Where did the weekend go?..

26 October, 2014

It's hit that time in spring where you feel like there is so much to do in the garden, and not enough time to do it.

This is what I managed to get ticked off the garden to do list:

Net the early raspberries, as some formed berries are just starting to turn red.

Remove the shade cloth from the tomatoes and start the support structure for them to grow up.

(Yes, there are tomatoes in there. They are mostly between 5-10cms high, but completely impossible to see. I promise I'm not making them up.)

Plant out cucumbers with my usual cucumber structure.

Also completed, but not photographed, was the task of chopping back the lillipilli tree which was getting way too tall and shading too much of the garden.


What did you get up to in the garden this weekend?


  1. we had a super long weekend here in hobart, and i relaxed and pottered about. and we had oodles of rain yesterday, which was just glorious.
    i love your sturdy little cucumbers - and your healthy supply of snail bait!

    1. Oh how lovely. I'm hanging out for this weekend as we have Tuesday (cup day) off, and I've also taken Monday so have a very long weekend. I cannot wait!
      Yes, without the snail bait there would be no cucumbers!