The 9 Best Hot Tubs Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


What is the best hot tub? If you are looking for a hot tub that can offer value for the money, then you have come to the right place.   

The models in this review can provide you with the refreshing relaxation you want with bubbles massaging. We have also given you a comprehensive guide that you can follow when choosing your ideal model.

Let’s start by reviewing the best hot tubs on the market today that are ranked highly by various consumer reports.

Hot Tubs Reviews 2019: Complete Review of Features 

Here are the top nine hot tubs that can make your life more enjoyable.

1. Intex PureSpa 6-Person 28409E Hot Tub

The 28409E Hot Tub is a portable model that comes from the reputable Intex and is large enough to accommodate six people. It is one of the easiest to use models that has up to 140 bubble jets that offer the massage you need, and it costs under $1000. 

That means you get inside a refreshing pool that also provides the massage you deserve after a long day. Besides, the unit has 170 high-powered fizz jets that provide fresh, soothing, and watery massage. 

You can easily set it up without seeking help from any professional or using a lot of tools. And you can rest assured that the water temperature remains constant even when you are not using the hot tub.

The unit’s maintenance is also straightforward thanks to the 10w hard water system that comes with replaceable filter cartridges. It is also a durable model that is made of high-quality polyester fiber material.


  • Setting up is straightforward 
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Deflates and inflates fast 


  • The filter is slightly underpowered 

2. Coleman 71” x 26” 13804 4-Person Hot Tub

When going for a vacation of want to chill at home, Coleman’s 13804 4-Person Hot Tub might come in handy. It is one of the models that you should have by your side to ensure that you get the massage and relaxation you desire. 

The unit comes with a cushioned floor as well as a massage jet to makes sure that you have a good time in your spa. It is simple to inflate and deflate the model, and it heats quite fast thanks to the fast heating system.

Additionally, the temperature rises to 104 degrees F within minutes to ensure that you get more time for using your hot tub. It also comes with a digital control system that lets you monitor the spa as it heats up.  

The model has two lift handles that make it possible to move it from place to place with ease, and it was made for 4-person.


  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Easy to use
  • For under $2000


  • Not for use under 40 degrees F

3. Essential Hot Tubs Integrity Rotationally Molded Hot Tub

The Essential Hot Tubs Integrity Rotationally Molded Hot Tub is made in the USA using high-quality material to ensure that it lasts for years. It comes with 11 hydrotherapy jets that provide complete relaxation you desire.

The unit can hold a maximum of five people when seated and still leave enough space to move around. What that means is that it is a great model for the whole family use, and many consumer reports show that it is a useful product.

Besides, the model doesn’t require any wire to function or electrical connection. With that said, the model uses 1kW/4kW Balboa all-season heater that is made of stainless steel material.

Another feature of the model is the heavy-duty tapered coated cover that comes with locking clips.


  • No connecting wires 
  • Comes with massaging jets
  • Made of quality material


  • Takes time to assemble 

4. Home and Garden Spas LPIX3 32 Jet Spa

Start your backyard paradise with the Home and Garden Spa, and make your family stay at home. The model is full of great features and comes at an affordable price of under $5000. 

Some of its notable features are seven colors LED mood lighting, stainless-steel jets, and several therapeutic jets. The spa was made to touch all the parts of your body while providing maximum comfort to the user. 

Besides, the product boasts of maintenance-free synthetic cabinetry and a pressure treated base frame. There is also an ABS bottom that provides the durability you deserve in your hot tub. 

Another thing is the lightweight nature of the unit that makes it possible to move it around with ease.


  • High performance 
  • Low power usage 
  • Stainless-steel jets


  • Unattractive design 

5. Essential Hot Tubs Newport Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs Newport Hot Tub is a great model for small families and couples. You can easily set it up and thanks to its space-saving construction, the unit can easily fit in tight areas. 

The unit can fit a maximum of four people and is perfect for cold weather – you can use it under extreme conditions. One remarkable feature of the unit is the 14 powerful jets and the high-quality heater that keeps the water warm.

You can be confident of getting a relaxing hydrotherapy session, and it won’t cost you much. Another feature is the 110V connection that comes with a GFCI cord and LED lighting as well as a digital panel.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Excellent quality 
  • Offers value for money


  • A small tub

6. AquaRest Spas AR-300 2-Person SS Jets 

The unit provides you the ultimate relaxation therapy at the comfort of your home and is compatible with 110v or 22v power connection. It also boasts of nine LED color options that let you create a color experience.

Another thing that makes it attractive is the cascading waterfall that adds to the relaxation and peace after a tiring day. What’s more, the unit is highly efficient when it comes to using the power to ensure that you don’t get a costly power bill. 

There are two built-in cup holders that can hold your beverage to prevent any spillage. Besides, the model comes with an excellent rating from uses and comes with a weather-resistant exterior.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • For a temperature of 40-104 degrees F
  • Soothing LED lights


  • Only two people

7. Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot tub

If you are looking for a hot tub that offers you the massage you need then you should try the Essential Hot Tubs Arbor. It comes with up to 20 stainless-steel jets that help to provide the massage that will keep you relaxed. 

The best part is that its contour design can accommodate up to 6-person when seated. It also comes with a 1kW/4kW all-season stainless-steel heater that keeps the water warm for long. 

Another thing is that it is a plug and play connection model that comes with a GFCI cord. There is also a heavy-duty insulated cover with useful locking clips.

Its set up process is also straightforward, and you don’t require any human resources to do that.


  • Great massaging 
  • Holds up to six persons
  • Has a GFCI cord


  • Slightly expensive considering its features

8. Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Polara Sterling Silver Shell

Here is another spa from Essential Hot Tubs, but it is different from other models. It is not a standard model as it is more impressive than most units out there. 

It comes in a sterling silver shell that makes it a great addition to your home, making it worth the price. Another feature is the 50 stainless-steel jets that work together to provide the ideal massaging experience.

The model was also made to be comfortable as it comes with shoulder and neck jets for ensuring a full body reach. It can easily handle a maximum of 6-person – that means it is a great hot tub for the entire family use.


  • Lasts for years
  • Works effectively 
  • Holds up to six people


  • Needs professional help to install it

9. Lifesmart Rock Solid 4-Person Hot Tub

Closing our list is the Lifesmart Rock Solid 4-Person Hot Tub. It is a plug and play model that doesn’t require you to do much when setting it up. 

The model was made for four people and came with durable jets that give you the ultimate relaxation. It is also a sustainable model that comes with additional features like mood lights. 

One exciting feature of the unit is the foam insulated made that helps to preserve energy and heat. It holds up to 195 gallons of water and uses the 110v power source.

Another great thing is that it is easy to maintain. There are no many parts to maintain, and it remains clean.


  • Energy-saving and effective
  • Plug and play construction
  • Mood lighting 


  • Sandstone color 

The ABCs of Hot Tubs

It is not easy to choose the right hot tub for your use, but you can always have an easy time if you know what it should include. Here are some things you should keep in mind about these units:

  • Air buttons – These buttons help to move the air via the tube to the relay that triggers the jets. They are found on the upper side of the spas.
  • Acrylic – It is a non-porous synthetic fiber that is used to form a shell around the unit. It is adaptable, valuable, and durable.  
  • Blower – An air blower helps to blow the air. They are tiny holes on the floor or seats of the hot tub that takes the air to the spa for complete infusion. 
  • Control panel – Control panel is the brain of a hot tub while the pump is the heart. You can use this system to control the heater, pump, thermostat, timer, and other things. You can find a manual or digital control panel.
  • Cartridge filter – The kind of filters that comes with a Sap are made of plastic end caps and pleated fabrics.
  • Electric heater – Hot tub heaters come with material that warms your spa water when it gets via the filter and pump.
  • Filter – Most model comes with a cartridge filter that is added to the skimmer to clean and clean the water. There is a pump that moves the water via the filter since it is not mechanical.
  • GFCI – GFCI is a ground fault circuit breaker that prevents your hot tub from getting burned in case of power issues. It ensures that no electricity comes to your spa when it trips.
  • High limit reset – It is situated on the control panel or heater and helps to prevent over-heating by tripping.
  • Impeller – Impeller is the part of the hot tub that generates the centrifugal force to move the water around.
  • Jet or hydrotherapy jet – These are the main reason why people buy hot tub as they provide a mixture of water and warm air. That is quite therapeutic after a tiring day.
  • Pump – It helps to take water in and from the skimmer and drain to send it to the heater and filter where it comes out as jets. The pump features an impeller, motor, and wet end.
  • Pump motor – The main function of the pump motor is to rotate the impeller in the pump.
  • Safety cover – Safety cover shields the hot tub from weather and is made of ASTM certified materials to meet strength and durability.
  • Skirt/cabinet – It is made of wood or synthetic material and is an exterior protective cover for the shell.
  • Spa pack – A system that cab holds air blower, pump, heater, GFCI, and other devices.

There are different types of hot tubs out there today, the most popular and obvious ones being the portable models. These units can be installed quickly, taken from one place to the other, and comes with amazing features. 

They are also hard-wearing, easy to maintain, and attractive. You should also note that some of these models come with cabinet options made of faux, brick, wood, and resin materials. 

Besides, they come in all manner of sizes and shapes and can accommodate various persons, some up to six.


It is easy to get the best hot tubs for your use if you know what you are looking for. We have reviewed the top models for 2019 and given you some of the main features that you should look in these products.

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