Garden post-holiday...

07 October, 2015

I'm back! While I loved traveling around Italy, Spain and a brief stint in Paris over the last five week, I am very happy to be home. And of course the first thing I did when I got back was go out to check out where the garden was at.

The apples are full of blossom. Hopefully lots of apples will result.

The brassicas are well on their way out. There are still however some that are harvest worthy.

I missed the tulips. This is all that is left of them.

But I am gladdened by the sight of the result of productive flowers.

The ANZAC peach is suffering badly from peach curl, but still appears to have set some fruit.

Likewise the pears have flowered, but I don't yet know if any fruit has set.

The cabbages haven't yet gone to seed.

They are small but they are harvestable.
There looks to be an excellent cherry harvest this season.

Likewise the raspberries are looking good. I look forward to a raspberry glut.

The lettuces have germinated, as well as lots of weeds.

The white mulberries are looking good. Will need to get the nets out soon.

Will need to get the nets out for these too.

No nets needed here in the fruit cage. The stone fruit hasn't set fruit but there are blueberries and hopefully the apple blossom will produce fruit.

There is also this self sown lettuce in the gooseberry wicking bucket.

And in the polytunnel the last few days of hot weather have thankfully not killed off the capsicums and tomato seedlings. These need thinning and feeding up to grow big and strong and produce lots of tomatoes.


  1. Welcome back! I am sure you are desperate to get back into the garden. Enjoy:)

    1. Cheers! I have spent the whole of the weekend in the garden so far, and its not likely to be any different until Monday morning. Priorities!

  2. Hope you had a tremendous trip! Always a bit nerve wracking upon return to see how the garden has fared. Not too bad it seems, we have had some pretty hot days and no rain. :)

    1. I did thanks! I had a wonderful time and saw many amazing places. But I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the garden has done in my absence. Maybe I should go away more? :)