The best way to grow cucumbers...

24 January, 2016

I have been a fan of the following method of growing cucumbers for the last couple of seasons.

Growing cucumbers along the ground means that finding the cucumbers amongst the spreading foliage is a bugger. Growing cucumbers straight up a vertical frame I find they don't grow all that well, requiring a lot of training and the weight of the fruits can mean the whole lot comes tumbling down.

But the best way is half way in between.

This involves a trellise on a 45 degree angle from where the cucumber plants are growing.

My current system is wooden lattices for the angled supports. One was slightly too short for the bed so I used a bit of plastic lattice to extend the support.

I've tied these to plastic stakes to support them. (The ones on the end.)

I found the plants and lattice were too heavy and needed a little extra support to stop sliding down the main stakes, so smaller stakes underneath help keep it up nice and tall. (The ones in on the left.)

The main plastic stakes are outside the bed to ensure they don't pierce the bottom of my wicking beds.

This 45 degree angle means the plants can ramble up nicely, but that the fruits mostly hand down in the lattice gaps which makes for very easy pickings.

'Mini white' cucumbers, which I've grown before and love.

'Spacemaster' cucumbers, which don't seem to be that compact, but are fairly prolific and tasty.

I love this method of cucumber growing and can't see how it could be bettered, but that's just my bias talking.

What garden tips do you have for easy harvests?


  1. Brilliant Bek! In what seasons do cucumber fruit?

    1. Hi Ennoh. For us (a temperate climate) they crop from late spring to autumn, depending when they are planted of course.

  2. Bias or no bias, that's just an excellent way to do it. Mine are trailing on the ground out of large tubs and wicking boxes (the rabbits don't eat them). I'm already planning a trellis for next year. Love the way they hang down at the back!. Does it face north? I'm thinking morning sun might be best.

    1. Hmmm, good to know rabbits don't eat cucumber. The plants are on the north side and seem to be able to face north no problems in the wicking bed. They should do ok with morning sun too though. The only thing is the white cukes go yellow with sun and go bitter sooner, so they are better more shaded. But this may not be so much an issue with regular green cukes.

  3. I have just sent this to my dad, he's the cucumber grower in the family! it's great to see how they fall out behind the trellis. so clever.

    1. Cheers e! I wish I could remember where I read about it, so I could defer credit to the proper quarters.