OMG fermented cucumbers are delicious!...

14 January, 2015

I am in love.

Let me tell you how we met.

It was day 5 post pickling, and I was keen to give the trial fermented cucumbers a go.

They had gone all cloudy.

Just to compare, this is what they looked like when first bottled:

And now:

I removed the top grape leaf and fished out a cucumber.

OMG! Sour and a little sweet, tangy and slightly cruchy and overall amazing. It seems a miracle that a little salt water and a few days on the benchtop has delivered this tasty morsel.

5 days was perfect. I replaced the pickle (didn't want to spoil my dinner!) and the grape leaf.

Lid on and these are off to the fridge to await a day of pate making, or perhaps a burger night.

Nom. I am so getting a bigger pickle jar for the next cucumber glut. And I cannot wait to try fermenting more vegetables. Never shall a veg glut bother me again.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! :) I have started the radishes and can't wait to see how they turn out! Thanks to you for the inspiration.

  2. I just recently tried fermenting for the first time. I tried kimchi, and the carrot sticks I put in there are my favourite part - I am also going to try more fermented veggies.

    1. Fermenting is the biz!!! I am so trying carrot sticks now!