Garden Share Collective: February...

03 February, 2015

This time around the GSC (led by the fabulous Lizzie) has kinda crept up on me. But I will do my best to reflect on what is happening around the garden and what things (many) need doing.

This is the garden currently.

Most of it is looking pretty ok for summer, due to the relatively cool weather we've been having. Summer crops continue to flourish (mainly tomatoes, capsicums/peppers, cucumbers, eggplants (yet to crop but growing well), climbing and dwarf beans, corn, zucchini, rockmelons, watermelons, blackberries, plums and peaches.


I recently planted my first sowings of brassica seeds. Other than that, not much. I have been planting out the bigger pinched out side shoots from tomato plants, and most seem to be surviving. It will be interesting to see if they actually produce any crops. I have been meaning to sow some more corn, but I think I'm a bit late for that now.


As mentioned there are lots of pickings in the summer garden.

The tomatoes are cropping well, with lots of green tomatoes still on the way.

The capsicums continue to do well, with lots turning red in the occasional warmer days. I've had the first Jalapeno peppers which went into a salsa for a Mexican dinner and were pretty delicious, although not as hot as I had expected.

Cucumbers are growing great guns. Lots get eaten as garden snacks, but plenty make it into the kitchen for proper meals. The Lemon cukes are really starting to hit their strides, as well as the first of some later sown Lebanese types. The home saved seed variety are still going but slowing a little, and I pulled out the Mini White cukes to make way for the brassicas as they really weren't providing much.

The first of the beans are here (I was very late in sowing these) with both bush beans and climbing beans starting to crop.

Fruit wise the blackberries continue awesome, and I'm eating the first of the Ziegler plums. I've also got about eight Anzac peaches left which I'm keeping in the fridge and am rationing myself to one every couple of days to make the most of them.

To do:
  • Summer prune the apple and pear espaliers, and the peach and cherry trees.
  • Plant another lot of brassica seeds later in February.
  • Hoard enough tomatoes to make a batch of passata.
  • Keep the aphids coming up under control with pest oil or pyrethrum.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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  1. So envious of those blackberries - can't wait to get some growing in my backyard!

    1. I can't wait to hear how you go with them. I hope they live up to expectations! :)

  2. aren't lemon cucs lovely? I have to make sure the water is kept up to them though, or they get that bitter taste. I have loads :) Lovely basket of produce

    1. I really like them, but find the skins tough if they get any sun and go yellow. But nothing a peeler doesn't fix. At first I thought I was hardly going to get any crop but now they have heaps of fruit on them. I think they really preferred the cooler weather we've been having lately!

  3. Gorgeous harvest basket. I think it has been the summer of cucumbers. I can't keep up with ours and more than I like have gone to the chickens.

    1. Cheers. I agree. I'd like to preserve more, but it comes down to storage space. Lucky chickens.

  4. I did not know you can plant the side shoots from the tomatoes once you pinched them out. That is so cool and that is another reason why i love tomato plants so sturdy and tough. I love your harvest basket so colourful

    1. I had heard of it, but not yet tried it. I'll report back on if I actually get any fruit from them