The 11 Best Inflatable Pool Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


Want a place you can cool during the hot summer days in your backyard? You don’t need to build a big pool which can take a lot of space. 

The best inflatable pool is a cheap and accessible alternative to building a standard pool to cool from the scorching sun. These models are budget-friendly and can last for a couple of years.

But what is the best inflatable pool? Read below to find out which pool can work for your backyard.

Top 12 Inflatable Pools Reviews – Our Editors Picks

These are the top inflatable pools that you should consider getting for your home. 

1. Intex Swimming Easy Set Pool (8ft. x 30-Inch)

The Intex Swimming Easy Set Pool is one of the easiest to install the model on the market today. It is also one of the simplest to store and maintain and offers significant space of 8 feet by 30 inches. 

The Easy Set model is quite popular with buyers out there due to its affordability and can take up to 4 people. Also, you can easily disassemble it when the time comes for storing or transporting it to another location.

Its high-quality vinyl sidewalls are quite durable to ensure that the pool lasts for a couple of sessions. Sadly, the pool doesn’t come with a ground cloth, pool cover, or filter pump.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Super tough sidewalls 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble 


  • Last for up to three sessions

2. Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Next in the list is another model from the Intex called the Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool. As the name suggests, it is a blue model that might rank among the best above ground swimming pools. 

It has a round shape and made for small kids to play in during the hot summer months. Assembling the unit is quite simple to give you more time to relax as opposed to the setting.

The package comes with a repair patch that you can use to seal any leak that might occur. When fully inflated, the model measures 45 inches by 10 inches high. 

It is also effortless to store this pool as you can deflate it with ease. 


  • For kids of 2 years 
  • Has a repair patch 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not for adults 

3. Intex 8ft. x 30-Inch Easy Set pool Set

Intex 8ft x 30inch is a model for people who need to get an affordable model that can cool you during the hot days. It offers only the bare necessities such as a pump, an inflatable base, and a compact design to fit in small spaces.

Since it is a straightforward model, assembling requires only a few short minutes using an air pump. That means you get more time to relax in the cool water as opposed to working hard to set the pool.

Its size makes it ideal for family – young kids or a maximum of two grownups. However, you should note that the frame is not quite durable, and it will last for just a few seasons.  


  • Comes with a pump
  • Easy to set
  • Offers value for money


  • Slightly small 

4. Intex 6ft. x 20-Inch Easy Set Swimming Pool

Another Easy Set Pool from Intex that you should consider getting is the 6ft. x 20-inch model that is convenient to set and disassemble. It is the ideal model for having fun during the hot days of the year.

The model comes in the perfect size for holding a couple of kids or two to three adults. Note that it requires up to 886 liters of water to fill to the recommended level.

The best part is that the model takes shape as it gets filled and has a convenient drainage plug. It is also a reliable and robust model that will last for a few uses.


  • For children of three years plus
  • A durable model 
  • Able to hold a lot of water


  • Price is an issue 

5. Intex Mini Frame Pool

If you are searching for a pool to splash and laze around, the Intex Mini Frame pool might be the right model for you. It holds 89 gallons of water, making it a great model for dogs.

The pool frame is made of galvanized steel that ensures it lasts longer than most inflatable pools there. It is also a safe and comfortable model, thanks to the horizontal beams.

The bottom side of the pool is made of the vinyl material that also adds to the durability. There is also a repair kit that you can use to repair any leak that might occur in the course of using.


  • Doesn’t need a lot of water
  • Affordable and durable 
  • Perfect for kids to play around 


  • Shallow depth 

6. Intex Easy Set 12ft. x 30-Inch Pool Set

The Intex Easy set 12ft.x 30-inch is a medium-size pool that is ideal for small backyards and children. Also, it is suitable for the whole family use during the hot summer. 

One feature that makes it a superb model is the fact that it’s easy to set in the backyard. You don’t need to seek help to assemble it or even disassemble when you want to store it.  

It also comes with filter pump that cleans the water as you use it. Besides, you get an instructional DVD that can guide you when installing it.


  • With a filter pump
  • Installation DVD guide
  • Easy to store


  • Not quite durable 

7. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Are you wondering which the perfect pool is for toddlers? Intex Rainbow Ring is the model you should get for your young champions as it measures 117 x 76 x 53 inches.

It is more of a play center than a pool, which means your kids can play there safely. Its vast capacity lets you fill it with up to 77 gallons of water, meaning that you can save on water bills. 

The center has a ring toss game, a water slide, wading pool, and water sprayer. That means you can connect it to a hose to spray the water around to cool your kids.


  • Looks attractive and cute
  • Great gift for kids
  • Has a sufficient playing center


  • Takes time to inflate 

8. Intex 12ft. x 30-Inch Metal Frame pool

Another Intex pool that comes with filter pump is the 12ft. x 30-inch model. The unit boasts of super-quality laminated PVC sidewalls that make it a durable product.

You can connect it to your cartridge filter to ensure that you enjoy clean water for maximum refreshment. It also comes with a faulty circuit breaker that shuts the power if there are wires exposed in the water.

Its outlet fittings make the water to circulate with ease to give you a better pool. Another thing is the price, which is quite affordable compared to other models.


  • Made of strong PVC 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Can hold a family 


  • Takes time to fill

9. Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center

You can guarantee your toddlers safety and cool if you get the Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center. It is one of the most affordable products you can get in its class and is made of lightweight material.

One thing is the ability to attach it to a water hose to ensure that your kids remain calm during those hot days. The unit holds a maximum of 74 gallons when full and is for kids of two years and older.

If you want to store it, you will find it to be easy to disassemble and transport it. You can be confident that you will get value for your money when you choose this pool.


  • A great play center
  • Connects to hose 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Just for small children

10. Intex 10ft. x 30-Inch Prism Frame Pool Set 

The prism frame pool is what you can call the best combination of quality and price. It costs just like most pools out there today, but it’s stronger than most units. 

The unit can hold a maximum of four grownups, making it the perfect model for a family. It is also effortless to maintain, assemble, and disassemble when you are done.

Besides, the model doesn’t use a lot of water – you can save on water bills and the use of chemicals. 


  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to move from one place to the other


  • Not compatible with all filters 

11. Bestway Steel Pro 10ft. x 30-Inch Frame Pool Set

Last but not least is the Bestway Steel Pro 10 feet by 30 inches pool. The model can hold a maximum of 1,236 gallons of water when 96% full, meaning that it is one of the largest pools in this review.

It is also straightforward to set it to ensure that you get more time for relaxing as opposed to assembling it. If you want to store it, you can easily disassemble it and take it to your storage area.

It also comes with a flow control drain valve that makes it easier to remove the water. The package also comes with a repair patch and a 330 gal filter pump.


  • A large pool
  • Easy to set and store
  • Comes with repair material


  • Takes a lot of water

Things to Know About Inflatable Pool – Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things that you should know before you hit the market to choose an inflatable swimming pool. They can help you to get the perfect model for your use. 

What is an Inflatable Swimming Pool?

An inflatable pool is a facility that you can set by filling it with air or inflating it. These models are usually above ground pools and come in PVC material that can hold water for people to relax in. 

After the pool is inflated, you need to fill it with water or connect it to a water source to enjoy a chilly afternoon.

What Are Inflatable Pools Benefits?

The benefits of inflatable pools are many when you consider them to regular swimming facilities. To begin, they are quite easy to install and assemble (a standard pool can take months to set it up).

Another benefit comes in the form of cost. The money you use to buy these pools is small compared to building a standard pool.

These pools are also highly portable. That means you can easily take it from one corner of your home to the other, such as a backyard or for trekking and camping purpose.

One downside of these pools is that you will need to replace them regularly. They are made of low-quality material that is not durable compared to a permanent pool.

What Are Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Pool?

You need to take into account the following factors when buying your inflatable pool.

  • Design – These pools can come in a rectangular, oval, or circular shape. Besides, they all come with a different number of air chambers that offer protection and cushioning from leakage. Most children pools are colorful and feature attractive design patterns to catch their attention.
  • Size – The pools come in all manner of sizes to suit your specific needs. There are small models for kids and pets and big ones for the entire family. However, you should note that the small ones are play centers for toddlers.
  • Other accessories – You might get some awesome accessories when you buy your pool. For example. Some units come with filter pumps that help to purify the water and remove all the impurities. Others come with a repair patch that you can use to seal any leak. You can also get an installation DVD that will guide you when installing them.

Final Words

There is no one model that can be said to be the best inflatable pool in our review. All these units can serve your purpose effectively and ensure that you get a cool summer.

When buying your pool, ensure that you follow our guide to get value for your money. Good luck! 

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