Garden pre-holiday...

02 September, 2015

Just before I leave to get on the plane to Europe, I had to do a little wander around the garden.

ANZAC peach tree flowering

I wonder if these fennel will still be good in a month?

One of the raspberry varieties is ahead of the others

Look, its even starting to flower!

I hope these red cabbages don't go to seed before I get back

Prune plum about to flower

Ziegler plum ditto

White mulberry getting into the spring action

I'm really sad that I'll miss the majority of the tulips blooming

Almonds starting

Apricot in wicking bucket about to flower

A few tomatoes in the polytunnel are starting to germinate

Here's some more

I have attempted to prevent the earwigs eating all my apple blossom by a petroleum jelly barrier. Fingers crossed.

Never ending broccoli side shoots

And lastly, the asparagus is just starting. Just as I leave. Typical!