11 June, 2016

At this time of year there is not much happening in the home garden. Excitingly however, there is plenty happening in the not too distant bushlands.

After doing a mushroom foraging workshop last year I was hanging out for autumn and all its 'shroomy harvests, so we could put these skillz into practice again.

Given there has been a good deal of rainfall of late, and seeing many an instagram post of 'shroomy harvests, it appeared the time was right to head out bush and see what we could find.

We were not disappointed. This was what we picked in the first 10 minutes.

While I like Slippery Jacks, they aren't my favourite mushroom. I much prefer Saffron Milkcaps, so I went off in search of more of those.

Luckily a bit further along there were plenty to be had (as well as the odd young Slippery Jack that I just couldn't pass up).

There were plenty of not-to-be-picked mushrooms, which we admired from afar.

After maybe an hour and a half gentle wander up the road and back we came home with three baskets that looked rather like this.

The Saffron Milkcaps will be cooked down and then bagged and frozen, while the Slippery Jacks will be dehydrated into a delicious porcini-like dried mushroom.

That should keep me in 'shroomy delights for a little while yet.


  1. Amazing mushroom harvest. Looks like a fun time spent exploring a forest.

    1. Cheers, it is fun! It's nice enough to ramble around the forest but coming back with a harvest is even better!