Morning meander...

01 November, 2016

Yay for public holidays! Today is Melbourne Cup, but instead of dressing up and celebrating a horse race, I'm hanging out in my gardening clothes and getting stuff done around the yard.

Backyard wicking bed veg patch. Need to pull out the beetroots and carrots going to seed in the front bed, and check on the recently planted tomatoes.

This is one of the 16 tomatoes planted out in early October. They are doing great, so the plastic bottle covers are coming off to be reused in other parts of the yard for new plantings.

Stepover apple has finished flowering, now to await and see how much fruit has set.

Heading around to the front yard, and the pear is looking good with a few baby pears developing.

The lemon has been pruned back, but plenty of lemons remain.

The white mulberry is going gangbusters!

Newly planted out (with reused plastic bottle covers) are the rockmelons..

... more rockmelons...

... and watermelons.

Newly planted out and still needing protection are the ground planted tomatoes here...

... and here.

The broad bean tower has been tied up and has many many broad beans on it.

Just look at them all.
Baby cherries are coming along.

The thornless blackberry is sending out new shoots and looks to be flowering soon.

Nearby Huonville Crab apple is flowering profusely.

Plum is laden.

Almond crop is looking promising.

Self sown purple sprouting broccoli is still putting out shoots.

Strawberries are starting.

In the polytunnel the ends are being opened as it warms up.

Unknown tomato is growing well.

Cucumbers seem to be growing nicely.

In the orchard things are looking good.

The espaliered apples have loved all the recent rain and cooler than usual spring and are flowering profusely. Best year for flowers ever. Fingers crossed good fruiting season follows.

Looks like some baby apples are evident already.

Raspberries in wicking buckets (swapped with Iona for strawberries) are growing well and fruit is near.

Under the espaliered apples I've planted out pumpkins, to both act as a ground cover and suppress weeds while hopefully giving pumpkins.

Asparagus continues to give generously.

Celeriac from self sown seed.

Grapevine flowering soon.