The 15 Best Above Ground Pool Ladder 2020 Reviews & Top Pick

Above Ground Pool Ladder
Above Ground Pool Ladder
Above Ground Back Yard Pool

If you are one of those people who own an above ground swimming pool, then you understand how it is crucial to have an entry system. On the flip side, if you are in the market looking for one, you know how hard it can be to choose the best.

That is why we have an article that looks at the best above ground pool ladder for your facility. Here we have covered everything that you would need to know to choose the right model for your facility.

Top 15 Above Ground Pool Ladder Reviews for 2019 

What is the best above ground pool ladder? You cannot miss any of the ladders we have listed below.

1. Swimline Above Ground Pool Steps Floor Pad 

Swimline Above Ground Pool Steps Floor Pad can help you to make your pool safe when entering or exiting. It measures two by three feet, making it the right size for stepping on when using your swimming pool. 

The ladder was made to offer protection to the liner when you are using it. You might also be excited to learn that the steps last for years and can hold a grown-up.

They come in a blue color that can match with your pool décor.


  • Firm and sturdy 
  • Durable model 
  • For grown-ups 


  • Just blue color 

2. Confer 6000X

Confer 600X is a ladder that you can adjust from 48 inches to 54 inches to use it on the deepest part of your pool. It is made of a durable resin material that doesn’t corrode or rust and can hold a maximum of 300 pounds.

Besides, it is a high-quality step that meets the APSP/ANSI barriers requirements. You are protected by the law when you use this ladder since it cannot cause accidents.


  • Meets APSP/ANSI needs
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Holds up to 300 pounds


  • A bit costly 

3. Confer Plastics Curve Complete System

Confer Plastic Curve System is a model that you can use for your above ground pool and can hold up to 400 pounds. It is well-molded, super-strong, and resist pool chemicals to remain in top condition for long.

The step dimensions are 32 x 47 x 58 inches while the tread measures 27 x 10 x 11 inches. There is also an adjustable base pad that prevents the ladder from scratching your pool. 


  • Five years warranty 
  • Mounting brackets provided
  • A big ladder


  • Hard to assemble

4. Confer Plastics Access Pool Step 

You don’t need to worry when entering or exiting your swimming pool thanks to the Confer Plastics Access Pool Step. The model is well-made to avoid any tipping over when you are getting out of your pool. 

Besides, you cannot miss any step. That means it is a safe model that was designed for the whole family use. Installing the ladder is easy as you only need to snap it together.

Another feature is the ideal design that lets the water flow freely to prevent algae growth. 


  • Strong and economical 
  • Easy to install 
  • Provides safety 


  • Can easily float 

5. Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Safety Ladder

You can easily adjust the A-Frame ladder to fit either a 48 inches pool or 56 inches one. It comes with extra-large platforms that let you step with confidence and know that you cannot slip or fall. 

There is also a lockable roll guard barrier that locks the outer step when you are not using the ladder. One thing you should note is that the ladder can hold a maximum of 300 pounds and can fit the pool top seat of 14 inches wide. 


  • For 300 pounds 
  • Lockable roll guard 
  • Cost friendly 


  • Not for some pools like Intex

6. Swim Time Above Ground Swimming Pool Step

The swim Time Above Ground Swimming Pool Step measures 81 x 32 x 32.5 inches. It is among the safest ladders out there and is ideal for kids and adults use. 

Its step measures 10 x 27 inches, making them quite large to let you step in and out of your pool with confidence. You need to assemble the ladder, but you won’t need a lot of tools to do that. 

The ladder remains in top condition when under the water.


  • A safe ladder
  • Doesn’t corrode 
  • For kids to use


  • Needs assembling 

7. XtremepowerUS Safety Step Pool Ladder

The ladder works for above ground swimming pools that have flat bottoms. You can easily snap it together and start using it instantly. 

With this ladder, getting in and out of your pool is more comfortable and you cannot slip or fall. Another thing is the fact that the ladder cannot tip over when using it.

It also boasts of durable frames that come with wide steps that you can see clearly inside the water.


  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Mounting brackets adds safety
  • Water circulates freely


  • A heavy model 

8. LUISLADDERS Pool Ladders Heavy Duty 2-Step Ladder

The ladder is made of stainless steel material that makes it a high-quality model for use in your pool. It cannot rust or corrode even after staying underwater for days.

Another feature of the ladder is the anti-slip footstep that provides traction for the user even when your feet are wet. The frame of the step comes with firm pipes that add to its stability.

Its curved design makes it more attractive and even more comfortable to use. Another feature is the ease of assembling.


  • Made of quality material 
  • Easy to hold onto
  • Quite stable 


  • Only two steps

9. Vinyl Works A-Frame Ladder

Vinyl Works A-Frame Ladder is a model that you can increase from 48 inches to 52 inches with ease. It also comes with handrails that allow you to hold onto and be safe when exiting your swimming pool. 

The ladder was made for pools of 4.5 feet and the ones with a flat surface. One feature that makes it a great unit is the maintenance-free plastic resin as well as the stainless steel hardware.

Moreover, the four base makes it stable, and you can easily climb on it.


  • Maximum of 300 pounds 
  • For all above ground pools 
  • Comes with handrails 


  • Can easily scratch the pool 

10. Blue Wave NE1175 Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder

Blue Wave NE1175 Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder is made of all resin material that makes it a corrode-free and rust-free model. It comes with five treads that make it easier to climb compared to four tread units. 

There is also a five inches non-skid tread that makes it secure and safe to climb. The ladder also comes with a childproof barrier that prevents your kids from accessing the pool when you are away.


  • A child barrier 
  • Holds 300 pounds 
  • Meets APSP/ANSI safety codes


  • Hard to install 

11. Intex 28066E Steel Frame Swimming Pool Ladder

Intex 28066E Steel Frame Swimming Pool Ladder is the ideal model for a 48-inch above ground swimming pool. It is a sturdy frame that you can use to enter and exit your pool without worrying about falling.

The model is made of quality material that gives it the long-life you desire in your pool products. One thing is that the ladder doesn’t require you to install it and comes ready for use.


  • For Intex pools
  • A sturdy ladder
  • Lasts for a long time 


  • For 48-inch pools only 

12. Main Access Easy-Incline Above Ground Pool Ladder 

As the name suggests, this should be your primary access when entering your swimming pool. It comes with all the mounting hardware you would need to put it in places. 

The ladder can hold a maximum of 300 pounds and has a comprehensive step to allow you to feel safe when exiting your pool. You can easily install it on your above ground pool deck without seeking any professional help.


  • A safe model 
  • Easy to install 
  • Made of quality material


  • Needs installation 

13. Blue Wave NE110WH Wedding Cake Step 

The ladder comes with molded ABS fabrication that provides the durable glossy white finish. No anchor or ballasts lacking, meaning that you can have an easy time when installing it and removing it.

The steps are well-ventilated to prevent algae development and to promote chemical circulation. Its safety features include non-skid steps to provide fantastic safety.

It is a great model that can hold up to 500 pounds and was made for a pool of 54 inches.


  • Holds up to 500 pounds 
  • ABS fabrication for an attractive finish 
  • Prevent algae growth


  • Quite pricy

14. Leisure Accents Confer Plastics Spa Stairs Redwood 

One thing people love about this stair is the ability to give your swimming pool a sleek look. It is the right model for complementing patio and spa and provides maintenance-free services.

Another feature of the model is the ability to last for years. You can also put it in place quickly because it is a snap model. 

It also comes in an attractive color of redwood that is complemented by a black one.


  • Easy to snap together
  • Attractive model 
  • For spas and pools


  • More of a step 

15. Inter-Fab DR-L3065S R-L3065S Three Stainless Steel Sure-Step Ladder

Inter-Fab is a designed three-step ladder that provides sue-step to make you get in and out of your pool safely. It comes with an attractive design that makes your pool area more desirable to stay at.

The model can hold a maximum of 250 pounds and can be used for commercial and home use. Another thing is the three years warranty that covers rust. You can install it without using much energy.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Attractive design 
  • Safe model 


  • No escutcheons and anchors

Above Ground Pool Ladders or Pool Steps 

A pool ladder is not the same as a pool step. These are two products that you can use for your above ground swimming pool.

When it comes to the steps, you get deeper and broader treads, a firmer base, and they are comfortable to use. That means that they are the ideal models for kids and the elderly.

A pool ladder is more of a temporary model and cannot remain in the water for long. Due to that, you can take your ladder out of the water without any hassle.

A pool ladder can also deal with an unlevel or uneven ground better than a step. With that said, the two products should be used on a flat surface to provide much-needed safety.

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool Ladder/Step

Once you put your swimming pool in order, you will notice that it forms a wall that can be hard to climb over. That means you cannot access your swimming pool unless you get a solution.

And that is not just having the ability to enter the pool but access it safely without hurting yourself. If you find yourself in such a situation, that is the time you will need a pool ladder or step.

A pool ladder is a critical tool for a swimming pool and can be ideal for your family. It is especially great for the small kids and the elderly to make sure that they remain safe.

Questions to Ask When Buying an Above Ground Pool Ladder

Here are some few factors that you should consider when buying your pool ladder.

  • How big is your pool? – Find out about the height of your pool before you purchase a ladder.
  • How heavy is the ladder? Choose a model that you can carry with ease.
  • How stable is the step? – Go for a model that will remain stable when you step on it
  • What is the maximum weight it can handle? They can handle different loads.
  • How long does it last? – Choose a model that can last for years.
  • How much does it cost? – Here you need to set a budget.

The Bottom Line 

Having the best above ground pool ladder can make the difference between entering and exiting your pool safely and getting injured. We have given you the top models that you can find on the market today. 

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