes that you can get on the market today, meaning that you can have a hard time choosing one. That can bring frustration if you don’t know what you are looking for. 

Luckily, here is an article that can help you choose the right hose for your need.

Pool Vacuum Hoses Reviews – Top 10 Picks 

Here are the top ten pool vacuum hosepipes that you can get on the market today.

1. Pool Style Kreepy Krauly (Universal 1½”) 48” Pool cleaner Hose-AQUA

Our first product on the review is the Pool Style Kreepy Krauly that works for vacuum heads. These are 12 pipes that give you the ability to reach further distance when cleaning your pool. 

One thing you should note is that the hoses are UV and fade resistance to ensure that they last for long. They are made using high-quality material, and they connect easily to seal all the leaks. 

You can connect them with ease and even disassemble them for more accessible storage. The product was made to offer value for your money.

Besides, their lightweight nature makes it possible to carry them with ease when taking them to the store. And they don’t take up much room when you organize them.


  • Value for the money
  • Easy to use
  • No leaking 


  • Last for about one year

2. Poolmaster 33430 heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose

Here is another hose that you can use when cleaning your swimming pool. It is a model that you can use with all swimming pol vac heads as well as telescopic poles for manual vacuuming. 

There is a swivel cuff that provides kink-free maneuverability – you won’t get stuck when cleaning your pool. Another great feature of the hosepipe is the UV and chemical resistant ability.

Another feature of the product is the spiral wound design that makes it flexible and robust. Besides, you get to enjoy maximum flow rate to save time when cleaning your facility.  

Its swivel cuff end connects into a vacuum head while the non-swivel end connects to the side of the skimmer. Also, it is a high-quality pipe that measures 1½-inch in diameter and 30 feet long. 


  • For in-ground swimming pools
  • A long hose 
  • Great design 


  • Not for automatic vacuums 

3. Milliard Pool Vacuum Hose 

Milliard Pool Vacuum Hose boasts of a 1½-inch suction port that makes it compatible with most automatic pool vacuums. The package comes with five hoses of three feet each to give you a total of 15 feet.

What that means is that you can even buy more than the three hosepipes and connect them to get the desired length. Since they give you maximum durability and are flexible, you can easily wind and store them anywhere. 

Besides, they come with male/female connections to provide a leak-free link that can’t give you trouble. These pipes are recommended for all inground and aboveground swimming pools.


  • For all types of pools
  • Easy to connect
  • Lasts for a long time


  • A bit short

4. Haviland Vac Hose for Above Ground Pools

If you have an above-ground swimming pool, then you should consider buying the Haviland Vac Hose. The pipe boasts of high-quality construction that makes it last for years and withstand constant use. 

With this hose, you can be confident your pool will remain bright and ready for use. One thing that makes the hosepipe to be durable is the abrasion-free outer shell.

You can use it in pools with chemicals and have peace of mind knowing that it won’t fade quickly. Also, the product is protected against the harmful UV lights.

Moreover, this unit was developed to provide value to the use and be easy to connect to existing systems. 


  • Doesn’t leak 
  • Has a warranty
  • UV and chemical protected


  • Can easily kink

5. U.S. Pool Supply 1½” x 30 Feet Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Wound Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose 

If you want a pipe that doesn’t require any form of connection and can reach the furthest distance, then you should try the above model. The model comes with a swivel cuff that prevents it from kinking or getting tangled.

That means you can use the pipe without worrying anything and be confident that your pool will remain clean. It is also one of the longest models you can come across to give you that extra reach. 

One thing you should note is that it is made of durable EVA material that gives it a long useful life. There is also a five years warranty that takes care of defects that can arise due to manufacturing issues.

Thanks to its durability, you get value for your money, and you can easily connect it to existing systems.


  • Easy to connect
  • Made to last
  • No kinks or tangling


  • Just one color 

6. Poolmaster 33435 Heavy Duty In-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose 

Another hose that can make your work easier is the Poolmaster 33435 Heavy Duty In-ground Pool Vacuum Hose. It is a hose that can work effectively for manual vacuuming and easily attach to telescopic poles.

Moreover, it is a model that remains resistant to chemical and UV light to ensure that it lasts for a while. There are also extruded poly-welded and flexible EVA cuffs that let you join it effortlessly. 

There is a swivel cuff that ensures the pipe doesn’t kink when you are moving it around. It also comes with a spiral-wound design that adds to its flexibility and strength to allow for superior tensile strength and maximum flow.

The swivel cuff easily connects to a vacuum head while the non-swivel section connects to your skimmer. 


  • Provides effective flow rate 
  • Chemical and UV-rays protected 
  • Strong hosepipe 


  • Not for auto vacuuming 

7. POOLWHALE Vacuum Hose/Replacement Pool Hose

If you want a hose for connecting to your automatic pool cleaner, then you should try the POOLWAHEL Vacuum Hose. It works well as a replacement hose and comes with a diameter of 1.5-inch. 

In the package, you get up to 8 hosepipes of three feet each, total to 24 feet. That is enough to cover most of your needs.

Also, the pipes have male/female sections that let you connect them the right way and avoid the water from leaking. And they can fit most auto pool cleaners.

You can easily disassemble them when you are done to make sure that they take up less space. These products are quite flexible and durable to give you value for your money.


  • Highly durable 
  • Male/female connection
  • Easy to disassemble


  • A bit expensive 

8. U.S. Pool Supply 1.5-inch x 36-Foot Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Wound Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose 

With a diameter of 1.5-inch and a length of 36 feet, this is a hose that you can connect to your vacuum and clean your pool effectively. It is a model that comes with a swivel cuff that ensures your pipe doesn’t tangle or kink when in use.

Another feature is the durable EVA material that is strong enough to allow your pipe to take everyday use. 

The best thing is that it comes with a five years warranty that covers against any defect or leaks that might occur due to manufacturing causes. You might also be excited to learn that it is a lightweight model.


  • For everyday use
  • Made of quality EVA material 
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Takes space when storing

9. U.S. Pool Supply Professional 8 Piece Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Hose Set

U.S. Pool Supply Professional 8 Pieces are durable pipes that are made of quality material. They are also highly flexible to allow you to move them around with ease while cleaning your pool.

The pipes are compatible with most automatic pool cleaners such as Creepy Krauly, Pool Vac, Hayward, and others. When you connect the all the sections you get a maximum of 26 feet.

Besides, you can use them to replace worn-out pipes for cleaning your pool. Another thing you should note is that they are easy to install and comes with male/female ends.

You can use them for both the inground and above ground swimming pools or spa.


  • For inground and above ground pools
  • Easy to install 
  • Suitable for most pool cleaners 


  • Only one-year warranty

10. Robelle 520 Premium Quality Heavy Duty Pool Hose

The Robelle 520 Premium Quality Heavy Duty Pool Hose is a product that comes with double-wall outside to make it durable. It also comes with a smooth surface inside that provides maximum flow rate.

Another feature of the model is the swivel cuff that prevents kinking to allow for smooth maneuverability. The hosepipe is also chemical, and UV protected to make sure that it lasts for years. 

One more feature that you should note about this pipe is the spiral-wound construction that gives it maximum flow rate, flexibility, and strength.


  • UV protected model
  • Highly flexible 
  • Double-walled 


  • Can easily leak 

Pool Vacuum Hose Buying Guide

Here are some of the things that you should remember when buying your vacuum hose.

The Material

These products are made of different materials; it can be confusing to choose the best. However, you should always look for a hosepipe that comes with high-quality content that can make it last for years. 

For instance, a product made of high-grade ABS plastic can last for a couple of years. What more, you should get a hose that is flexible and the one that can move effortlessly.

Also, the material should be UV-light and chemical-resistant, that means getting a pipe with a polymer outer-cover. 

The Length

You should choose a vacuum hose that can reach the furthest distance of your swimming pool. A tube of between 10 to 30 feet can be useful.

You might be aware that a hose of about 30 feet is recommended for most average-sized facilities. Some hoses come in small sections that you can join to achieve the desired length.  

Such hoses can give you an easy time when cleaning them compared to cleaning a 30 feet long hosepipe.

The Diameter

These products offer diameters of between 1.0 to 1.5 inches, which is ideal for connecting to most pool cleaners. If your pool pump is more prominent and provides stronger suction, then you can always go for a pipe with a bigger diameter.

A hose with a considerable diameter can let you clean your pool without any hassle. That is all possible because large leaves and debris won’t get stuck in the pipe. 

Another thing that you should check is the cuff of the diameter. It should fit the head of your cleaner to prevent any leak. You should note that most hoses can quickly provide standard-sized cleaners with a diameter of 0.5-inch to 1¼-inch.  

The Flexibility

Another thing that you should consider is the flexibility of the pipe you want to buy. The flexibility lets you move effortlessly over your swimming pool. 

Besides, a flexible hose enables you to move it without any chance of kinking or rupturing. If you want a product that can last for years, we would recommend you try the spiral-wound design hosepipes.

Also, the pipe should have rotatable cuffs that prevent breaking or twisting of the hose.

Where to Buy a Pool Vacuum Hose

Where can you get the most affordable and high-quality pool vacuum hose? There are a lot of places that sell these products, such as online stores and store near you. 

It is easier to buy online since you can go through the reviews and comments of other users about the product before you buy it. Also, these pipes can be delivered to your hose, saving you time and effort.  

Final Word

It is straightforward to get the best pool vacuum hoses from online or store near you. We have reviewed the top ten models on the market today to help you get started. 

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