Catching peaches...

04 February, 2016

I hate wasting garden produce.

But I especially hate wasting the most delicious of the things the garden produces, and this for me has to include peaches.

In the house where I grew up we had peach and nectarine trees which I loved, but inevitably some of the peaches/nectarines would ripen on the tree, then fall and rot. What a waste.

I am determined that this fate shall not befall my peaches.

In previous years when I individually netted my small peach crops, one of the benefits was the bags caught the peaches when they fell, meaning they didn't fall and bruise and end up wasted.

However this year I had hundreds of fruit and so net the whole tree. What to do to ensure the fallen fruit were not wasted.

Solution: fold the nets up underneath the tree to create a peach net.

This ended up being a spare net as the main net was not quite big enough. This was tied to the nets around the side and then around the tree trunk to ensure no gaps for a wiley bird to enter. 

This method has worked incredibly well, to the point that instead of picking fruits by hand I simply get into the net and shake tree branches, then harvest whatever fruit falls into the net.

Which happens to be quite a lot.

Not a single peach is wasted. Just the way I like it.


  1. what beautiful looking peaches! I can well understand why you would hate to lose any of those stunners. I am just imagining how juicy they are.
    and well done on creating a solution to one problem that helps makes thing easier in another way too. genius.

    1. Thanks e. It really came about by chance, so I could walk under the net (I had to crouch a lot but at least I could get by) and get round to the front yard instead of having to walk all the way around the other side of the house. Necessity, mother all that.