Garden Share Collective: August...

11 August, 2015

I started writing this post thinking I was horribly late with this month's GSC contribution. What can I say, its been a crazy busy few weeks of late, both in the garden and in other aspects of life in general. That's just the way it goes.

But I am a big believer in better late than never, so here I looked over the recent garden photos and started to write this post, and then I found out that the GSC has had a makeover and is now posting on the last Monday of the month, not the first. So it turns out I am not late, but in fact early. I feel so much better.

I will post in the old format of the GSC for today, and then join in with everyone on the last Monday of this month, just before I head off to Europe, in the new format.

Cheers as always to Lizzie, Kyrstie and Kate for being the fab GSC hosts.

Overall the garden looks as good as can be expected for the winter months.

Backyard wicking beds are going pretty well.

Peas are growing well and just starting to flower.

Purple sprouting broccoli just keeps sending up heads.

Only the lemons I need a ladder to reach are left. That said there are plenty of those.

Cabbages are still taking their time to heart up.

Almond is almost blossoming.

The almond at the neighbours place is in full bloom. The trees in the orchard remain bare sticks.

The previously planned new chicken pen has been re-purposed into a fruit cage. The chickens have gone back to my grandmother after my chicken sitting duties concluded, and while I loved having them I'm happy to delay getting more chickens. So my planned chicken cage is now a fruit cage for my container grown fruit trees. I'll net the front side (the back part is enclosed in wire) when fruits start to form.


I planted out some lettuce seeds and carrot seeds in the bed under the Ziegler plum tree.

I'm not sure they will do that well, but I had to plant something. I was suffering from seed sowing withdrawals.

I also have planted a grapevine and kiwiberry to climb up the arbour where I am espaliering two cherry trees. I'm underplanting with excess strawberry runners. You can never have too many strawberries.


Still quite a bit. The purple sprouting broccoli continue, as do the regular broccoli. That's all the brassicas that are worth mentioning, which is my fault as I sowed them too late, except for the self sown kale plants. There are plenty of lettuce and silverbeet for leafy greens, as well as a heap of parsley to freshen up soups and salads. I've been eating plenty of carrots and the odd beetroot, small fennel bulb and parsnip. I'm also harvesting some young onions for use as spring onions.

Fruit wise there are lemons, and although not strictly a fruit, I'm picking the odd few sticks of rhubarb.

  • Sow the tomato seeds. I meant to do this three weeks ago. My bad.
  • Plan out the wicking bed crop rotation system.
  • Copper spray the peach and nectarines before bud burst to control curly leaf, which decimated my peach and nectarine crops last year.
Nectarine about to bloom. Better find that copper spray.

  • Finish the polytunnel/greenhouse (it's almost there!)
  • Set up my earwig traps to save the apple blossom from marauding insects.
It still feels like there is a lot to do before spring. Hopefully I'll be able to get it all done.


  1. Your garden is huge. I wish I could see an overhead view. Its really pretty.

    1. Cheers. I'm lucky to have a pretty big space. I'll post about it a bit more with the next GSC as the theme is 'size' - what good timing!

  2. Gosh I love all your fruit trees, and what a good idea to use those buckets to plant in.

    1. Cheers. These are wicking buckets and I love them. They have been the best way to do container gardening in our hot climate, that I've come across anyway.

  3. Your backyard is looking great for winter, I had a bad season 2 yrs ago with my stone fruit when I didn't spray at all, last year was 60% better and I was on top of spraying fingers crossed for this year! Looks like it takes a couple of seasons to fully recover.

    1. Thanks for the info. Good to know I shouldn't expect a full recovery immediately. I've sprayed two trees, but have the big one to go. I'm hoping there will be good timing of days without rain before bud burst, but I have the small trees under cover just in case.

  4. I love your fruit cage. it is so damn covertable. i'm going to show my dad that sand say "I want one!" :-)

    1. They are really very easy to build in the star picket and polytube method. It took me and my mum about a day to do it in total.