Top 11 Best Pool Cover Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


If you want your swimming pool to last for long, then you need to get the best pool cover to cover it during the winter months. This cover will also keep dirt and debris out of your pool.

Follow this guide to ensure that you get a cover that will suite your swimming pool needs.


Pool Cover Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should consider when buying your pool cover. They include:

  • Type of pool covers – There are a lot of pool covers out there and they are all created differently. These covers include winter, thermal, solar and other covers. Know what you want to achieve when buying your cover.
  • Budget – Your budget will play a critical role when deciding which cover to buy. Spend more and you will get high-quality covers, spend less and you will get lo-quality covers.
  • Season – If you use your pool 365 days, get a cover that you can use for the whole year. Know how you use your pool before you buy a cover.
  • Size and shape– The size and shape of your swimming pool will determine they type and size of the cover you buy. A bigger cover can fit your pool but a smaller one can’t.

Top 11 Pool Cover Reviews 2019

Here is a review of the top pool covers on the market today.

1. Blue Wave Bronze 8 Years 12 Feet Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This is a dirt defender that features the durability and strength of more expensive covers. Coating and rugged polyethylene scrim mean that the cove withstands the worst of winters.

Furthermore, the cover is UV protected to ensure that it lasts even when under direct sun’s rays. It comes with a black underside that prevents algae development and has heat sealed seams that provide crystal clear pool.

2. Robelle 3512-4 Super Winter Pool Cover 12 Feet

The Robelle 3512-4 is also an UV-resistant product for above ground pool. It features a 4-foot overlap that makes it easier to install than other swimming pool covers.

This cover floats easily on your pool water without stressing it. Its top is imperial blue while the bottom is black in order to prevent algae development. It is also strong and outlasts other inferior covers. In fact, it comes with a 10 years warranty.

3. Water Warden Pool Safety Cover for 12 by 20 Pool

Safeguard your in-ground swimming pool and protect it with this Water Warden Pool Safety Cover. Perfect for winter, it protects your pool from the harsh weather with just one simple step – only install it.

The product is made with the strictest quality standards in mind and has no corners or shortcuts. It also features a fine, light mesh material that enables rain water to pass through into your pool but still traps debris.

4. Yard Guard 18 x 36 Feet Green Mesh

Yard Guard protects your swimming pool from different elements with its high-quality mesh cover. It is made with tight, porous mesh that traps debris and silt while enabling rain water to pass through.

The cover is made to withstand years of tear and wear and the webbing on the bottom and top is reinforced. Furthermore, the cover has rub strips that protect the pool surface.  It is also UV protected.

5. Blue Wave Bronze 8 Years 12 Feet x 20 Feet Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This product provides the durability and strength of covers costing twice as much. It featured rugged polyethylene scrim as well as a coating that ensures the cover withstands all kind of weather.

The cover is also UV protected and its underside is colored black to ensure that no algae grow under its watch. It fits well on your oval above ground pool and will offer you years of service.

6. In The Swim 8 Years 24 Feet Round Pool Winter Cover

The In The Swim 24-ft pool cover is ideal for keeping your pool in top condition during winter months. It also makes opening your pool much easier when the time comes.

It is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting with high-density polyethylene stitching to ensure durability and superior tensile strength. The cover is also UV treated to prevent damage from the harmful UV rays.

7. Intex 10 Feet Round Metal Frame Pool Cover

The Intex 10 Feet Pool Cover prevents leaves and other debris from falling into your swimming pool. It is perfect for all rounded metal frame swimming pools and features drain holes that prevent water from settling on top of the cover.

It comes with a rope that you can use to secure it around your pool and it last long. Furthermore, it is UV protected, meaning that it can withstand harmful sun’s ray.

8. GLI Pool Products 16 x 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

This cover provides the same heavy-duty features that most pool owners love but at an affordable price. It is made of two-ply mesh material that is free of mildew, rot, and harsh chemical damage.

The best part, this cover can be used 365 days a year not just during the winter months. It traps debris and other dirt while allowing water to seep via into your pool.

9. Blue Wave 20 Feet x 40 Feet Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover

Long-lasting and durable Blue wave cover is strong enough to prevent your kids and pets from falling into your pool. Yet, it is light enough to enable fast remove from your facility in just 5 minutes.

This cover is made of a super-strong two-play material that supports 4K lbs. and it comes with brass anchors that support it in place. The cover is backed by an 18 years warranty.

10. Loop-Loc 20 x 40 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

Now the Loop-Loc ultra-strong mesh cover is even better. It is made with a denser weave that blocks almost all sunlight from reaching your pool while enabling water to seep via.

The product also melts the snow easily and is a great choice for people who want less debris in their pools. The cover is pretty strong, it can even support the weight of a grown up elephant.

11. Intex 8 Feet Round Easy Set Pool Cover

Intex 8 feet Round Easy Pool Cover is an easy-to-use product that also lasts long. It is made of lightweight material and is easy to install on your swimming pool.

The product comes with drain holes that prevent water from accumulating on top of the cover. However, it is able to trap all debris and dirt before it enters your swimming pool.

Solid vs. Mesh Safety Pool Cover

When choosing your pool cover, you need to think beyond the type of cover you want. You can choose between mesh covers and solid covers. But why is it necessary to choose between these two covers?

Mesh Cover

A mesh cover will enable rain water to seep through into your pool. This will prevent water from flooding on top of your cover.  Also, it will allow the snow to smelt and pass into your pool.

A mesh cover is also light and very easy to use and install. When leaves fall on this cover, they will be trapped and soon they will dry and get blown away by the wind.  This will make your life even easier as you don’t need to clean the cover.

Solid Cover

A solid cover will trap both the water and the leaves. Hence, you will need to remove them using a pump or any other method. However, this type of cover keeps your pool clean and fresh for long.

It also helps to trap in the heat better than a mesh cover. The cover is also heavier than a mesh cover and can be hard to use and install.

Pool Cover Safety Tips

Below are a few safety tips that you should follow if you want to keep your swimming pool safe:

  • Having a safety pool cover. The first thing is to ensure that you get a cover that can safeguard your pool. That’s a key factor that you should consider when buying your cover.
  • Have a fence around your swimming pool. This will prevent your kids from entering the pool area unsupervised. Remember that kids can climb on top of the cover and fall into your pool.
  • You can also install a pool alarm. This will add safety to your pool area.
  • Finally, always supervise your kids when they go swimming in your pool.

FAQs About Best Pool Cover

Q: How does a pool cover work?

A:  A pool cover prevents sun rays from reaching your pool. It traps dirt and debris, ensuing that they don’t enter your pool.

Q: How should I clean my pool cover?

A: You should use a pump to pump off water and dirt trapped by the cover.

Final Verdict

What is the best pool cover on the market? The best pool cover for your pool should trap debris and dirt while allowing water to pass through it. One such cover is the Blue Wave Bronze 8 Years 12 Feet Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover.

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