Grow it Local Dinner...

04 March, 2015

As some of you may be aware, the Sustainable Living Festival has been happening in Melbourne town and surrounds. One of the events was right up my alley: the Grow it Local Growers Feast.

I was lucky enough to score a ticket, and so early Saturday morning I picked the best produce the garden had to offer, ready to head to the drop off point at Melbourne Town Hall.

My contribution to the Growers Feast.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was spent in anticipation of what the chefs were going to do with the cornucopia of produce received. I saw what was dropped off first hand at the Town Hall, and saw on Instagram the other amazing offerings at the other drop off points.

Finally Sunday evening came around and me and my plus one (my gorgeous, also veg growing mum, who asked to come along if I got invited) rocked up to the Testing Grounds where the dinner was held. It's an awesome temporary venue in what would otherwise be a deserted and ugly space, made gorgeous by crates of veg, herbs and flowering plants, with many fruit trees and other edibles scattered around the space.  

The space had been set up haphazardly with many a cushion to create a casual dining environment which felt just right.

Speaking of dining, what was the food to be? This was soon answered by a menu board set up close to the drinks bar.

We were salivating in anticipation.

Everything was beautifully presented.

The food was great. Well, what I tasted was great. I missed out on the tomato salad as it was completely decimated by the time I got to the table. Unfortunately I was not the only one to miss out. But this was a small downer in an otherwise really fun evening.

Carrot with honey and almond, zucchini and smoked mozzarella tart, pumpkin and tarragon tart. Nom.

I was a little disappointed that there was obviously produce that was given that didn't end up at the feast. While I'm sure that creating a menu at less than a moment's notice is a huge challenge, it was a pity that the wide variety given by the invited growers wasn't fully utilised. I talked to a few people that had given produce that didn't make it to the feast table. It makes you wonder where the rest of it went.

One of the highlights though was how great it was to natter about fruit and veg growing with the other attendees. You always learn something talking gardener to gardener!

As the evening progressed and night fell I loved how they projected photos of the veg harvests on the wall of the adjacent buildings.

All in all a fabulous event which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.

Fingers crossed a similar event happens in 2016!


  1. We saw the article in The Age and were just blown away by how many fruit and veg you grow Bek! And great to have a western suburbs girl featured. Love your blog.

    1. Cheers! Hope to see you around in future.