Top 10 Best Pool Shock Reviews 2020 and Top Pick


Shocking your pool is an important part of your pool care, and as a swimming pool owner, you should know how to shock it in order to prevent algae development and keep the water crystal clean.

But before you buy any pool shock you come across on the shelves, check out our guide of the best pool shock to see which product will do the job.


Types of Pool Shock

You will find different types of swimming pool shock on the shelves today and it is critical you know their differences before you settle for any type.

  • Calcium Hypochlorite – It comes in granular form and is also known as cal-hypo shock. This shock kills germs that can lead to health problems for swimmers such as wound infections, respiratory problems, and diarrhea. It dissolves quickly.
  • Lithium Hypochlorite – This shock is ideal for a pool with high calcium since it doesn’t have calcium itself. You don’t need to pre-dissolve it.
  • Sodium Di-Chlor – It is a granular product that dissolves slowly. Hence, its cleaning power lasts longer.
  • Potassium Peroxymonosulfate – This shock is oxygen-based as opposed to chlorine-based. It oxidizes your pool and enhances chlorine levels.

When to Use a Pool Shock

Pools are shocking for various reasons. They include:

Close-down and Start-up – You should use a shock when closing your pool to disinfect the water. You should also use a shock when opening your pool to kill algae, bacteria, restore water clarity, and oxidize it.

After Heavy Rain – Rain water has particles that can pollute your swimming pool water. They include pollen, dust, algae spores, and air pollution.

Chloramines – When free chlorine is bonded with ammonia or nitrogen, it becomes combined chlorine. This makes it to become useless and make the pool to smell. Shocking can restore free chlorine and remove bad odor.

Algae – Pool shock kills and prevents algae from developing. Different types of algae will require different concentrations of shock.

Other Uses – These includes pools that have hosted a lot of party and hundreds of swimmers, and pools that have become contaminated with vomit, feces, or urine. Also, if chlorine level has decreased because of hot temperatures or operator’s error.

Due to the above reasons, most pool owners shock their pools at least once a week, even if the water is clean and clear.

10 Pool Shock Reviews for 2019

Here is a review of the top 10 pool shocks on the market today:

1. Pool Essentials 25506ESS Shock Treatment

Pool Essentials 2250ESS Shock Treatment is an economic product for all swimming pool types. The product is made for easy application via the skimmer or you can simply drop it in the deepest part of your pool.

Also, this shock is perfect for use at any time of the season and will rid of your pool of all contaminants such as bacteria and algae. It is also an affordable product; you don’t need to break a bank to purchase it.

2. HTH Pool Shock 52001 Shock Treatment

HTH Pool Shock 52002 Shock Treatment comes in a 6 count 1 pound bag and is very effective. It is a multi-purpose shock that clarifies, sanitizes, shock, and helps to prevent algae from investing in your pool.

Best for algae, it is an easy to use and convenient product that doesn’t over-stabilize your swimming pool. You can either put it in your pool’s skimmer or just drop it in the deep end of your facility and leave it to do the rest.

3. DryTec 1-1901 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment

DryTec 1-1901 Shock comes in a single bag of 1 lb each. It is a fast-acting product that dissolves quickly in your swimming pool to sanitize it of all contaminants.

The product controls algae development, destroys organic materials, and kills all the bacteria in your pool. It features 68% calcium hypochlorite and one pound of this product is recommended for 10K gallons of water.

4. In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock 24 x 1 Pound Bags

This is one of the most powerful shocks for treating swimming pools. The product is ideal for treating your pool during the start of spring – this gives your pool the much-needed boost when fast-action is required.

Featuring 68% calcium hypochlorite, the product is just as powerful as Sock It products and is ideal for salt water pool. The recommended dosage of this product is 1 pound per 10K gallons of water.

5. Clorox Pool and Spa Shock Xtra Blue, 12-Pound 33012CLX

Clorox Pool and Spa Shock will oxidize, clarify, buffer, and shock your swimming pool within minutes. The product contains blue algae killing elements and also kills all the bacteria in your pool.

It comes in an easy to pour package that ensures you use just what you need and then close it for next application. This saves you time when applying it and even ensure that you don’t waste your product.

6. In The Swim Chlorine-Free Pool Swimming Pool Shock 24 x 1 Lbs. Bags

This is yet another powerful product from In The Swim. It is an oxidizing agent that removes dead chlorine cells and gives your pool a higher free chlorine level. It is recommended for weekly pool maintenance and you can swim immediately you shock your pool.

The shock works hand-in-hand with bromine sanitized facilities and doesn’t affect other chemicals in your pool. Shocking your pool with this product will prevent algae development and kill contaminants.

7. SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock 6#

SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock 6# is a multi-purpose product that performs four main functions: pH buffering, flocculating, clarifying, and shocking your pool. It restores your pool water to sparkling clean and removes all odors.

It accomplishes all this within 15 minutes after shocking your pool and it contains 58.2% sodium dichlro-s-triazinetrione. The product also removed algae from your swimming pool and prevents them from developing in the future.

8. Zappit 73% Cal Hypo Pool Shock

The Zappit 73 contains 73% Calicum Hypochlorite as well as 70% chlorine. It is a granular product that comes in a bucket which saves your money and time by easily dissolving into your pool to destroy bacteria, algae, and waste.

This powerful product is recommended for spring start up to provide your pool the chlorine boost it requires during this time. It also helps to balance your swimming pool water composition.  One pound of the product treats 16.5K gallons of water.

9. HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment 6 Count 6 pounds

Another powerful product on our list from HTH is the HTH Pool Shock Super Shock. It is an effective product that comes in a 6 count one pound bag and it kills algae and bacteria.

The product also restores your pool clarity within 24 hours and is easy to use, convenient, and doesn’t destabilize your swimming pool. Also, it doesn’t fade your pool liner when you drop it directly into the water.

10. HTH Pool Shock Ultimate Shock Treatment

The HTH Pool Shock Ultimate Shock Treatment is also a highly effective product that serves the purposes of killing algae and bacteria while restoring your pool’s clarity. In fact, it does this within 24 hours.

It is an easy to use and convenient product that won’t over-stabilize your swimming pool. The best part, it offers visible blue action that shows you when it is working.

The process of Shocking Your Pool

You can easily shock your swimming pool if you follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Wear protective gears – Pool shock is dangerous and can harm your skin or even bleach your clothes. So wear protective eyewear, gloves, and clothes that you don’t mind destroying.
  2. Prepare the shock – Read the manufacturer’s instructions and prepare your shock accordingly.
  3. Shock your pool – Pour your shock into your swimming pool according to the instructions.
  4. Leave it alone – Leave the shock in your pool to do its work. Note the amount of time it will take before you get into your pool again.
  5. Check your swimming pool chemistry – Finally, test your pool’s chemistry levels before swimming. Ensure that all the levels are at the recommended amounts.

FAQs About Best Pool Shock

Q: What is the best time to shock my pool?

A: Most pool shocks should be added during the evening so that the sun’s rays cannot reduce their effectiveness. It also a good idea to shock in the evening when the pool isn’t being used.

Q: How long will it take to shock my pool?

A: The process takes less than an hour, but it can take up to 8 hours – will depend on the shock you use.

Q: When is it the right time to swim after shocking?

A: Wait for the recommended time by the manufacturer. Non-chlorinated shock takes about 15 minutes to stabilize your pool.

Wrapping Up

To save your precious hours of cleaning, along with using the best robotic pool cleaners, you should shock your pool every week with the best pool shock. So, know “what is the best pool shock to buy” and use it to shock your pool once a week. You can even try the Pool Essentials 25506ESS Shock Treatment.

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