Onions and garlic...

28 May, 2016

I'm back! Finally I have a bit of time to get into the garden.

And as soon as I did I got out the seeds to plant something. At this time of year, that mean onions and garlic.

So I went out to the previously bean bed and cleaned out the still-going-but-definitely-on-the-way-out climbing beans, and under those I found some onion seeds that had germinate from what I had sown in the bed earlier (I can't recall exactly when) in the year.

So those got replanted out a nicely spaced intervals.

Onions are one of the easiest plants to transplant. Just place on parted soil, then flick over a bit of dirt and water in. Never fails.

That left plenty of space to plant out some more onion seed. Three rows and a generous scatter of onion seeds are here.

I sowed a white variety called Contessa and a red variety called Long Red Florence.Why grow boring brown onions when they are cheap and easy to buy.

Both I've grown both of these before and they do pretty well.

Next up I needed to plant out the remainder of my garlic cloves in my garlic experiment.

I had previously sown about half my cloves of two varieties (Flinders Island and Italian Red) around mid March. The remaining half got stashed into the fridge to see if a bit of extra cold would make any difference to the finished product.

Here are the remaining halves, carefully matched with the previously planted out stash of cloves for size so that won't be a confounding factor.

The remaining cloves got planted out adjacent to the well growing plants so that feeding and sunlight will be equal.

I'll be keeping an eye on these as I've heard they don't like to be too wet, but they also don't like to dry out. They are well fed with manure and will get additional feeds of worm wee I get from a friend with a worm farm. (Thanks Mike!)

Damn it feels good to get my hands dirty again!

What have you been up to in the garden lately?


  1. I finally got back into the garden too, after weeks of packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking etc. Such a relief. Yes, dirt under the fingernails, all's well with the world. Look forward to the results of your garlic experiment.

    1. Cheers Jo. I have been reading, just not commenting, and its good to hear your move has gone well.