The 12 Best Pool Filter Reviews & Top Pick 2020


Are you looking for the best pool filter to clean your swimming facility? You have come to the right place as we have a review of the top 12 filters on the market today and a guide on how to choose one.

The market is saturated with state-of-the-art pool filtering systems, and they all seem to be same. We understand that you can have a hard time trying to choose the right one for your need.  

So, with your pool in mind, our editors have done thorough research and test to bring you some of the best models out there. Sit back and read our reviews and guide.

Top 12 Pool Filter Reviews – Tested and Rated 

What is the best pool filter? Let’s start by reviewing the top 12 pool filters that will get the job done instantly.

1. Intex Type A Filter Cartridge (2-Pack)

You can never get a more affordable pool filter than the Intex Type A Filter Cartridge twin pack. The filters are made to last for years and designed with the top-quality you have come to love from Intex products.

It has a paper portion that is easy to clean, meaning that you can reuse your filters for a couple of times. And since it is a twin pack, you can be confident that you won’t need to hit the market any time soon. 

You are in safe hands if you choose these filters to get your pool in top condition every day.


  • Can be used with different types of filtrations, like ozone filters and microfilters
  • Straightforward to remove the filter when cleaning it
  • One of the most affordable units out there.


  • Need to be cleaned regularly

2. Intex 29000E/59900E Type A or C Filter Cartridge (6-Pack) 

The 29000E/59900E Type A or C Filter from Intex comes in a 6-pack that ensures you continue to clean your pool without needing to visit the market any time soon. They are one of the easiest to use and maintain filters you can get from the shelves today. 

The best part, these units are well-designed and durable thanks to their high material that withstands many uses. That means you only need to clean them and reuse them time and again. 

The filters are also interchangeable with most Intex brand products out there today, making them versatile.


  • The low-cost model compared to most filters out there
  • Straightforward to install and uninstall from your pool
  • Can work with most Intex brand products


  • Fewer pleats leading to less filtration 

3. Intex  A/C Filters Cartridge (2-Pack)

The next filters come in a pack of two and work with summer wave, summer escapes, and Intex pool pumps. Hence, you can install them in these areas as long as they accept the A or C filters.

Some of the models come with chlorine tabs holders, making it easier to maintain your swimming pool. You might also be excited to learn that they are one of the easiest to install and remove from your pool. 

You also don’t need to spend a lot of money when buying them because they are pocket-friendly.


  • Very effective pool filters 
  • Easy to install without professional help
  • Affordable models 


  • Some come with tab holders 

4. Intex Type A Easy Set Filter Cartridge (4-Pack)

All type A filter cartridges from Intex are made using Dacron material – that’s true of the Easy Set filter. They come in a 4-pack that ensures you stay for long without visiting the shops to replace them. 

Besides, they are comfortable to remove and clean, and you should wash them after every 14-day. These filters are ideal for pumps with either Type C or Type A filters.

They can help you to filter a pool of about 1,500 gallons within 60 minutes.


  • Are very effective in filtering
  • Replaces both Type A and C filters 
  • For small and large pools 


  • Not for pools with a lot of algae 

5. Intex B00LCIR3VS Pool Easy Set Type B Filter Cartridge (3-Pack) 

If you want some excellent filters that can last you for a couple of uses, then you need to try the Intex B00LIRVS. They come in a pack of three to ensure that you get to replace one when it gets worn out.

The units can last for up to 14 days when used in the usual way and fit Krystal Klear pump models and Intex pumps. They are made of high-quality material that gives them a prolonged life.

Also, they are easy to set up and install in your pool’s pump system.


  • A 3-pack that goes a long way
  • Very effective in cleaning your swimming pool
  • Comes at an affordable price 


  • Edges might crack after a few uses 

6. Intex 29001000000 B01DEMGBAI Intex-29001E PureSpa Type S1 Filter Cartridge (6-Fil)

The Intex 29001000000 is a genuine Type S1 filter cartridge for cleaning your swimming pool with ease. It is guaranteed to keep your spa jet water fresh and clean as long as it is in top condition. 

One thing, the model is made of quality Dacron paper that provides the best filtration of your facility. Moreover, the model is quite simple to clean with just a couple of steps, and it functions in well.

You should clean it at least once per week and then replace the filter after 30 days.


  • Made of quality material 
  • Perfect for spa jet massage use
  • Very easy to clean 


  • Not ideal for harsh chemicals

7. Coleman SaluSpa 90352E Type VI Filter Cartridge 

One brand that provides top-quality filter cartridges is the Coleman and once such product is its SaluSpa Type VI Cartridge. The filter keeps your water clean and clear for long, meaning that you can take more swim every day.

It quickly sifts out debris and dirt with the pump to make sure that there is no particle left in your facility. The model is compatible with the SaluSpa and should be replaced once every 14 days.  

It might not be the most affordable, but you can get value for your money when you buy the filter.


  • For all type of water, including saltwater
  • Offers value for your money
  • Last for a long time 


  • One of the most expensive filters

8. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Model AP810 Filter

If you want a filter that can give you clean water for drinking and evening swimming in, you should try the 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Model AP810 Filter. It comes with a grove surface that comes with a better surface area to extend the life of the unit. 

The model also boasts of rigid construction that comes in handy to minimize sediment when water pressure varies. It can handle the water flow of up to 20 GPM and fit a 4.5 diameter pump.

3M Aqua-Pure is a whole-house model that not only gives you water for swimming in but also for drinking.


  • Can serve different purposes
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Handles high pressure of water


  • More costly than most filters 

9. POOLPURE 50 sq. ft. Spa Filter (1-Pack)

POOLPURE Spa Filter is IAPMO tested and certified against ANSI/NSF50. It comes with a 6-month warranty, during which you can return it and get your full money.

There is also a 12-month warranty that covers its construction. The filter boasts of an innovative “dirt-locking” tech that lets it collect all the material and lock it in the filter.

It easily removes sand, dust, leaves, sediment, hair, and other material from your swimming pool. You also get an easy time when installing the filter or removing it.


  • They don’t need frequent cleaning
  • Keeps the water pressure in check
  • Comes from a reputable brand


  • Might not get rid of fine dirt

10. Pleatco PA120 Cartridge 

Made in the USA, the Pleatco PA120 Cartridge is a reliable filter that does its job effectively when installed. It has an antimicrobial end cap design as well as lots of pleats to ensure that you get clean water. 

You can use the units to replace the filter for spa and pool systems, making them versatile models. There is also a 50% open ABS that lets the water flow more effectively via the filter media. 

The filters are durable, lasting for up to four years.


  • Comes with four durable cords
  • Ideal for use with different filters 
  • Lasts longer than most filters


  • Issues with clogging due to extra pleats 

11. Guardian Filtration Products Pool Spa Filter 

Guardian Filtration Products Pool Spa Filter is a replacement model that is compatible with most outdoor and indoor above and inground pools, spas, and hot tubs. It is uniquely molded to allow more water to enter the filtration material.

The filter boasts of break-resistant technology that makes sure that it remains in top condition for long. There are also antimicrobial end caps that prevent bacteria from developing on the filter.

They were made to be durable and hold more dirt than most filter cartridges out there today.


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For above and inground pools
  • Prevents bacteria development 


  • Not easy to clean 

12. Pleatco PCC105-PAK4 Cartridge 

Another replacement filter that can do the job well is the Pleatco PCC105-PAK4 Cartridge. As the name suggests, this is a replacement model that you can use in various pumps. 

It comes with ABS free flow core that helps the water to flow effectively via the filter media. Another feature is the antimicrobial end caps that help to minimize chemical effects to ensure that the unit lasts longer.

You can get this filter from online or your nearest store, making it a convenient model.


  • Let the water flow effectively 
  • Able to resist chemicals 
  • Handy for various uses


  • Needs to be replaced after a couple of applications 

3 Types of Pool Filters

Some filters work better for above-ground facilities while others wok for inground swimming pools. Due to that, filters are classified into three categories.

Cartridge Pool Filters

These are the most comfortable filters when it comes to maintenance since they don’t need to be back washed. You can also replace them after a couple of years if you buy the durable models. 

They trap impurities and contaminants in the filter media while the pure water goes back to the pool.

Sand Filters

They are quite famous and used by most pool owners because of their fair price and efficiency. As their name suggests, they use sand to trap all the contaminants and impurities in your pool water. 

These filters are easy to clean through backwash and replacement of sand after a few years. However, they cannot take particles of less than 20 microns.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

The latest and most innovative tech uses diatomaceous earth to clean your swimming pool water. These filters are made of fabric material that is covered with grids and coated with DE to trap even the tiniest of dirt of up to a micron.

They are the most expensive filters on the market today, but their effectiveness cannot be matched by other types of filters. Besides, they are not complicated when it comes to maintenance, and they last long.

How to Choose the Right Filter

What should you consider when choosing your filter?

  • Dimensions and size of your pool
  • Type of filter to suit your need
  • Your pool filter brand
  • The material used to construct the filter
  • The durability of the unit you want to buy
  • Your pool’s pump capacity 
  • How often your pool is used 
  • Safety of the filter 
  • Duration of the warranty 
  • How often the filter needs maintenance 
  • The cost of the filter

Pool Filter Final Verdict 

All the pool filters in this review are effective in cleaning your swimming pool and last longer. They are designed to suit various needs, meaning that you can get a model for your pool.

Some come with a long term warranty that covers defects while others have a short one that covers satisfaction. You can use some model for your above ground pool, some for an inground facility, and others for spa and hot springs. 

The best pool filter should be the one that meets your need, and you can afford it. 

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