Bean tee-pee in a wicking bed...

26 November, 2015

I have tried growing climbing beans in lots of different ways. 

I have tried growing them up posts, on plastic lattice (works well), in a three sisters arrangement up corn stalks (became a tangled mess), but this time for the first time I'm trying a bean teepee.

(Saw it here and loved the idea!)

But I had sown my climbing bean seeds in my wicking beds, and driving lots of long stakes into the relatively shallow bed wasn't going to leave my wicking beds wicking very long!

Solution: mini stakes and a lot of string.

I banged in a short stake next to each bean plant, short enough to not pierce the bottom of the lining of the wicking bed (I measured them to be absolutely sure!)

I then tied a string to the first mini stake, then wound up to the top of the teepee stick, and back down to the next mini stake, then back up... (you get the idea)

The top part was wound around a tall (approx 2.4m) stake so they would have plenty of room to climb up.

But how did you stake the tall stake for the teepee?

Like this:

I used my general tall stake tying method for wicking beds - stakes out side the wicking bed secured with metal tube thingies.

The finished teepee:

It will be interesting to see how this compares as a bean growing method. Supposedly the angle of the climbing bean allows for the beans to hang down away from the plant for slightly easier picking.

Either way, I just like having a bean teepee.


  1. I hope this works for you, bek! a couple of years ago I tried the version by tying sticks together, and it looked good but it was so hard to get all the beans that were hanging inside the teepee! but maybe that's because I had sticks, not string. it will look wonderful in the garden though (so not meaning to be a downer).

    1. I can imagine it would be tricky. Actually this teepee is really a half teepee version, so I'm thinking access should be ok. But I am very happy to have you tell of your experience here, it was not a downer at all! Nothing wrong with constructive criticism in my book!

  2. I've often thought a bean teepee would be fun, but never actually built one myself. I normally use a trellis and jute twine which makes taking down the vines in the fall super easy.

    1. Yes, I am really starting to love string as an alternative to staking, as long as I have something to tie the string too :)