Catching up on the season...

21 October, 2015

Due to my recent overseas holiday I feel like I've really missed the start of the growing season and have a lot of catching up to do.

So I've been spending a bit more time in the garden of late to catch up on some gardening tasks.

I got started in the backyard wicking beds.

I pulled out the brassicas in this bed, and planted corn and pumpkin seed in a two sisters arrangement.

I may later go the whole hog and add some climbing beans to do the proper three sisters thang.

The old carrots about to go to seed were pulled out, and new carrot and beetroot seed planted.

I love it when weeding makes a meal.

In the front yard, the white mulberry got netted with the assistance of my new favourite garden equipment: polytubing.

I expect ripe white mulberries to be not too far away.

I also weeded the lettuce bed and sowed some cucumber seeds.

The weeds got thrown down as a mulch for the plum tree in the middle of this bed, then the wire lattice got put down to stop the helpful local wildlife from messing up the bed and redistributing the seeds. I will likely need to put down the not organic friendly snail bait when the seedlings emerge, but that is a task for another day.

Not pictured, but ticked off, was sowing the eggplant, cantaulope/rockmelon and watermelon seeds. These are in the greenhouse, where I hope they will swiftly germinate.

Yay for garden tasks ticked off. Only another hundred or so to go.


  1. Hi Bek, what tubing did you use for mulberry, and what do you have it attached to? I'm just trying to figure out tubing for a few spots in the garden now and having trouble finding what I need in local hardware stores. Cheers, Emily

    1. Hi Emily. I use 38mm polytube purely because it was marked down at my local hardware store when I went to buy some. It slips nicely over the green plastic stakes I often use in the garden, although sometimes they need reinforcing with star pickets. Next time I would get the wider polytube that slips directly over a star picket, if it wasn't prohibitively expensive. Hope that helps :)

    2. 'I love when weeding makes a meal' - it's like urban foraging :-)
      I know that feeling of having an insurmountable list ... it can be very daunting. you achieved so much - you'll get there.

    3. So true e! I've ticked off a few more things this weekend, so hopefully I'll be almost caught up shortly. :)