Morning meander...

11 September, 2016

There is nothing better than a lazy morning wander around the garden, cup of coffee in hand, to check on how things are going.

Backyard wicking bed veg patch is looking ok - not height of summer luscious but also not drab winter nothingness.

The garlic is looking good, early sown Flinders Island particularly so.

Purple podded peas are starting to fill out and there are enough to provide more than just the odd garnish.
My avocadoes in wicking buckets are flowering. Not sure this will come to much as the trees are too small and young, but its nice to see.

Anzac peach half flower, half leaf.
Looks like another bumper crop of white mulberries.

The wall of broad beans is now taller than me. Only just starting to form pods now.

Self sown brassica turns out to be a purple sprouting broccoli. Welcome.

Almond crop is looking promising.

In the polytunnel there are signs of life.

The self sown tomato is ripening...

...with lots of flowers hopefully there will be lots more fruit.

Seeds of capsicum, rockmelon and watermelon are up.

Likewise the tomatoes - 25 out of 27 varieties have germinated. May need to resow the rest if they don't come up.

And joy of joys, the asparagus is well on its way.