The 10 Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Reviews & Top Pick 2020

Handheld Pool Vacuum
Handheld Pool Vacuum

Cleaning your pool can take up a lot of time which you could be doing other things. There are dozens of methods you can follow to keep your facility clean without wasting time. 

One such way is to have the right cleaning equipment like the best handheld pool vacuum. A good model can keep your swimming pool in order within a few minutes. 

Such a vacuum can be useful, especially in a pool that is used regularly. But what is the best handheld pool vacuum?  

Handheld Pool Vacuum – Reviews for 2021

Here is a review of the top handheld vacuum that you can use to keep your pool ready for the next swimming session.

1. Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Li Pool and Spa Cleaner

The Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Li Pool and Spa Cleaner can keep your swimming pool and hot tub clean by removing all the debris. It can clean up to 33 gallons of dirt per minute, saving you time when cleaning. 

The model uses a battery to operate, meaning that you get the required freedom to move around. Another feature is the lightweight nature of the cleaner – you can carry it for hours without getting tired.

What more, its battery lasts for a long time when it is completely recharged, and it is also durable. There is also a reusable filter bag that collects the debris and is easy to empty when it gets full. 

The model was made to be used by all people to clean their pools.


  • Easy to handle 
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Cleans 33 gallons per minute


  • Expensive to maintain

2. Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum

Aura 6250 extends up to 7-foot thanks to its aluminum telescopic pole. It is a self-contained machine that does not use a pump, water hook, or batteries. 

In the absence of those features, the model uses suction power to collect debris and dirt from your swimming pool. Besides, it can collect rocks, beach sand, and pennies from your facility.

It is easy to operate as you only need to cover the hole with your finger and then submerge it in the water. That creates suction by air influx. 

The model also comes with a considerable canister that lets you collect dirt for long. And the best thing is that there is no chance of the dust getting out of the containers since the water closes it.


  • No operation cost
  • A lightweight model 
  • Clean the floor of your pool


  • Not quite effective 

3. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum

Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum comes with a long-lasting battery that provides it with strong suction. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that turns of the machine once it gets out of water. 

There is also an IPX8 waterproof switch that offers protection against the water to ensure that it doesn’t corrode. The package comes with a USB cable that you can use to recharge the cleaner.

You also get two interchangeable brush head and a 94 inches telescoping shaft made of aluminum material. The model is recommended for cleaning above-ground pools, spas, and hot tubs.

One thing is that you can depend on the cleaner to remove all the debris and dirt. It also takes a short time for the battery to get fully charged.


  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easily sucks up debris


  • Battery drains fast

4. Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

One of the leading leaves collectors you can get on the shelves today is the Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker. It is excellent when removing leaves from your small pool.

The model has a multi-directional wheel that makes it possible to move around and eight jets that give it the right pressure to clean effectively. You can also fit it with a standard hose thanks to its quick disconnect fitting.

The model is made using durable material that ensures it lasts for years. You can be confident that you can get value for money when you choose this vacuum cleaner. 

Its operation is unmatched in the industry today, and it comes in a lightweight design.


  • Made of durable material
  • Gets even the largest of leaves
  • Easy to move around


  • Not for small leaves 

5. Rola-Chem SPAVAC Spa Vac 

Another vacuum that can clean the bottom and walls of your pool is the Rola-Chem SPAVAC. It is one of the top-quality models on the market today and provides useful service.

The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction when using the unit. It is also an easy-to-use machine that was designed to be held for hours as you clean your facility. 

Besides, it is made of quality material that doesn’t rust even if you clean pools with chemicals. It is also more affordable compared to some of the vacuum cleaners on the market today.

It requires low maintenance as it was meant to maintain your swimming pool. Thus, you save time and money that you can spend swimming as opposed to maintaining pool cleaning gears.


  • Requires little maintenance
  • Can be used for hours
  • Comes in a great design


  • Weak suction power

6. Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Line Swimming Pool Vacuum

Poolmaster Air Vinyl Line Swimming Pool Vacuum was developed to help in removing debris from all vinyl liners. That is all possible thanks to its unique design that takes care of these surfaces.

It comes with a substantial 13 inches ABS body that covers a full surface to minimize cleaning time. The model is weighted to provide the light balance and lets you use the right way without getting tired.

Another feature is the adjustable air-relief valves that help to control the suction power of the cleaner. You can also use it with standard pool poles and vacuum hoses.


  • Weighted vacuum cleaner
  • A wide cleaning path
  • Able to control suction power


  • For vinyl pools

7. Kokido Telsa Handheld Rechargeable Pool and Spa Vacuum

If you want a wireless model that comes with a long-lasting battery, then you should try the Kokido Telsa Vacuum. The unit has a lithium-ion battery that enables it to operate for hours. 

It works effectively on spa and small pools of up to 18 feet. The unit collects dirt in a simple process and takes it to the filter bag inside.

When it is time to empty, you only need to open the system to get rid of the filter bag. Another feature is the ability to connect the vacuum to a five-section pole with a length of 7.2 feet.

You can also connect it to a standard telescopic pole, which is not included. 


  • Easily collects dirt
  • Simple to remove the trash
  • Long-lasting battery


  • No telescoping pole 

8. Kokido Skooba Max Vac

KokidoSkooba Max Vac is a handheld machine that comes at an affordable price. It is easy to assemble and connect to your swimming pool filtration system.

What more, it vacuums and filters your pool at a go – you clean your pool thoroughly simultaneously. You should note that this is a low-flow filtration machine that can collect debris from your pool.  

Another feature is the small filter bag that keeps the small debris without clogging the system. There are also small clip bushes that help to loosen tough dirt and algae. 

Its different headpieces make it easier to clean your swimming pool.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easily get rid of dirt
  • Most affordable 


  • Suctions losses power

9. Ryobi One+ Underwater Stick Vacuum

The Ryobi One+ Underwater Stick Vacuum is a big machine that comes with a huge head and canister. That means you can use it to clean gigantic swimming pools.

It can run for hours without needing to shut off, and the battery lasts for a long time. However, due to its big head, you won’t need to clean your pool for hours.

It also comes with interchangeable batteries, meaning you can charge one while using the other. The other impressive feature is wireless charging.

That makes it possible to charge the battery faster. And you get everything a standard vacuum cleaner should have.


  • Attaches common poles
  • Longer running time
  • Collects large debris


  • Needs to be submerged in the water fully

10. Water Tech Catfish Pool Blaster Catfish Battery Powered Vacuum

Lastly, we have the Water Tech Catfish Pool Blaster. It is a battery-powered model that can let you touch every corner of your pool with ease.

The model comes with a mighty mite high-flow pump that lets it collect all messes with ease. And it is recommended for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs, making it a versatile product. 

Another feature is the convenience it provides when using it and it features Max-Cone tech for compacting the dirt. With that, it takes time for the filter bag to fill.

The filter bag is quite simple to empty to ensure that you don’t make your hands dirty. Besides, there are no cords or hose that can make the machine to be more complicated.


  • No messy hoses
  • Reusable filter bag
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Takes time to clean

Handheld Pool Vacuum Guide

While all the above models are excellent, here are some things that you can consider when buying a vacuum for your pool.

Power Source

Handheld vacuums are mainly powered by a battery that you can recharge or connect to a power source. Both of the options are good, but the electric model can do a better job of getting rid of massive messes.

If you have a commercial pool or own a pond, you should consider getting an electric pool vacuum. For regular users or small facility, a battery-powered machine will do an excellent job. 

The possibility of interchanging the battery and the battery life should also come into consideration. Such features come in handy if you are cleaning a large pool.

Filter Type

Pool vacuum comes with different filters. There is a filter for collecting small material, a regular one, and large debris. Although some model might come with interchangeable filters, most don’t offer that ability.

Due to that, make sure that you get a cloth basket that can collect the fine dirt – that will make your pool vacuum to be an all-in-one model. You can be confident of getting a machine that will match your need.

Another essential feature is the filter size. A small filter will need to be cleaned regularly, which can be tiresome.

Vacuuming Capacity

You might be wondering how the vacuuming capacity can affect your machine. It determines the suction power of the machine.

Some pool vacuums are designed to handle small jobs, while others can deal with heavy ones. Vacuuming capacity might not be a factor that you can spot with your eyes, but you can look at what consumer reports say.

Also, check the cons we have listed in the models we have reviewed above.

Vacuuming Speed

An electric model will provide higher speed than a battery-powered one. However, high speed does not mean that the model will do a better job.

The battery-driven vacuums are also excellent and operate well. Therefore, look for a model that doesn’t have features that can make it run slower than other vacuums.

Other Features

One such feature is the telescopic pole that you can attach to the vacuum and reach further distance. You should get a model that includes the pole as they often cost as much as those without this feature.

Also, watch out for the time it takes for the battery to get charged. An ideal time should be between two to three hours. 

There are other accessories that might be included like extra filters, extra battery, carrying bag, and so on. These make it easier to clean the pool and save you time.

Final Word

With our useful reviews and guide, we are now confident that you can choose the best handheld pool vacuum for your needs. You can decide to buy it online or visit your next-door store.

In case you have other tasks to finish and don’t have much time for cleaning the pool, we will recommend you the best robotic pool cleaner to ensure you still have a clean swimming pool.

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