The 11 Best Hot Tub Chemicals Reviews 2020 & Top Pick

Hot Tub Chemicals

What are the best hot tub chemicals to use? That is the question you should get the answer for if you want your hot tub water to remain clean, sparkly, germ-free, and inviting. 

To achieve that, you should ensure that your facility’s water is well-balanced using the right chemicals. So, what products should you use to attain that inviting hot tub?

Here we will look at the best hot tub chemicals for treating your hot tub, spa, Jacuzzi, and other facilities. Let get started by reviewing the top products for 2019.

Hot Tub Chemicals Reviews for 2019

Here is a review of the top chemicals that can keep your hot tub in top condition and ready for use.

1. LEISURE TIME RENU2 Renew Non-Chlorine Shock (1-Pack)

Leisure Time RENU2 is a useful product for cleaning your hot tub, spa, and Jacuzzi water. It easily dissolves into the water, making it safe for use in facilities that are used regularly.  

By keeping the ideal pH balance, the chemical doesn’t interfere with the water balance, and it kills all the germs and bacteria while getting rid of inseparable impurities. For ultimate cleanliness, use one oz. of the shock to treat about 500-gallon of water.

The model can clear cloudy water and remove all the contaminants and odors from your hot tub. Another thing, it is compatible with mineral purification, ozone, bromine, and chlorine systems.

You can use your Jacuzzi or hot tub within 15 minutes after using the chemical to treat the water. 


  • Acts like shock 
  • Maintains natural water pH
  • For spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis 


  • Takes time to clean the water

2. CLOROX Pool & Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets (12-Pound)

Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue is a product that takes maintaining clear and clean water of your hot tub to the next level. The tabs are stabilized to provide a long-lasting sanitization and also minimize loss of active chlorine when the sun is out.  

It helps to remove all kinds of bacteria from your Jacuzzi and spas preventing algae development. Besides, the product efficiently protects your hot tub from scaling, meaning that it adds durability.

There are conditioners in the tabs that make the water feel and look silky to make you want to stay in your facility for long. Also, it provides you with long term protection of your hot tub.


  • Ideal for keeping a balanced pH level
  • For medium and large-sized pools
  • Lon-lasting protection of your Jacuzzi 


  • Tabs can crumble 

3. CLOROX Pool & Spa Shock XtraBlue (6-Pack)

Made by Clorox Pool & Spa, this is a substantial pool shock that was made to kill all kinds of algae in the water. It leaves a bright, clean, and safe place to relax in after a long day at work.

One great feature of the product is the easy-to-use bottle it comes in – each comes with one pound of shock. You crack the cover and pour the content into your hot tub. 

The active element in the shock is sodium dichloro-striazinetrione that offers 39% chlorine. Besides, the product comes with a neutral pH that doesn’t affect your water, and it doesn’t bleach liners.

It is as effective as more expensive chemicals, giving you value for the money.


  • Comes in a simple-to-open bottle
  • Effective like expensive brands
  • Can get into the water within 15 minutes


  • Cases of expired products 

4. SPA Essentials 32305000 Brominating Tablets (1.5-Pound)

These tabs measure one-inch and can control bacteria in your hot tub effectively. They were made to provide long-lasting protection of your facility, and you don’t need to be an expert to use them. 

The tabs were made for sensitive skin, meaning that you can use them if your body is allergic to chlorine. You can use the tablets in a floating “feeder” to ensure that they treat your pool for a long time.

Another thing is the ability of the tabs to maintain the required levels of chemicals in your pool or spa water. Thus, you can be confident that you have a safe facility now and in the future.

As well as being safe for the skin, the product doesn’t discolor your clothes.


  • Can be applied via tablet floater
  • Lesser pH sensitivity
  • Keeps hot tub free of chlorine odor


  • The packaging is not convenient 

5. In The Swim C6010 Swimming pool and Spa Bromine Tablets (8-Pound)

The C6010 from In The Swim was also made for sensitive people as it contains 27% chlorine and 61% bromine. These tabs dissolve slowly to ensure that your hot tub gets the protection it requires for long. 

There is no chlorine odor that can make your Jacuzzi smell terrible, and they give a smooth and soft water. One tab of the product can serve in a 10,000-gallon facility and last for up to seven days.  

The best part is that there are about 320 tabs in the bucket – you don’t need to visit the market any time soon. If you want to value, then these are the tablets you should get for your hot tub.


  • No chlorine odor
  • Lasts longer 
  • Offers value for your money


  • Some tablets come broken

6. Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier (1-Quart)

The Robard R20154 is a concentrated product that lets you clean your hot tub without spending much. You only need 1-oz to clean 5,000 gallons of water, making it economical to use.

The super clarifier quickly clears cloudy water and ensures that no hazy appears in the future. What more, you can use the product at different temperatures and expect to get the same results. 

It is also sufficient no matter the chemical levels in your Jacuzzi or spa. You can use it with different filters and expect the water to flow without any clogging. 

One thing, the model reduces sanitizer demand as it removes dirt particles from your hot tub.


  • A little goes a long way
  • Comes in a great package 
  • Works at varying temperatures


  • Slightly costly 

7. Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Tablets (3.1kg)

If you want a product that can maintain alkalinity and pH of your hot tub while optimizing the effectiveness of chlorine, then you should try the Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Tabs. They naturally clear up cloudy water to leave clear water.

It helps other pool chemicals such as flocculants and sanitizers to work better, meaning that you can use it even in your treated pools. Besides, the product cannot cause corrosion or stain your facility liner or surface.

The best part is that you don’t need to measure anything when adding the tabs, making them convenient. The water feels better on the body and cannot irritate your eyes.


  • Clears cloudiness naturally
  • Doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • Easy to add to the pool


  • Tabs dissolves easily 

8. Spa Depot Bromine Tablets (5-Pound)

Another product that you can use to sanitize your hot tub is the SPA Depot Bromine Tablets. These tabs come with 98% active ingredients that make them useful in what they do.

Using them regularly can help you to disinfect and kill bacteria from your spa, Jacuzzi, hot tub, or pool. They are one of the slowest products when it comes to dissolving in the water.

Besides, they effectively distribute bromine in your facility to leave clean water with no odor. They also make your facility to feel good when you are relaxing inside.

Their large container has an air-tight lid that helps the tabs to remain fresh for over a year. 


  • Comes in a huge bucket
  • Leaves no smell behind
  • Very effective in disinfecting water


  • Cases of broken tablets 

9. Clorox Pool & Spa Chlorinating Tablets (1.5-Pound)

The tabs are meant to remove bacteria from your hot tub and also prevent algae development. That means you can get a fresh and clean facility when you use them to clean the water.

The best thing is that they are protected against the UV light to make them last longer when in your pool. And one tab can treat a facility of up to 5,000-gallons and leave it fresh for long.

One thing that you might notice about the products is the packaging that makes it easy to remove them. You also don’t need to worry about irritation as they are made of safe material.


  • Easy to use
  • Prevents algae growth 
  • Eliminates bacteria in your water


  • Dissolves easily 

10. SpaChoice Hot Tub Spa Bromine Tablets (2-Pack)

The Spa Choice bromine tabs come in two bottles of 1.5 pounds each to ensure that you get enough products to last you long. These tablets dissolve slowly to provide continues protection of your water.

With these tabs, you can be confident that your hot tub is protected to the maximum and no algae can develop. The tabs outperform most brands out there, which can be more expensive.  

They come with up to 98% active ingredient to help keep your water in top condition.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in 2 packs
  • Made to offer value for money


  • Very fragile and can easily break

11. SpaGuard Spa Stain/Scale Control (1-Quart)

The product comes in handy to keep a clean facility and won’t scale or stain it. It also helps to remove cloudiness in the water that might be caused by high levels of calcium.

You should add the chemical regularly to your pool to ensure that it gets the protection it requires. And adding it is quite simple as you don’t need to mix or use complicated formula.

It is also one of the most affordable products you can get on the market today. 


  • Very affordable 
  • Provides great service
  • You don’t need to use a lot


  • Might not remove algae 

Hot Tub Chemical Safety Tips

Here are some critical tips that can help you have a safe hot tub after handling chemicals.

  • Read the label – You should always read the label of the chemical you want to use before you add it to your pool. Also, follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you get the ultimate result.
  • Never mix chemical – Do not mix these chemicals unless the manufacturer says it is safe to do that. 
  • Pre-dissolve granules – You should not add pellets directly into your pool. Dissolve them in a container or jar before you add them to your facility. 
  • Add chemical to water – Always add chemical to water and not water to chemical. That is to ensure that there is no risky reaction.
  • Use chemicals in ventilated places – These products can produce harmful gases that can cause various problems if not used in ventilated areas.
  • Avoid strong wind – Always ensure that there is not strong wind when using powdered chemicals to treat your Jacuzzi, pool, spa, or hot tub.
  • Keep chemicals out of kid’s reach – Make sure that you store the chemicals safely – away from kids and pets.
  • Wash your hands – Ensure that you wash your hands after using your hot tube chemicals. 
  • Wear protective gears – You should wear protective gears such as goggles, gloves, and cloths.
  • Store the chemical safely – keep them away from the light as it can degrade them.

Also, ensure that you test your facility every day to be sure that it has the right levels of chemicals. 

In Conclusion 

When it comes to maintaining your Jacuzzi or hot tub, it is vital to know how different chemicals affect the water. While some models can be treated like a regular pool, there can be a challenge since they require a small volume of water.

Due to that, you need to know which chemical to add at what time and at what volume. We have reviewed some of the best products you can get on the market today to help you choose the ideal on.

And after getting the best hot tub chemicals for your hot tub, you should always ensure that you use them safely by following our safety tips. Good luck in purchasing the chemicals and maintaining your pool for a fresh and clean hot tub, Jacuzzi, or spa. 

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