Shadecloth success...

03 January, 2016

Well, the shade covers are off and it's time to check how the garden did through the 40.3 degrees C of a couple of days ago.

The backyard wicking bed veg patch looks absolutely fine.

They look as if there was no unusual weather whatsoever, just lovely mild summer days. I was thinking that maybe my shadecloth was a little overprotective of me, maybe the garden didn't need it. But then I walked a bit further around to the unprotected stepover apples and saw this.

They were just a little scorched on the side that gets the strong late afternoon sun, and which the veg patch beds get plenty of. Which reinforces for me the need for protection for the veg patch area.

Around in the front yard it is much the same story.

Covers off, and the cucumbers and melons look completely normal.

Likewise the tomatoes.

And yet, look what happened to the smoke bush just meters away.

The western side again is a little crisp on the softer, newer leaves.

It's very clear that some areas of the garden and plants are more susceptible to this late afternoon very strong sun on these hotter days. I'll have to look into adjusting some planting and maybe some more sun tolerant plants that will be able to shade the more susceptible stuff in the garden from the worst of the hot weather.

But for now, there is still plenty of produce. Yay for not sunburnt fruit and vegies.


  1. I loved the images of your veg covered in tablecloths and sheets. and clearly that is just what they needed! You are such a good mother to your vegie garden:) I just love those stone edged garden beds with the paths between. It has given me a good idea for my future back lawn demolition plans..

    1. Haha, yes that is about as motherly as I get :)
      The stone edged paths were born out of necessity and lack of funds, but I really like how they've worked, plus they give me a great place to have a brief sit down or rest a cup of coffee when I see a weed or two (or more) when I go out for a morning garden check up.