Out with the old, in with the new...

08 November, 2015

The garden is always in a state of evolution. Today one of the backyard wicking beds was up for a makeover. 

This bed had housed the peas over winter. But now the plants were dry and crisp and the spare pods I let go to seed were ready to be harvested. Likewise I had tomato seedlings which needed a home. 

These peas are purple podded peas which I have been growing and saving from the first packet of seeds I bought five or six years ago when I first started this garden. I like them because picking the pods are so much easier than the green types, which I always seem to miss when I'm picking. 

I always leave some at the end of the season for next years' garden. 

The time had come for these to come out. I ripped out the dry straw for the compost, pulling out the well developed pods for the seed collection. 

This should be enough. I'll leave these to go fully dry, then the will go into the seed boxes for sowing in around March next year. 

Now with a clean slate, I planted out eight tomato seedlings. 

I've left up the posts as I'm going to try tying up these tomatoes using a string method I read about last year after I had staked all my tomatoes as I usually do. I think this method will be ideal for the wicking beds given I can't stake them as usual as I'd pierce the pond liner. 

What did you get up to in the garden this week?


  1. isn't it a wonderful feeling tidying out a space and preparing it for the new season? I feel very satisfied just looking at your 'clean slate' and I did none of the work!

    1. So true. A blank space is full of the possibilities of what I could grow there :) Cheers