The 9 Best LED Pool Light Reviews 2020 & Top Pick

led pool light
led pool light

Whether you want to enhance the security around your swimming pool or make the place look stunning or having a pool party, the best LED pool light can be essential. However, finding the ideal light can be a daunting task as there are dozens of brands and models out there.

Thankfully, here, I have developed a buying guide and review of the nine top lights that can transform your facility. So, read through and you will get your ultimate pool light to make swimming pond more enjoyable and secure.

Top 9 Pool Lights Reviews for 2019

Let’s look at the top nine pool lights that you should consider getting before we compile the buying guide.

1. LOFTEK LED Floating Pool Lights

If you want a light that adds light and color to your swimming pool, then you should consider the LOFTEK LED Floating Pool Lights. It comes in the form of a ball and can be moved around the pool with ease.

The light measures 16 inches, and you can lit it in 16 different RGB colors and offers four lighting modes. You only need to choose the RGB and setting that suits your mood and theme.

The light can add a splash of color to any area of your pool or many sections, to create a party atmosphere. Also, it comes with a remote control that you can use to control it from a distance. 

One thing, the light offers illumination for up to 12 hours before needing a recharge. When it comes to charging, it gets fully charged within 4 hours, which is pretty fast.

It is also an eco-friendly light and is waterproof – it is IP65-rated.


  • Different color patterns and mode
  • Runs for up to 12 hours
  • Fast recharge time


  • A one year warranty 

2. WHATOOK Swimming Pool Lights

WHATOOK Swimming Pool Lights come in a unique sunflower design that makes them look attractive in your pool. The lights look quite stunning due to the clear PC cover even when they are off and also better when they are lit.

You can place them anywhere you want to transform as they don’t come with a cord that can restrict them. Besides, they are one of the safest lights on the market today, even when on the water. 

These lights come with two IR remotes that let you choose the colors, dim the lights, or turn them off/on. And they are powered by three triple A batteries which you can easily replace.

One thing, these lights offer you four dynamic color modes and 16 different light colors to suit your environment. That means you can easily create a rainbow using the WHATOOK Pool Lights.

The wireless and waterproof design ensures that the lights don’t get damaged by the water.


  • Ideal lights for events 
  • Waterproof design 
  • No installation 


  • Batteries need to be replaced 

3. SEED Round Submersible LED Lights

As the name suggests, SEED Round Submersible LED Lights are underwater lights that can light your swimming pool to give you the party mood. You can use it to light your pool area for most events like wedding, party, and others.

Additionally, you can place them in buckets, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and other places to make them look more attractive. Every light offers 5 LEDs to suit your mood and party theme.

These lights offer more light than any other models you can ever find on the market today. And you control them using a 21-key IR remote control that can let you operate them from a 10m distance. 

The models also offer four color-changing modes and 13 different static modes to give you a rainbow feel. Another thing is the waterproof nature of the lights as they are meant to be used inside water. 

They are powered by 2pcs CR2450 batteries that provide power for up to 36 hours.


  • 24 hours help service
  • Works for 36 hours
  • Comes with a remote control


  • A bit expensive 

4. ILEDLIGHT 35W LED Pool Light Bulb

If you want a light that will save power, then you should consider the ILEDLIGHT 35W LED Pool Light Bulb. You can use this light to replace all incandescent lamp and bulb that consume more power. 

It is straightforward to replace these lights – you only need to unscrew the old one an insert the new ones. And they are made for Pentair Amerlite series and Hayward Astrolite series.

They are designed and made using quality materials to ensure that they last for decades. For instance, they come with OSRAM LED chips, isolated authentication drive, and high thermal conductivity aluminum.

The lights also come with a circuit breaker that prevents them from getting damaged in case of overpowering. That means you get products that are 100% risk-free. 

You don’t need to worry about anything when you get these lights.


  • Saves you power
  • Easy to replace
  • Made of quality material 


  • Not waterproof

5. LUMN8 EFX LED Lights

The LUMN8 EFX LED Lights are multi-colored lights that you can submerge in the water or place them anywhere around your swimming pool. It uses a battery, making it possible to install anywhere.

Another thing is the waterproof construction that ensures it resists water even when under the pool, bathtub, fish tank, and other places. It provides four mode and 16 different colors to make your surrounding more attractive.

And you can operate it using an IR remote control even when you are 20 feet away. With this light, you can transform your boring pool into an exciting and beautiful place for holding parties.  

Its three triple A batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation, and you can easily replace them. You get everything that you might require to make your pool more attractive.


  • Multi-colored lights
  • Operate using a remote
  • Durable construction 


  • Need to replace the batteries


LAMPAOUS LED SPA Bulb provides seven solid colors and five color show with different speed and hues. You can use the light to replace older fitting of Hayward and Pentair underwater lights.

One unique thing is that the color shown is operated by a different switch which lets you shut them if you don’t need them. You don’t need a remote to do that.

Choosing your preferred color is also easy; you don’t need to have used the lights before to know that. You also get a user’s manual that can help you when choosing the colors.

You can also synchronize the lights by turning the switch off and on, after 5 seconds. The lights were built to last for years and make your swimming pool look more attractive.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Straightforward to synchronize the lights
  • Comes with a guide 


  • No remote control

7. Life-Bulb 40W LED Pool Lights Bulb

If you don’t like the hassle of choosing the colors, then you should consider the Life-Bulb Pool Lights Bulb. The model comes programmed with its unique show to ensure that you don’t sweat when setting them. 

With this model, you get a lifetime replacement warranty that ensures you don’t spend much when the light gets damaged. These lights are 2x brighter than most lights out there. 

When you turn the lights on, you get to enjoy green blue, red, yellow, white, purple, and cyan colors. One thing that makes it a durable model is the aluminum fin heat dissipation case that extends their life.

The bulb is also quite affordable when compared to other models on the market today. It is the ideal light for people who want to enjoy the show without having to worry about the settings.


  • Comes with different colors
  • Easy to set up
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Cannot choose colors

8. GAME Underwater Show Pool Led Lights

Another light that will change your swimming pool is the Game Underwater Show Pool LED Light. These are long-lasting solar underwater lights that can provide the décor for your inground or above ground pool. 

The light comes with seven alternating modes that help you create an ambiance that all pool users will love. Also, there is a convenience on/off system that lets you shut the light when you want or turn them on. 

Besides, if you forget to turn it off, it automatically goes off during the day as it is solar-powered. That means you can be confident of getting a fully-charged light during the night.

It can provide a show for up to 6 hours and illuminate a wide area of up to 15 feet.


  • Solar-powered 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • No operation cost


  • Only 6 hours of light

9. Poolmaster Swimming Pool and Spa Floating LED Light

Poolmaster Swimming Pool and Spa Floating Led Light to illuminate your facility with four optional color modes, which are green, blue, red, and natural lights. It attaches to above-ground pools using a magnet and has waterproof seals.

Besides, it cannot corrode even when exposed to harsh water conditions. You might also be excited to learn that the model floats freely in the water where you need additional light.  

In terms of control, you can achieve that manually or use remote control. The model comes with silicone on a blue ring that helps to seal the light completely.

The light happens to be easy to install and comes with clear instructions that you can follow with ease.


  • Cannot rust or corrode
  • For above-ground pools
  • Easy to install


  • Limited color choice 

LED Pool Light Buying Guide/FAQs

You should not pick the first LED light you see on the shelves. There are a lot of things that you should consider to buy the perfect model for your need.

Here are a few questions that can help you choose the ideal LED light for your swimming pool.

Q: How is the LED Light Installed?

A: Most Led lights are straightforward to install. Most of them have an installation manual or a DVD that can guide you through when setting them. 

However, some models can be hard to install. Note which unit can fit into your current fixture.

Q: How Bright Are LED Bulbs?

A:  A swimming pool has a lot of functions, but the main one is to light your facility. Thus, you should get a bulb that can provide sufficient light to illuminate your pool.

If possible, your pool light should also light your backyard with ease. There are some people who don’t like a lot of light – avoid excessive light.

Q: How Much Do LED Lights Cost?

A: Every light is different, and it will depend on the model and the brand you buy you. 

Q: What Features Should an LED Light Have?

A: Some pool owners don’t mind about the features they can get from an LED light. That does not mean that the lights don’t come with amazing things.

One common feature is the hue effects. These colors can make your kids spend their evening around your pool. 

There is also the possibility of dimming the light.

Q: Can LED Lights Light My Pool?

A: One thing you should ensure is that the light you buy can quickly light your swimming pool. That is the only way you can get value for your money.

Also, the model you choose should offer benefits to the surrounding area and be safe.

Q: Are LED Light for Pool Durable?

A: You cannot buy a bulb that will last for one day. Choose a light that can provide you with decades of operation.

Q: LED Light vs. Traditional Lights: Which One is More Efficient?

A: LED lights are 90% more efficient compared to their traditional sisters. They are also more durable compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the article above, you will get the Best LED Pool Light for your pool and even backyard. All the models we have reviewed provide value for money and last for years. 

You should also make sure that you choose a light that you can afford, bright, and multicolored one. Have a good time when shopping!

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