When you can't garden...

11 June, 2015

Weather is key in the gardeners life. It dictates what we can and can't grow in our gardens. It dictates when plants will flower and fruit. And it dictates when we can and can't get out into the garden.

I am pretty determined when it comes to getting out and gardening. I will garden in the peak of summer. I will garden in the depths of winter. I will garden in (moderate) rain.

But when it is absolutely pelting down, no. In the dark days of winter, when my gardening is limited to weekend hours and before and after work hours are not suitable, no.

These times are not wasted however. Oh no. That is when I read about gardening.

So it was with much delight that I was sent a couple of magazines I had not yet gotten a chance to read.

Pip Magazine is a new-ish Australian permaculture magazine. I had heard of it, but not yet gotten around to getting my hands on a copy.

Just the thing for a cold winter night.

I really enjoyed perusing this publication. There was a nice mix of more philosophical and idealistic articles, as well as the practical and hands on info that I really get the most out of.

Now I have to say I loved the design and look of the magazine. While I would love to admire the mag purely for its intelligence, I am a visual creature and I'm sure some of my enjoyment and buy in was related to the lovely pictures and well constructed look. All on 100% recycled paper.

Would you like to check it out? Pip Magazine have generously donated a copy of their latest issue for a giveaway. To enter just leave a comment indicating you want to be included. Something along the lines of "count me in" is just fine.

Contest is open to addresses in Australia only. Winner will be selected by random number generator. Entries close midnight Sunday 14th June. Winner's name will be posted on this blog Monday 15th June with further instructions to claim your prize.

Good luck!

And the winner is...

Comment number 5, which is George G. George, please email me your address to beksbackyard [at] gmail [dot] com so I can post it out to you.

Disclaimer: Pip Magazine provided copies of the magazine for review and giveaway. They did not seek editorial input into this post. No money changed hands.


  1. I grabbed a copy of earth garden myself today,would love to check PiP out, thanks.

  2. Oh yes please. Have been reading their fb - the mag would be great I reckon. Thanks.

  3. I'm in, thanks.

  4. Yes please, consider my hand up :)

  5. That's a beautifully decorated lounge room you have, and very comfortable looking.
    I would like to read the magazine too.

  6. Count me in. Please. I have read the first one, not a bad read.


  7. Sounds great - would love for read PIP!

  8. please 'count me in' - I've never heard of PIP (shall go check out the website now). I like info but I like visuals too; I think because I spend my working day dealing with words, my eyes like to just roam over images after hours.
    i'm like you too, I will garden most weather - my dad inspires me there - though strong winds are the condition I detest the most.