Yet more preserving...

24 March, 2015

This is the preserving time of year. It is keeping me busy, putting up all sorts of delicious concoctions for eating until next summer comes.

But it is an enjoyable business. I like preparing my own food, knowing exactly what has gone into the things I eat and many of it coming from my own garden. I enjoy seeing fully stocked larder shelves. Jackie French calls it the "siege mentality" and I totally have it too.

My latest preserving adventures have been both sweet and savoury delights. I had, on revision of the remaining preserves late last year, decided that more pressure canned salsa was a necessity.

So this weekend I picked the last of the tomatoes (ignore the blue spots from the liberal copper sprays, these came off with a good wash) and a good many capsicums and chillies.

These were chopped with some store bought onions, pre-picked tomatoes, homegrown garlic, simmered down with some salt and then pressure canned as per my previous method.

Not wanting to waste space in the pressure canner, I had come across some extra cheap bags of a bit too ripe pears when I was at the shops buying the onions. Not wanting to waste a bargain, I snapped these up. Until my pear trees are a bit more prolific in their pear production I won't be home bottling pears. And I love bottled pears. But home bottled store bought pears are the next best thing.

So I peeled and chopped the pears and then raw packed them into jars. A very light sugar syrup (1 cup sugar to 2 liters water) spiked with the juice of a lemon went over. These were pressure canned with the salsa.

Et voila.

As the salsa needed a bit longer than the pears really needed in the pressure canner (25 mins at 11 pounds pressure) there is a lot of space in the jars, but I'm not too fussed.

The Weck jars make perfect little 1-2 person serves, while the big quart Ball Mason jars are perfect for a dish of crumble.

The salsa meanwhile was preserved in the pint and half pint Mason Jars, which officially used up all the Mason Jars I have.

So there will be no more pressure canning until I use up some of these. Or buy more jars.

Hmmm, which option here do you think I'm going to go with?...


  1. I just bought some new jars recently. I give away enough over the years that I need new ones to make up for it. And really you can never have too many jars.

    1. I always make sure I get my mason jars back if I give away a preserve! So true, you can never have too many. Just one then needs enough space to store them...

  2. A pressure canner would be so nice - as I don't have one, I have to limit my preserving to salsa, tomatoes (with the addition of some lemon juice) & jams. Everything else has to be frozen.

    1. They are expensive but worth it. I would rather buy a pressure canner than a freezer, which is what I would need to do if I didn't pressure can. But my freezer is tiny.