Garden Share Collective: November...

04 November, 2014

I can't believe its already time for the November Garden Share Collective, hosted by the fabulous Lizzie.


It feels like that's all I've been doing the last few weeks. I've planted out seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, more cucumbers, more tomatoes, eggplants, corn and squash.

Cucumber seedlings, with support to grow up.

Corn seedlings in the recently cleared out brassica bed.

Tomatoes and eggplants with earwig protection.

I've also direct sown beans (which have just started to come up), lettuce, radish and some more pumpkins.

Beans, with protective covers to stop birds from digging them up.

I've also sowed seeds for rockmelons, watermelons and more eggplant in the greenhouse.


This is today's harvest.

I've pulled up about 2/3 of the garlic as it was starting to brown and droop. I'll be plaiting these when the stems soften a little over the next day or so.

Winter crops of kale and broccoli continue, although much of it is gone to seed and I've started clearing out the weaker plants so that saved seed will be from the strongest and slowest to bolt.

New spring crops of asparagus (getting a few spears every few days) and strawberries are becoming more prolific, and the first of the raspberries are here.

Lots more raspberries to come. Can't wait!

Just around the corner are the first capsicums from the plants overwintered in the greenhouse, and the first May-self-sown-and-coddled-through-winter tomato.

To do:
  • Plant out remainder of seedlings of capsicums, eggplants, cucumbers.
  • Prepare watermelon and rockmelon beds with lots of manure and mulch.
  • Keep up with the weeds.
  • Pull up remainder of garlic.
  • Net the second raspberry area as berries go red.
  • Net cherry. 
  • Mulch, mulch and more mulch. 

Well, that's the November garden. What's happening in your garden now?


  1. Oh! Kale and asparagus and raspberries! Now I have serious food envy! With all your sowing and planting out, you've reminded why I shouldn't wish winter away, I have to make a game plan to organise my seed sowing next spring. It's such a busy time of year for you but worth the effort. Looks like you're off to a great start!

    1. Yes, winter is a planning time indeed. I think planning for spring is the only thing that gets me through winter, as otherwise it would be too depressing. Cheers!

  2. Those berries look wonderful. I have had to pull out all our winter broccoli crop due to aphids and it warming up too quickly this year. I like all your protective covers for the wildlife. I think I may have to do some drastic changes to our strawberry bed so I can get a crop like yours.

  3. Cheers Liz.
    I usually get the dreaded aphids on my broccoli, but for some reason haven't had a problem this year. But I do have a lot of whitefly. Luckily it doesn't effect the eating.
    Nets are essential where I am, otherwise I'd never get a berry. Birds are the main culprit, don't know if they'd deter a wallaby though :)

  4. Spring is such a busy time. Lucky you being able to successfully overwinter the pepper plants. I was trying that this year but they were overrun by aphids within a month of being brought indoors so off to the compost pile they went.

    1. Ah. That's a real pity. I was considering some indoor pots but now you've talked me out of it. Thanks for sharing so I don't make the same error.

  5. wow, look at those strawberries and garlic! you must be so happy with that basket of food. i must check my garlic - thanks for the prompt.

  6. Yes, I call it an acceptable harvest. To be honest my favourite thing right now is the few raspberries I get most days. Bliss!