Garden Share Collective: April...

08 April, 2015

I'm quite a bit late for this month's instalment of the Garden Share Collective.

Thanks as always to Lizzie for creating the GSC.

I blame the Easter long weekend and the many things that inevitably got crammed into the four day weekend. How did those four days go so fast?!!

The last weekend has felt a bit indicative of how time seems to fly at this time of year. Once we hit the slippery slope that is the transition from daylight savings, and the nights seem get dark so much earlier, it feels like winter is just around the corner.

Luckily, things are still happening in the garden.


More and more brassicas. I've just planted out more caulis (All Year Round and Purple Sicily) and Brussels sprouts but there are cabbages and broccoli seedlings to go out when I get around to it.

Carrot, radish, beetroot, fennel and parsnip seeds have been direct sown and are coming along nicely.

Other than that garden tasks have been strictly maintenance or harvest related.


Plenty is still good to eat as we wind down for the year.

The solo pumpkin has been picked.

There are still quite a few eggplants to come.

Not pictured are radishes, a few tomatoes, capsicums, trombonico zucchini's, quite a few late sown beans and the last of the corn.

Fruit wise I'm eating autumn raspberries and melons.

To do:
Oh so much!
  • Pull out the last of the summer crops.
  • Plant out the rest of the brassica seedlings. This is possible now there is space from the summer crops that have been pulled out.
  • Plant out garlic.
  • Green manure beds not to be used over the winter.
  • Sow onion seeds.
  • Prune and tidy raspberry and blackberry canes.

That's about as much as I can bear to think of currently. How is your garden going?


  1. It is a busy time of year replacing the last of the summer veggies with new winter seedlings. I am loving your raspberry canes wish they were in my backyard. Hope you had a great easter.

    1. Cheers. The raspberry canes are well worth the effort of priming and training! Maybe Atherton raspberries would work in your climate? I hope you had a great Easter also!

  2. Your raspberries look gorgeous. I almost killed mine a couple of years ago, so they are just starting to recover. I hope they spread out a bit this year.

    1. Mine are so happy I have to periodically cull them as they try to overtake my garden otherwise. I'm starting to grow some in pots which is working reasonably well, and epare much easier to contain! Good luck with yours, I hope they make a full recovery!

  3. We are both in the same boat, but at tail ends of the spectrum. Our season is just starting to ramp up now, with a ton of seedlings under the lights - I'm still waiting (seemingly forever) for the weather to get a wee bit warmer so that I can get out there and so some sowing & planting.

    1. A good reminder that seed sowing and planting is a year round event! I hope your weather warms up soon so you can get planting :)

  4. I'm with Daphne, I nearly killed my raspberries last year. Good to hear that your carrot, fennel and radish are growing nicely, I was late getting mine in. Flash looking eggplant. I'm looking forward to planting out my garlic too. Next month it will get poked into the soil

    1. I think I'll get baby carrots and beetroots but I'm not sure how the fennel and parsnip will go. It's an adventure nevertheless. Good luck with your garlic.

  5. autumn raspberries! what a lovely treat. you still have a lot happening in your garden.
    you have reminded me that I must investigate green manure crops this year. I left it too late last winter.

    1. They are not as tasty as the summer ones, but still it feels very lavish to have them on my yoghurt most mornings :)
      Timing of green manures is tricky, but I sowed mustard quite late (maybe may) last year and it grew really well over winter.