Morning meander...

14 March, 2015

I do love a good meander around the garden of a morning, checking on how the plants are faring and planning what gardening needs to be done. Usually done with a cup of coffee in hand.

The Black Jack zucchini is totally overtaken by sooty mould. I have been spraying it with soap/milk spray, but it is not surviving. I will need to pull it out. No matter, because...

... the Trombonico zucchinis are taking over the world and fruiting like mad. This one is climbing up the apple tree and buddleia plant.

The rockmelons/cantaulopes are also getting a bit of mould, but it is under control. The melons are starting to fill out though. This is Delice de la Table.

This one is Prescott Fond Blanc.

I have taken the precaution of netting the pear tree. Just in case.

The sunflowers are setting seeds. Some I will keep for resowing, but I'm planning on eating most of these.

In more melon news, there are a few watermelons doing great things.

The tomatoes have responded well to spraying with copper spray, and are setting heaps more fruit. Don't know if it will properly ripen though.

Autumn fruiting raspberries are giving a handful or so every few days. It's lovely to see these again on my breakfast yoghurt.

The solo pumpkin I have grown.

Recent sowings of radish and carrot seed coming up in the raised beds.

Brassica seeds sprouting well. Will need to thin these soon.

This is a self sown brassica which came up in January. It is officially now huge! I think it will be a cabbage of some sort as the center leaves are starting to curl in.

Lots of eggplants coming along now.

And on the eggplant, another nice sight. Go ladybird. Eat those aphids!


  1. I love all that fruit. My apple tree is looking pretty sad after all the snow we had. It took the lower branches and pulled them to the ground. I'm wondering if I should give it a severe pruning.

    1. Wow. I couldn't imagine so much snow weighing down the branches!

  2. You described the perfect start to a day. The tromboncino was definitely the most powdery mildew resistant variety I grew last year & it was also the tastiest squash - a win win! I didn't have them dripping off the vines like you, however - I've never had good results with squash. Maybe this will be my year for a good harvest of squash.

    1. My trombonicomsquastrombonico have been setting fruit like mad now. I have about 4 fruits on the vine. I sense some zucchini preserving coming up!

  3. Bek, I am a lazy gardener, and have planted my zucchinis at the end of Dec two years running now. They are producing beautifully and mould free all the way until the frosts start. Next year I am planning to start some in spring, and some in Dec to have an endless supply. My children will be so pleased:)

    1. Ah. I'm going to try that next year! Cheers Jo. Love a lazy gardening tip!

  4. Couple of questions:

    What was the copper spray on the tomatoes for?

    How do you get the kernels out of the sunflower seeds?

    Had another question about whether you think the tromboncino zucchini is mould resistant, but that seems to have been been answered by the comments above.

    Morning meanders and coffee seem to be made for one another. I do it too. ;-)

    1. The copper spray was for the late tomato blight. It's worked pretty well!
      This is the first time I've grown sunflower seeds, so I'll let you know how I go with harvesting. :)
      It's interesting because I've got one trombonicomsquastrombonico that has succumbed to mould, but the others two are fine. The one that is mouldy is a bit more shaded, so I think that is playing a part.
      Good to hear others enjoy a morning meander :)

  5. I have lots of yellow and black ladybugs. never quite sure if they are goodies or baddies.
    I love your trombocino zukes! dad grew these for the first time and he has found them slow, but they are kinds cute looking, and make a nice change from the black jacks.
    wonderful to see your garden being so productive still. mine is slowing down as they days get cooler...

    1. I believe the only bad ladybugs are the 28 spotted variety, which as the name would imply have 28 spots. All others are friendly, so if in doubt, count.
      Yes, the trombonico's are slow, but they have definitely hit their stride now. They are cute, as well as having all the seeds in the end bit which is convenient for cooking.
      My garden is definitely slowing down too. But it is nice to see some things still holding on.