Drying summer goodness...

18 February, 2016

I can't really complain when the Anzac peach tree produced this mountain of goodness during the latter part of January and early February.

Now while I can attempt to eat my own body weight in peaches, I do quite like to share the harvest around. While I could just palm them off to friends and family (although I did that too) I do like to preserve some for future eating for myself.

Hence out came the dehydrator for its first use of the season.

Peaches were halved and thinly sliced (around 5mm thick) then laid onto the trays. The worst of the bruises were cut out, and the end slices (with the most skin which dry much more slowly than normal slices) had extra slices to give more surface area and ensure a similar drying time.

After 20 or so hours on medium (55-65 degrees C according to my machine) they are nice and crispy.

I make sure they are quite dry as they typically soften a little anyway, and any extra moisture means mould and that would be a great waste!

They then go into jars.

After many days of drying, the lot is finally done.

This is the year's stash.

Lets see how long they last.


  1. Oh my goodness...you have me drooling here! It's the middle of Winter here in my part of the world and a juicy fresh peach sounds like heaven right now. :)

    1. They are pretty heavenly. Sadly they are all gone for the year (at least from my yard) so I've got a whole 11 months before I taste one again. Ah well, anticipation is fun too.