The 15 Best Above Ground Pool Reviews 2020 & Top Pick


Our aim of writing this article is to help you have the best summer in your backyard while refreshing in the calm water of the best above ground pool. You can realize the dream of owning a swimming pool if you know what to look for and how to go about it.

The guide below has taken hours to compile and research from our editors. Let’s not waste a lot of your time and start reviewing the top 15 above-ground pools for 2019.

Top 15 Above-Ground Pools Reviews – Editors’ Pick 

Here are the top 15 above-ground pools that are highly rated by various consumer reports.

1. Intex 12’ x 30” Metal Frame Pool

First in our list is the Intex 12” x 30” Metal Frame Pool with filter and it ensures you get clean water to relax. It has super-tough coated PVC sidewalls to make it a durable model.

The model also has a ground fault circuit breaker that shuts the pump if there is power problem. Besides, it is convenience to drain the water using a hose when time for storage comes.


  • Water capacity of 1,718 gallons
  • Improved water circulation 
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump


  • One-year warranty 

2. Intex 10’ x 30” Prism Frame Pool

Next in the list is the Intex 10’ X 30” Prism Frame Pool that goes for under $200. It can provide you with endless fun thanks to the cartridge filter pump that gives you fresh water every time you want to take a swim.

The model is made of quality material such as durable 3-ply material liner and powder-coated steel frames. Besides, the unit boasts of a beautiful design that adds décor to your backyard.


  • Ready within 30 minutes
  • Holds 1,185 gallons of water
  • Comes with a filter


  • Slightly less durable 

3. Bestway Power Steel 16’ X 48” Frame Pool

The Bestway Power Steel 16’ X 48” Frame Pool comes with stiff sidewalls that are made of TriTech materials. They are heavy-duty corrosion-free walls that give you years of service. 

Besides, the model is reinforced by rope wraps at the base to keep the leg firm. There is also a flow control drain valve that makes it easier to remove the water when storing the pool.


  • 1,000 gallons filter pump
  • Pool cover and ladder
  • Ground cloth 


  • No heating element 

4. Summer Waves Elite 9’ X 18” Rectangular Metal Frame Pool

Summer Waves Elite 9’ x 18” Pool is for a person who wants to invest heavily and comes with a patented cartridge filter. It also has a chlorinator that takes 1-inch tabs to keep your water balanced.

There is also a skimmer that keeps the water filtered by taking all the dirt in a skimmer basket. Also, you get a firm A-frame ladder when you but this pool as well as other accessories.


  • Vacuum hose and head
  • Pool cover Telepole
  • Removable skimmer basket


  • Goes for over $830 

5. Intex 8’ x 30” Easy Set Pool

Intex 8’ x 30” Easy Set Pool is one of the easiest to install models on the market today and can work effectively for small yard. It is a play pool for kids of six years and above, and it gets ready within 10 minutes.

The model has a filter pump that you can attach with ease and a drain for removing the water. There are also dual suction outlet accessories that enhance the water circulation to lead to clear and hygienic water.


  • For under $60
  • For up to 4 people
  • Super-tough walls


  • Holds 639 gallons of water

6. Intex 14’ x 42” Ultra Frame Pool

Intex 14’ x 42” Ultra Frame Pool costs under $500 and comes with great accessories like a ground cloth, ladder, and set up DVD. It also comes with a Krystal clear cartridge filter that gives out clear water.

The unit was made to be durable, thanks to the ultra-frame that is supported by a sustainable and robust steel frame. One thing you should note is that the structure is beautiful and resistance to corrosion and rust.


  • Water capacity of 3,357 gallons
  • Comes with great accessories 
  • A luxury unit


  • Takes time to fill the water

7. Intex 14’ x 42” Prism XL Frame Square Pool

Intex 14’ x 42” Prism XL Frame Pool is enhanced with a powder-coated steel tube that adds style. It is made of puncture-free material of 3-ply to ensure that it lasts for years. 

The package comes with a filter, ground cloth, pool ladder, instruction DVD, and debris cover. There is also the hydro aeration tech that helps to improve the circulation of the water.


  • 25% more swimming surface 
  • Provides clear water
  • Robust construction


  • Goes for over $680

8. Bestway Steel Pro 12’ X 30” Frame Pool 

Another model that you should consider getting is the Bestway Steel Pro 12’ x 30” Frame Pool. It is a unit that goes for less than $200 and has a 330 gallons filter pump. 

One unique feature of the pool is the ease of assembling and is made of durable PVC and 3-ply materials. There is also a flow control drain valve that makes it easier to remove the water. 


  • Holds up to 1,710 gallons of water
  • Easy to assemble 
  • The filter cartridge and pump


  • No instruction manual

9. Summer Waves 10’ x 30” Frame Pool

 Summer Waves 10’ x 30” Frame Pool is a product that goes for under $300 and gets ready within an hour. It comes with an RX330 filter pump for providing clear water that you can swim in all day.

The model is made of a durable metal frame that can withstand all elements and harsh weather. You can quickly move the pool from one area of your home to the other without any hassle.


  • Made to withstand harsh climate 
  • Provides clear water
  • Perfect for cooling down


  • Takes long to fill

10. Intex 15’ x 48” Metal Frame Pool

Intex 15’ x 48” Metal Frame Pool is a medium-sized facility that you can relax with your family during the hot days. It is made of quality steel material that is powder covered to prevent corrosion and rust.

You don’t require any tool to set up, thanks to the snap and joints of the model. The unit doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is affordable.


  • Easy to set up
  • Does not rust 
  • An affordable model


  • Not quite durable 

11. Intex 18’ x 9’ x 52” Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool 

Intex 18’ x 9’ x 52” Ultra Frame Pool is one of the most expensive models in this review, but it comes with some superb features. It provides the ideal mix of value for money and strength to ensure that you get the perfect facility.

It is recommended for small yards, pool games, and lap swimmers. The design adds beauty to your backyard and can quickly transform your home.

It was made to accommodate a couple of users at a go and still leave space for moving around.


  • Value for money
  • For limited spaces 
  • Superb design 


  • Goes for over $900

12. Summer Escapes 10’ x 30” Quick Set Ring Pool

Summer Escapes 10” x 30” Quick Set Ring Pool is a unit that you can install within minutes and start swimming. It comes with an RP600 pump that helps to move the water around as it gets cleaned. 

Besides, the model uses a filter cartridge that is easy to replace when it gets damaged. The pool is made of quality material to provide it with maximum durability, and you can play with dogs inside this pool.  

It is the right unit for the whole family usage.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • For whole family usage 
  • Easy to fill up


  • Hard to empty the water

13. Intex Easy Set 18’ x 48” Round Pool

Intex Easy Set 18’ x 48” Round Pool is an inflatable model that can be used by the whole family. It is one of the simplest to set units on the market today, and you can deflate it and store it in your garage.

The pool comes with everything you would need to enjoy a swim such as debris cover, ground cloth, ladder barriers, ladder, and filter pump. There is also a surface skimmer, maintenance kit, and a DVD. 


  • Comes with great accessories 
  • For whole family use
  • Easy to store


  • Discontinued from production 

14. Splash Pools 24’ x 52” Round Deluxe Pool Package 

Splash Pools 24’ x 52” Round Deluxe Pool Package is a reliable model that come painted to prevent corrosion and rust. It is also made of 7-inch galvanized steel ledge that make it ideal for saltwater usage. 

There is also a firm resin ladder with a staircase that prevents unauthorized access. The one HP pump and motor makes it a great pool that you should have at your backyard. 

One unique feature is the thru-the-wall skimmer that gets all the debris out of the water. You also get an installation manual.


  • Installation video 
  • Made of strong material
  • Makes the backyard beautiful


  • Goes for over $2,000

15. Wilbar 12’ x 24’ x 48” Oval Impressions Pool 

Another pool you can use with salt water is the Wilbar 12’ x 24’ x 48” Oval Impressions. It comes with resin-coated steel which is galvanized to offer protection against rust and corrosion. 

There is also a copper steel wall that is coated on both sides to prevent premature rusting and prolong its life. You might like the attractive boulder swirl pattern liner that adds to the décor of your backyard.

It is a model that you can use all year-round and know you are protected from any accident.


  • A safe pool 
  • Made of resin galvanized materials 
  • Attractive model


  • Goes for over $1,400

Above Ground Swimming Pool Buying Guide 

There are a few things that you should consider to make sure that you buy the best pool for your backyard. Some of these factors have been discussed below and come in the form of questions and answers.

What is the Best Time to Buy an Above Ground Pool?

Some of the products in our review have suggested prices, which is under or over a specific value. However, you should note that the cost varies from time, depending on the season you are buying the pool. 

You can get the best prices from October going toward the winter months. The price often rises during the spring and summer seasons, when you need the pool the most.

I would recommend you buy your pool during the cold months and store it in your garage. Sadly, you cannot return it if it has an issue when summer comes since most come with a 30-90 days return policy. 

What Material is Used to Make the Pool?

You want to get value for the money, and this means getting the best quality product on the shelves today. It should be an above-ground facility that can last for a couple of seasons before being written off.  

You shouldn’t get a model that get punctured easily and requires mending every other day. Some people end up spending most of their summer repairing these pools because they purchased low-quality models.

What Type of Pool Should You Get?

We might be talking about above ground pools, but you should note that they come in different types, and so do their accessories. Some common kinds are the steel frame and accessible set models.

The easy set units are made of PVC or soft vinyl material for the walls. Some of these models also come with inflatable rings that lift the pool walls when you are filling the water. 

On the flip side, the metal units are slightly sturdier than the other kinds. They come with steel bars that support the PVC or vinyl liner. These units also hold a lot of water.

What Pool Shape Do I Want?

The usual and basic shapes are square, rectangle, oval, and circle. You should know how you intend to use your pool before you settle for a specific shape.

A rectangular model is an ideal choice for people who want to work out while taking lap swimming. Any shape is recommended for users who wish to relax and entertain themselves.

Another thing that you should consider when choosing the shape is where you intend to keep your pool.

Why Set Up the Above Ground Pool?

Together with the shape and type of pool, you should determine where you intend to install or keep your pool before you buy it. The right place to place a pool is on an even and flat surface.

Thus, you should measure the available space to know the size of the above ground pool that can fit there – also the shape. 

What Brand Should I Pick?

Which company produces the best pools for placing on a backyard? There are pools from Bestway, Intex, and other brands out there. The brands on our review are top quality, lead by the Intex pools.

Also, consider how the company you choose handles customers issues and how people rate them. Can you get spare parts if your pool gets punctured or damaged? What is the return policy? Do they offer warranty?

How Big Should an Above Ground Pool Be?

One way to solve this problem is to know the number of people who will be using the pool. Another way is to see where you will place it.

These two factors can make you choose a unit that will match your needs and situation.

How is the Installation Process?

Should you buy an above ground pool that you cannot install? The answer is no. You shouldn’t get a model that will cost you more money by hiring a professional to set it up.

Consider choosing a pool that comes with installation DVD or video or from a company that provides free set up.

How Safe is the Pool?

Safety is paramount, especially if you have kids who will be using the pool even when you are not at home. That means getting a product that is age-appropriate – there are kiddie pools for small toddles, kids, and pools for grownup or whole family use.

The age factor can tell you if the construction is safe for kids and the amount of water you can fill. Most of the pools in our review are appropriate for kids of six years and above.

What Accessories Come with the Pool?

Do you stay in a cold area? You might need an above ground pool with heater to keep the water war. Also, get a pool with a ground cover, debris cover, pool ladder, filter pump, and other extras. 

That way you can be sure you will get value for your money and have an exciting summer.

Final Verdict 

Having the best above ground pool can be beneficial to you if you don’t have money for constructing an inground one. Follow our buying guide to ensure that you get a model that will meet your needs.

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