Not popping corn...

04 September, 2014

While reviewing my homegrown saved seed I came across some popcorn I grew quite a while back, and then left to properly dry and completely forgot about.


This is not the first time I have grown popcorn. But it is the first time I grew blue popcorn. 

I mean really, isn't it just gorgeous.

I decided to enjoy a little of the early spring sunshine and sit outside to de-husk the popcorn.

It was very easy to separate the seeds from the husks.

 But it wasn't very clean popcorn at first.

Luckily there was a light breeze, so I poured it back into the bowl and did a little tossing to winnow out the fluffy bits.

Back into the jar it went.

That looks better.

Today felt like a popcorn evening. So I chucked about a quarter cup of popcorn into a pot to pop.

This is what I got.

I don't understand. Why didn't you pop?

It was very disappointing.

That said, the popcorn that did fulfill its job description was really full flavoured and delicious. Kinda like popcorn on steroids. No butter, salt or other flavourings required.

I just wish a little more of it had actually popped.

Any ideas why my popcorn failed?


  1. It could be that your popcorn dried too much. A couple of years ago I grew some popcorn and thought I was being smart in placing pans of the kernels on top of our cast iron radiators to finish drying after harvest, but I left it there quite a long time (life got busy) and had similar results. After consulting with my corn-expert father, he concluded that there probably wasn't enough moisture left in the corn for it to pop properly. Apparently I should have been testing it more regularly and once I achieved a good pop, I should have then stored it in an air-tight container to prevent further moisture loss. I'm going to try it again one of these years - hopefully with better results!

    1. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks heaps for the info!

  2. Yup popcorn needs moisture to pop. It is why when I buy my popcorn I put it in an airtight container. I've never grown it myself though.

    1. Good to have that confirmed. I wonder if I can rehydrate the kernels?.. Well I have nothing to lose :)