How is it February already? I don’t know where the time goes but goes it does, and sadly of late there hasn’t been enough time for blogging.

I’ve taken photos but never got around to posting them simply due to lack of time. This is why I am loving instagram, ‘cos I can snap a shot and post it, no intermediate uploading of photos and writing to get in the way. 

So if you want to see more of me, head to instagram at beks_backyard

But despite my lack of time to blog, the garden keeps giving.

Tomatoes keep ripening.

The backyard wicking bed patches are going great guns, although the tomatoes and eggplants have been slower than previous years.

The peach tree has been netted and I’m enjoying the gorgeous white fleshed Anzac peaches daily.

Pears are coming along and should be ready for eating in the next month or so.

The front yard banana has gone gangbusters with new plants. I need to pot some of these up to give away and relocate some others.

The Huonville Crab apple is almost ready for pickings.

Might go nicely with some blackberries.

I’m stringing up the front yard tomatoes in all sorts of ways. Easily the best growing method I’ve come across so far!

The plum which is supposed to be a prune, but I always eat them instead of drying them, is super laden this year. I ran out of time to net this one, but there are only a few bird pecked fruit.

Inside the polytunnel I’ve gotten a few early Black Krim tomatoes, much earlier than all the other bigger and beefsteak tomatoes in the backyard.

I’ve tried growing climbing beans up the apple espalier this year, very successful so will be repeating this one.

Also in the orchard area, the few cucumbers that didn’t die are now finally producing some fruit. Also some onions that need picking and celeriac gone to seed.

The apples in wicking buckets are also doing well. And a transplated tomato that I’m letting grow wild.

So that’s most of the garden. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing more blogging over the next few months compared to the last.

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