Cor, look at that corn...

10 February, 2016

Yes, another of those quintisential summer crops has finally arrived: Corn!

I've been testing corn with my usual method.

I start with a cob that the silk has mostly dried back on, and peel back the husk and check that the kernels look well developed.

I then stick a fingernail into a kernel. If the ooze is clear, wait a few more days. If it is opaque, it means the corn has developed its starch and will be sweet and fully flavoured.

These ones look good, so off to the pot they go.

As a side note, it looks like planting a block of 12 to 16 plants around 3 weeks apart is going to give a nicely paced crop. Which is an improvement on last years' corn craziness. A win for succession sowing. Too bad I was too lazy/distracted to do a third sowing. Ah well. Maybe next year.


  1. Looks good Bek, I'm looking forward to my first corn.

  2. yum, homegrown corn! I've been enjoying deliveries from my dad's garden, and it is so good. corn is like tomatoes - I refuse to buy it because the stuff in the shops is nowhere near as tasty as the homegrown.
    a little butter, a little salt and pepper - what a great meal!

    1. I wish I had a dad that did corn deliveries! :) the best thing about great produce is how little it needs to become a truly great dish. Though I do love going the next step and getting out the chilli flakes and micro planing Parmesan all over the buttered cob. Delish!