The 5 Best Above Ground Pool Liners 2020 Reviews & Top Picks


The effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your above ground swimming pool depends on the liner you use. That is true whether you buy a frame facility or an inflatable one.

The thickness and smoothness of the liner, together with the warranty and color, can give you a great experience or a costly one. Here we have reviewed the five best above ground pool liners to help you choose the ideal one for your facility.

Top 5 Picks – Above Ground Pool Liners Reviews 

What is the best above ground pool liner to buy? Here are the five models that you should consider getting for your swimming facility.

1. Liner Life GP12R Pre-Cut Liner (12 Feet)

Liner Life GP12R Pre-Cut Liner is a model for 12 feet round ground-cloth that you can install in your pool. It comes in white color that makes it an attractive gear in your backyard facility. 

One thing you should note is that the model is made of polyester geotextile fabric that is impervious to most sharp objects. That means you can count on the liner to last for years without getting torn.

The gear quickly improves your comfort by including a layer of cushioning to ensure that you don’t feel the surface. It also acts like a preventive cover that prevents footprints from forming on the sand below your pool liner.


  • Removes vinyl liner leaks 
  • Prevents footprints 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not much conform 

2. Smartline Bedrock 24-Foot Round Liner

Whether you want to replace an existing liner or install a new one, the Smartline Bedrock 24 Feet Round Liner is the gear for you. The model is quite affordable and comes with excellent pattern that gives it durability.

Its material is hand-folded to ensure that there is not leak developing and prevent excess wrinkling and creasing. You should install the model at a temperature of 70-80 degrees and leave it in the sun for about 60 minutes before you install it.

In terms of the material, the liner is made of a quality fabric that is UV-resistant and cannot fade for a long time. Besides, the gear comes with a 20 years warranty that protects against defects in craft and material.


  • Ensures the pool remains cool
  • UV resistant model
  • Easy to install 


  • Cannot be trimmed

3. Smartline Tuscan 24-Foot Round Pool Liner

Another liner from Smartline that can give your pool that fresh look is the Tuscan 24-Foot Round Pool Liner. It comes in pretty attractive patterns of rhombus and triangle stone that forms a wave-like pattern. 

Installing the model is very easy as you only need to hook or snap it in place to your flat-bottom pool. The liner leaves your swimming pool cool as you enjoy the summer days in your above ground pool. 

You should also note that it is made of high-quality material that resists UV and fades and comes with a 20 years warranty. The liner was made to make your above ground pool look more attractive.


  • Offers durability 
  • Has a 20 years warranty
  • 100% virgin vinyl base


  • A bit costly 

4. Swimline 12-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap Liner

Although not like the Smartline warranty, the Swimline 12-Feet Round Swirl Bottom Overlap Liner comes with a 15 years warranty. That warranty covers craft and defects that might arise in the cause of that time. 

It is made of long-lasting standard gauge vinyl material that gives it the durability to provide value for the money. Another feature of the model is the strong, double-welded seams that keep it in top condition for long.

The liner also has a vibrant swirl bottom design that makes it attractive when inside your swimming pool. You can easily install the cover and be confident that you will have a useful gear.


  • Fits 48 to 52 inches sidewalls 
  • Comes in a great design 
  • Made of quality material


  • A bit heavy 

5. Quality Pool Products, Vinyl Works 24-Foot Overlap Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

Another gear that can transform your above ground pool is this model from Quality Pool Products. It is a liner that was made to fit 48, 52, and 54 inches swimming pools and comes in vibrant color. 

When underwater, the liner looks attractive and provides the comfort your desire to relax in your pool. It is also a UV-light protected material that also happens to resist all pool chemicals. 

You can count on the 25-gauge vinyl as well as lap seam design to give your liner a long life. That means you get value for your money if you use this liner.


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Looks attractive 
  • Offers value for the money


  • Not quite comfortable 

Above Ground Pool Liners FAQs

Here are a few above ground pool liners FAQs:

Q: What is the Purpose of an Above Ground Pool Liner?

A: A pool liner acts as a barrier between the outside of the facility and the swimmer. They have an outer wall that is attached to a frame to provide the desired shape. 

Q: Are Pool Liners Necessary?

A: Your swimming pool is made of a fixed structure that you can install easily. That is why you need a liner to keep the water inside the pool and the dirt out. 

Q: How Do I Clean a Pool Liner?

A: An above-ground pool requires two types of cleaning – one for the wall and the other one for the liner. You can be tough on the wall as it is made of hard material and be gentle on the coating. 

Q: Why Do Different Brands Provide the Same Liner Patterns?

A: That might be true, but these gears are different when it comes to material, quality, and thickness. Therefore, ensure that you check out the liner that you want to buy before you settle on it.

Final Words

You can get the best above ground pool liners on the market today by doing simple research. Luckily, we have done that for you and provided you with the top five pool liners for 2019.

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