Garden Share Collective: March - Colour...

31 March, 2016

It's a bit belated, but I managed to get out into the garden to take some photos and get involved in this month's edition of the Garden Share Collective, kindly hosted by Krystie and Kate.

This is the current status of my backyard wicking beds.

This month's theme is colour, and I feel a bit sad that this wasn't a little earlier in the year as it feels like the peak of summer was when the blaze of colour in the garden was at it's peak.

But still, there are splashes of colour in the food garden to be had.

Beetroot seedlings showing their true colours.

The slightly older Golden Beetroot in the same bed show their true colours too.
I've planted out red, white and yellow stemmed silverbeet  around this self sown asian green.

A few of the cherry tomatoes are still holding on and adding a cheery colour to the garden.

Its all green in the brassica beds.

The shiny black of the skinny eggplants continues as these put on a second flush of fruit.

Moving on around the rest of the garden there are still flashes of colour to be seen.

Red red rhubarb.

I don't know what this is under the peach tree, but its pretty and prolific.

In the espalier orchard the Red Cleopatra is starting to live up to its name.

Late slown climbing beans are flowering well.

Purple King

Kentucky Wonder

Red Garnet Amaranth (a leaf type not seed type) is both pretty and delicious.

Cucumbers left to go to seed beside unripe tomatoes.

The speckled Dabinette cider apple is looking good.

I love these green squash.

The lemons are starting to look lemony.


I've got some garlic and peas to plant out this month. All my brassicas are already in, so there isn't much to do. Maybe some more lettuce seeds and parsnips.


The remains of the summer crops including tomatoes and eggplants. The capsicums in the polytunnel are still flowering and I expect there will be more fruit from those for a little while. There are baby carrots and a few summer sown beetroots left. I'm waiting eagerly for the beans. Until the greens and brassicas get bigger that's about it.

Fruit wise I'm waiting for the autumn raspberries to fruit (flowers already so not too far away!) and the mid-season apples will be picked soon. I still have a few of the Durondeau pears in the fridge.

To do:
  • Cut out all the dead tomato plants and sow green manure crops
  • Plant garlic, peas, lettuce and parsnips.
  • Keep feeding up the late season apples so they get nice and big.
  • Fully close up the polytunnel as the weather gets colder.
That seems like plenty to keep me busy. Don't forget to check out other GSC posts.


  1. I think your mystery plant is verbena bonariensis. Can get a bit weedy if left unchecked.

    1. Thanks for your replies, it is red valerian for sure! Good to put a name to a plant :)

  2. I was thinking it might be a variety of milkweed. (And p.s., gosh I love your garden.)

  3. You do have plenty to keep you busy this month Bek. Your to do list is very similar to mine. Thanks for joining in. Not sure about the plant under your tree but it is pretty.

    1. Thanks Krystie. There is always something to do in the garden isn't there.

  4. Oh yes, I'm amending my suggestion to red valerian too (milkweed schmilkweed).

    1. Lol. Thanks for the suggestions anyway :)

  5. I love that you grow cider apples. Are they more sour than eating apples? And do you make your own cider?

    1. They aren't more sour (well the ones I've tried anyway) they just have a more mealy tarty flavour that makes them slightly unpleasant earring, but I believe that's the tannins that makes such good cider.
      I do make my own cider, but very experimentally. Last year's wasn't too bad, but I haven't had time to make any this year (plus I still have a bit of a stash so it's not a big prioroity to make more) so likely it'll be a low cider year :)

  6. I was going to say your pinky flower under the peach tree is valerian. it can take over the place, according to my mum! you still have so much happening in your garden.

    1. It does spread a bit, but it's not hard to pull out so I don't mind it too much. It feels like not much is going on now, as the summer goodness, so your comment has made me feel a bit better :)