Top 10 Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool 2021 & Top Pick


For many decades, swimming pool owners have used chlorine tablets to improve the condition of their pools. In fact, chlorine helps to prevent algae and eliminate bad odor from the pool, making the water clean and clearer.

However, not all products called chlorine tabs work well. Some will clean the water but won’t remove stains and scale in your pool. Others remove germs and make the water clear but take for long to do this.

Luckily, we have a list of the 10 best chlorine tablets that can help you make your swimming pool clean and clearer within minutes.

Guide to Buying Chlorine Tablets

Here are a few tips and factors that you should consider when buying chlorine tabs for your swimming pool.

Types of Chlorine Tablets

There are 2 main types of chlorine tabs. These are the unstabilized and stabilized tablets. Stabilized tablets are recommended for outdoor pools while unstabilized models are ideal for indoor pools.

Also, chlorine comes in either sticks or tabs. The tabs work better for chlorinators while the sticks are bigger and perfect for outdoor pools. Don’t be confused when buying them.

Size and Dosage

Chlorine tabs come in 2 main sizes of 1” and 3”. The size you will buy will depend on the type and size of your dispenser and the volume of your pool. Note that the best dispenser will not hold just a single tab, but even 5.

The numbers of tablets needed for every 10K gallons of water is often displayed on the label. Follow the recommended dosage and the provide instructions to get the best outcome.

Package of the Tabs

Many pool owners like to chlorinate their pools every 7 days. Hence, you should buy these tabs in bulk in order to save time and money. Often, they come in buckets that hold up to 50 tabs.

Percentage of Chlorine

Trichlor tablets provide up to 90 percent of chlorine. That means that they possess more chlorine and thus, you require fewer tabs to treat your swimming pool.

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Stabilized chlorine contains an additive called Cyanuric Acid that protects the tabs from UV light.

Active Ingredient

Always compare the active elements in the tabs you want to buy. Don’t simply go for fancy names like Burn-out or Sock-it.

Top 10 Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool Reviews 2021

Here is a review of the top 10 chlorine tablets for swimming pool:

1. Clorox Pool and Spa 22005CLXW Active 99 3” Chlorinating Tablets

If you own the best above ground pool and worry about which chlorine tablets works well for your pool, Clorox Active 99 is a great solution. It does a superb job for above ground pool and it comes in various sizes. One tab works effectively for 10K gallons of water and it is very easy to add to your pool.

The tabs help to fight against bacteria and algae and also help to maintain your pool clear, clean, and free of algae.

2. In The Swim 3” Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 Pounds

In The Swim 3” 50 lbs. is a strong clarifier that features 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. To get the best results, you need to add 1 to 2 tabs to 10K gallons of water.

That concentration is sufficient to make your pool clear and clean for about 7 days. Furthermore, the tabs are easy to use and come in a 50 pounds bucket – meaning you get about 114 tabs.

3. Clorox Pool and Spa 60001CLX Small Pool 1” Chlorinating Floater Tablets

Clorox is an impressive tab that works effectively for small pools and Spas. Actually, the tabs are ideal for pools of up to 5K gallons of water and they target bacteria while preventing algae development.

These tablets also help to eliminate the dirty and scale from your pool. The tabs are also ideal for hot tubs and last long.

4. Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Pool/Spa 3” Wrapped Chlorinating Tablets

Star Plus will enable you to keep your pool in top condition throughout the season. It keeps the water crystal clear and disinfected to avoid mishaps that can irritate your eyes and skin.

The tablets are EPA-certified and tested to guarantee you safety and provide good results every time you use them. Another thing, the tablets won’t cloud your swimming pool water.

5. Swim Best 50 Pounds Bucket 3” Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Swim Best will keep your swimming pool clean and ready for any party or swim session. They disinfect your pool and don’t cloud it after you submerge them into the water.

One great thing about these tablets is that they are highly concentrated, meaning that you don’t require many tabs to treat your pool. They also dissolve steadily and slowly to ensure that they reach all corners of your pool.

6. In The Swim 3” Pool Chlorine Tablets 25 Pounds

In The Swim 3” 25 lbs. tablets are one of the slowest-dissolving chlorine tabs on the market today. They are ideal for use in hot tubs and Spas but are mainly recommended for a small pool.

They come in a 25 lbs bucket that contains 55 tabs. These tabs are very powerful with 90 percent stabilized chlorine. Every tab contains 99 percent Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione for the best performance.

7. Clorox Pool and Spa 23001CLX XtraBlue 1” Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool and Spa 23001CLX chlorine tablets kill and prevent the development of algae in your swimming pool. The tabs also prevent scale and corrosion of your swimming pool.

Furthermore, the product has chemicals that kill bacteria in your pool and removes all organic contaminants to clear the water.  You will also love the fact that the tabs don’t cloud your pool.

8. Swim Best 25 Pounds Bucket 3” Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Swim Best 25 lbs. tabs are one of the highest quality tabs on the shelves today. They come individually wrapped to prevent contamination after opening them and contain 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

The tabs also contain 90% stabilized chlorine and dissolves quite slowly. These tabs are loved by many pool owners since they kill bacteria while preventing algae development.  They also make your pool clean and clear.

9. Star Plus 3” Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Star Plus chlorine tabs come individually wrapped to ensure safety and prevent contamination when you open them. These 3” tabs feature 90% stabilized chlorine and are UV protected to ensure that their effectiveness is extended.

Another great thing about these tabs is that they are not blended or diluted and don’t leave any residue behind. Finally, they are EPA approved and made in the USA.

10. HTH Pool Sanitizer 1” Chlorinating Tablets

HTH Pool Sanitizers are effective pool water sanitizers that come at an affordable price. These easy to use and convenient tabs are formulated to make sure that they don’t loss their power when subjected to sunlight.

The tabs are made to dissolve slowly and provide a steady source of chlorine for your pool for about 7 days.  They help to kill algae and bacteria in your pool.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser

To work effective, chlorine tablets requires a floating chlorine dispenser. Here are some of the models of dispensers on the market today.

1. HydroTools by Swimline Floating Mini Tablets Spa Chemical Dispenser

This is a Spa dispenser that also works effectively for a swimming pool. The product holds 1” bromine or chlorine tablets and comes with an adjustable control ring.

The disperser is great for keeping your pool clean in a fun way.

2. Milliard Chlorine Floater (Upgraded Design)

Milliard is an adjustable dispenser that allows the release of just the right of chlorine in your pool over time. It accepts both the 1” and 3” tabs and can hold up to 5 tabs at a go.

The unit features a twist-lock cap that keeps the tabs secure until they are ready to disperse.

3. U.S. Pool Supply Pool Floating Collapsible Chlorine 3” Tablet Chemical Dispenser

This unit has a 7” diameter that holds up to 3 pounds of 1” or 3” bromine or chlorine tabs. The unit also features a collapsible tab tank as well as an adjustable control ring that controls the amount of chlorine released in your pool.

The product comes with a 1 year warranty and is perfect for keeping your spa or pol ready for use.

4. ATIE PoolSupplyTown Floating pool Chemical Chlorine Feeder 3” Tablet Dispenser

ATIE comes with a built-in 5 inches thermometer and holds 1” or 3” chlorine tabs to ensure that your pool is free of algae around the clock. Able to hold up to 5 tabs, you can easily adjust how the chlorine is produced by using the adjustable control ring.

How to Use Your Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Follow these simple instructions to install your floating dispenser, make the required adjustments, and leave it to do the magic in your pool.

  1. Get your chlorine tabs – Choose the right tab for your dispenser.
  2. Adjust the pH of your pool – Ensure that the pH level in your pool is okay.
  3. Insert the tab in the dispenser – To unlock, turn the top of your dispenser counter-clockwise. Lift the top to access the bottom part of your dispenser and remove it. Insert a tab into your dispenser. Replace the lid and tighten it. Adjust the control at the bottom of your dispenser.
  4. Place the dispenser in your pool – Drop it into your pool and hold it to remove any air. Let it surface but ensure that the bottom part is underwater.
  5. Test the chlorine level every day.

FAQs About Best Chlorine Tablets

Q: What do chlorine tablets contain?

A: Chlorine tablets contain calcium hypochlorite which is used to treat pool water and disinfect it. Some also have Cyanuric Acid.

Q: How does chlorine tab work?

A: It dissolves in your pool, making it more acidic. This acid kills algae and bacteria while sanitizing your pool.


Cleaning or maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is to know “what are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools”, buy them, and then get a floating dispenser to disperse them. One such product that will give you value for your effort is Clorox Pool and Spa 22005CLXW Active 99 3” Chlorinating Tablets. With the best chlorine tablets, you are assured of enjoying a clean and clear pool that is free from bacteria and algae.  

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