Garden Share Collective: May...

30 May, 2016

Once again its time for the GSC - a great time each month to think back on what's been accomplished in the garden, and what is still left to do.

Again this month time in the garden has been sadly lacking, but happily that is about to change with me getting a bit more of my garden time back.

This month's theme is 'leaves' and I think that is just about all that is in the garden at the moment. The majority of the veg is leaves (think lettuces, silverbeet, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spring onions and leeks, and the stem/leaves of rhubarb and celery) with only a few fruiting plants holding on or coming to produce.

So where is the garden at now?

The old summer planted 'Pink Girl' tomato is still (amazingly) flourishing.

I spy a few forming tomatoes. They may not make it through to full tomato ripeness, but I'm glad to have them.  I may actually get around to trying fried green tomatoes.

The self sown tomato is still producing cherry toms too.

The purple podded peas are up and starting to climb.

The lush leaves of beetroot and carrots, plus weeds, bely their too small to harvest produce. But soon their day will come.

The broad beans are growing taller and even starting to flower.

And in the polytunnel, I'm very happy to say I've got a couple of actual cucumbers from the late sown experimental seed. The plants are very diseased with almost constant powdery mildew despite regular milk/soap sprays, but at least there have been a few cukes.


Onions and garlic, just this weekend gone. Not much else is on the agenda now.


Veg: Tomatoes, eggplant, capsicums, cucumbers, spring onions, pumpkin, silverbeet, broccoli, leeks, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radishes.

Fruit: Apples (Woodbridge Winter Pippin and Sundowner), raspberries, lemons, rhubarb (technically a veg, but in the culinary sense a fruit).

To do: 
  • Start up some of the strawberry runners in wicking buckets.
  • Have a look at the wicking bucket trees and maybe repot some into larger containers.
  • Hibernate inside unless absolutely necessary to be out in the cold and wet.
That's all for me this month.

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  1. Looking good - we are still waiting up here in the tropics for the weather to cool down and the dry season to start! My poor cuumber vine was decimated during the rain by an invasion of catterpillarsas well as down mildew. Starting again....

    1. Cheers! Good luck with your second cucumber, I'm sure yours will be more successful than mine given our different climates, but still worthwhile.

  2. Bek, thanks for sharing your garden progress. You still have plenty of summer goodies going into winter. It looks as if you will have an abundance of beautiful carrots and beets too. Have a fabulous month and yes I'm with you - stay indoors in the warmth. If the last two weeks are anything to go by it is going to be a chilly winter in Melbourne this year.

    1. My pleasure! I hope it is chilly as I need the chilling hours for my apples, plums and peaches to fruit properly. But at least then I can suffer the cold knowing it will mean tasty treats come summer :)

  3. Your garden looks good Bec, hard to believe you still have tomatoes at this time of the year.

    1. I know! Especially the toms that just keep flowering and fruiting.