Morning meander...

13 February, 2016

I love a morning meander around the garden, especially on a weekend morning, so see what is happening with what in the garden and to prioritise the gardening tasks.

First view of the backyard wicking bed garden, straight out the back door onto the verandah.

I start under the fig tree, on the far right side wicking bed, currently containing zucchini and squash.

I already pulled out one of the two squash due to overcrowding, but clearly it wasn't enough to stop powdery mildew getting a hold. Must spray with milk/soap spray asap.

Ditto cucumbers, which have started to look a bit sad and clearly are reaching the end of their lives. Hopefully this will give them a few more productive weeks.

Second sowing of corn shows cobs almost ready for picking.

Recently sown and thinned seeds of bush beans are coming along nicely.

The climbing beans have completely taken over their string teepee structure, and I've had to reinforce the post  by tying it to the opposite fence, otherwise it would have collapsed by the weight of beans long ago.

Which has turned out well, as the beans have grown along the support and are producing way more beans than I know what to do with. Ideas for preserving anyone?

Tomatoes are ripening nicely but there are many green ones on the way. I am totally going to do these string structures again.

Into the front yard and the ground grown, regularly staked tomatoes are likewise doing well, with lots of green toms to come.

These have been more challenging to stake  and tie up, so I need to figure out a way to do a string structure with ground grown toms in future years.

Hard to see, but there are still Ziegler plums to be picked.

Strawberries are sending out runners. I'm going to put some in wicking buckets like foodnstuff.

I planted out more climbing beans, knowing the day will come when I have to pull down the structure in the wicking beds. These are getting big enough that I need to put up their supports so they can climb.

Remember that golden raspberry?

Not so golden it seems. Clearly golden raspberries are my nemesis.

I've put a temporary net over these espaliered apples (variety Red Cleopatra) which should keep them safe from birds who might like to taste test an under ripe apple.

Grapes have been harvested, while these under ripe bunches have been protected with single net bags recycled from onion and orange net bags.


  1. Edible gardens are so wonderful at this time of year!

    Preserving beans - I just did some yesterday. Cut and prepare them for cooking. Blanch them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes and then plunge into cold water to stop the cooking. Bag them up into serving sizes and freeze.

    1. For sure! I love the summer to autumn abundance.
      Thanks - I will give these a go! I just picked another maybe 1.5kg today, so I will definitely be needing ideas!

  2. yah-boo to the golden raspberries! that's not right!
    is the square mesh on the garden beds to help deter birds from scratching out seeds/seedlings? what a good idea. on my list for next season. thank you for the tour!

    1. I know! It's killing me.
      Yes, it is! That and the neighbourhood cats (my own included) who like to use freshly sown beds as their personal toilet. Works really well.

  3. Is the mesh under the plants to stop something from digging?

    1. Yes, the local birds love to redistribute my mulch onto the gravel beds in their search for worms. This stops them.

  4. What a great idea to recycle those mesh produce bags in your garden. I will have to try that this year!

    1. They are so handy. I use them for storing onions, but also for netting tree including apples and peaches. So useful!