Morning meander...

21 June, 2015

It's been cold and dreary here in Melbourne town in the midst of winter, but that doesn't stop me getting out into the garden for a bit of a wander around.

The transplanted carrots are doing well.

Silverbeet are taking off in the wicking beds (plus photobombing black cat on left)

The peas are doing well and starting to outgrow their climbing structure. Must tie up more rope layers soon.

Self sown lettuce amongst the calendulas.

Onions starting to bulb out, plus weeds.
Something is eating all the leaves off my fennels.

Green manure of peas and vetch are taking over the cherry tree bed.

Still a few autumn raspberries.


Hellebores flowering for the first time. I love these blooms when the garden is otherwise not very bloomy.

Trombonico zucchini still holding in there.

Climbing bean now visible after all the cherry leaves have dropped.

Potato onions/shallots looking very happy.

The stalwart Tuscan kale plant is still putting out leaves.

Time to pull out the asparagus fronds and prune back the grapevine.

Purple sprouting broccoli going for a second season. I didn't get around to pulling the plants out last year. A win for lazy gardening.

Why does parsley always self seed in the most annoying places?

Please, please, please set fruit banana passionfruit.


  1. you're right about the parsley, I have a narrow bed now of self seeded parsley. Lovely photos.

    1. I have the stuff everywhere. It is a weed. But a tasty one :)

  2. That kale plant is getting very tall. Mine never live that long. For me it is always one crop to the next. So the kale gets pulled in a few weeks.

    1. I think this is the tallest kale plant I've had, but the PSB regularly gets this tall or taller. This kale is two years old now, as it was the only one of last year's plants that didn't go to seed, so it stayed.

  3. Twitching about the banana passionfruit. It's a weed here and has attempted to take over as much of our lower acre of garden as it can. It tag teams with the blackberries. The only thing stopping it at the moment is the cold and the cockies eating the flowers. We are too busy studying to get outside.

    1. So I've read. NZ too I think. It does make me a bit apprehensive, but at this stage given every flower hasn't set I'm not too worried.

  4. it's amazing to see how much you still have growing in your garden at his time of year bek. especially love the PSB, version 2!! tell me, do you get frosts?

    1. Cheers! Yes, I tend to get a few mild frosts of nights in the almost z Ro or just below temps. But none yet so far this year.