Hi there. Welcome to my blog.

This blog is all about my ongoing journey growing fruit and veg in my own backyard in suburban Melbourne. I grow the majority of my own fruit and veg, as well as keeping ducks chickens for eggs. I garden because:

  • Its fun!
  • The garden produce tastes so much better than what I can buy, even the good quality organic stuff.
  • I can grow things I can’t buy, like spaghetti squash and 57 varieties of apples.
  • I’d rather potter around the garden for half an hour after work and gather some food for dinner, than spend 30 minutes in the supermarket. 

If you would like more detail and background, read on.I grew up with my parents and grandparents growing a few bits and pieces of edible plants in their backyards. I vividly remember my grandmother pulling carrots out of the ground when I was probably around 7 or 8 years old, and being amazed that under all that frothy green was bright orange carrots. Also the bumpy cucumbers she used to grow which we always ate for lunch quartered lengthwise with salad dressing. I remember peaches from tree we used to climb as big as my hands; unfortunately that tree had to get pulled out to move the washing line as it was shaded by the next door neighbours trees – a week later they chopped the trees down. So cruel! My parents still grow tomatoes and onions and lettuce and rocket and a whole bunch of other stuff, though now it’s more of a (mostly friendly) competition.

I’m also a dietitian in my working life, and I am one of those dietitian’s who loves food. Really good food. I’ve always grown a bit of my own food. I had my own area in the family veg patch when I was a teenager, and when I lived in share houses and rented apartments in my early twenties I carted pots from place to place including perennials like herbs and a lemon tree in a massive heavy terracotta pot. That thing was hell to move between places. (Now it lives in the ground in the front yard and seems to be very happy there.) It always seemed worth the effort to have fresh herbs, or a few tomato plants home grown. The flavour was so much better and it took so little effort for so much reward.

So for me growing my own fruit and veg is part nostalgia, and part just not being able to buy as good fruit and veg (particularly fruit), even when its the most expensive organic, farmers market produce (lovely though it is) as I can grow myself. And I like growing things. It’s fun.

Now living in my own place and with a just over 750m square block of land my love of good food has grown exponentially. Over the 4 years I’ve been in this place I’ve built up a collection of 101 fruit trees/bushes, multiple berry plants of many varieties and of course the veg patch of both perennial and annual veg. I practice mostly intermingled ornamental and edible planting, with the idea that fruit and veg should not be relegated to the least used corner of the garden.

The front yard and back yard house most of the regular fruit trees, with the orchard containing the majority of the espaliered apples as well as some of the stone fruit. The raised bed veg patch probably grows half of my veg, with the rest inter planted amongst the ornamentals and fruit trees in the front and back yards.

This is my garden, circa 2014.