The 5 Best Dog Pool Ramps Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


When summer comes, many dog owners look for ways for their pets to exercise and cool while swimming. But it is critical to ensure that your animal remains safe when jumping into your pool, and one best way is to use the best dog pool ramps.

These structures come in handy if you have a large facility or intend to go on a boat adventure. Here is an article that reviews the top five models on the market today and gives you a buying guide.

Dog Pool Ramps: Top 5 Reviews for 2019

Let’s get into the review of these products to see which one you should consider getting for your dog.

1. Gamma Skamper Ramp Regular Pool Ramp

You can tie the Gamma Skamper Ramp Regular Pool Ramp to the edge of your pool for additional safety. It is one of the lightest models you can get on the market today and is made of long-lasting plastic. 

Besides, you can use it as a useful escape if your pet accidentally falls into your swimming pool. That is all possible because it floats and has rubber grips that offer enough traction for your pet to climb up. 

Also, the ramp is UV and chemical resistant so there won’t be any cracking or yellowing as the weather gets hotter. It is also easy to install the structure, and the package has everything you need to put it in place. 


  • Ramp is safe 
  • Easy to install 
  • Comes with everything you will need


  • Not quite durable 

2. WaterDog Adventure Gear XPM-6 Wag Boarding Steps

The Waterdog Adventure Gear XPM-6 is made for pet use and should not be used for kids. One thing you should note that it doesn’t come with handrails, where people can hold onto when getting out of the pool. 

There are just simple steps and stairs that your pet can use to get into and out of your swimming pool. The structure has six steps of 4-inch difference in height, making them ideal for dog use.

Besides, the stairs are perforated to let the water get through with ease and add traction so that your dog can find stable and secure footing. You can easily remove the structure from the water when not in use.


  • Handles up to 130 pounds
  • Easy to use 
  • Good traction for safety


  • A bit costly 

3. PetSTEP II Multi-Purpose Ramp

Take your dog whenever you want with the PetSTEP II Multi-Purpose Ramp. You can easily fold the gear to place it in your car and take it whenever you are going.

The model is recommended for boats to dock, vehicles, pools, and much more. One thing that you might love about the structure is the sturdy materials used to make it – fiberglass, stainless steel, and polypropylene. 

Another feature is the rubberized plastic covering that makes the unit non-slip in dry and wet conditions. You can use it to hold a pet of up to 500 pounds, and it comes with ergonomic handles.

Besides, it was designed for easy cleaning with water and soap and doesn’t trap smells, corrode, or rust. You don’t need any hardware to install it.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Easy to install 
  • Made of stable material 


  • Not quite stable

4. Skamper Ramp Super Skamper Ramp

The Skamper Ramp Super Skamper Ramp is the ideal escape structure in case your dog fall into your swimming pool or spa. It is a perforated gear that lets the water to flow freely to ensure a safe model.

You can quickly secure the ramp by your poolside using a rope (which is included), and it is corrosion-resistant. And the model is visible thanks to the white, lightweight, plastic – your animal cannot miss it.

Also, the ramp is easy to flip out of the pool when it is not in use. You can easily take it to your store due to its lightweight nature.


  • Easy to remove 
  • For pet use
  • Visible due to the white color


  • Extremely light 

5. Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps 

Sometimes it is best to buy something simple when looking for steps for your dog. That is precisely what you get when you choose the Paws Abroad PoolPup Steps. 

These are step for placing at the edge of your swimming pool, some below, and a platform that lets your dog get into and out of the pool with ease. The upper part of the structure is secured with two pins, which are easy to screw.

When cleaning it or storing it, you only need to remove the pins and lift away the ramp. You might also be excited to learn that the model is ideal for both the in-ground and above-ground pools. 

The model is also resistant to pool chemicals and UV-light, making it more durable than most steps out there.


  • The UV light and chemical resistant 
  • Made of quality material
  • Easy to install


  • Screws often break off

Choosing the Right Dog Pool Ramp

It is not easy to choose the perfect dog pool ramp since you need to consider a lot of things. Also, you should note that there is no single model that can be said to be the best or one that is wrong.

So, first, look at your dog. Know its size – small, medium, or large. With that information, you can now narrow down your search. Also, note that the ramp should wider than the pet itself and support the animal’s weight. 

The next thing is to decide where you will be using the structure. For instance, a model that you want to use in your pool should not take much space. It should come with the right gear for mounting it. There are also ramps for use when on a boat.

The last thing you should consider is how your dog reacts when inside the water. A pet that is afraid of water might need a sturdy, stiff, and strong ramp than others. On the flip side, a comfortable dog won’t need a stable structure.

Final Words

There are best dog pool ramps for every occasion and every type of dog. Make sure that you choose the one that meets your need.

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