Morning meander...

07 September, 2014

The sunlight in these early spring mornings is just beautiful. With these mornings of blue skies and gentle dappled light it truly feels like the grey days of winter behind us, even if the mornings are still a bit chilly.

Even with the chill, I just have to get outdoor for a gentle morning meander about the garden.

Evergreen blueberries beginning to flower.

Self sown lettuces are coming up.

If there are self sown lettuces, I may as well put some in too. This is where I sowed some lettuce seed yesterday.

Espaliered orange putting out lots of flowers and new shoots.

Ditto mandarin.

Gaah! Just look at that horrible shed. The house in the back has been sold and the new owners are sub-dividing and putting in a new unit. They have been aggressively pulling out all the plants and have chopped back the passionfruit growing up the fence and thrown it all back on my side. Not nice. But at least they are chopping out the horrible tree growing  just behind the fence.

Still more broccoli side shoots.

The cabbages appear to be multiplying. I am picking them, but there doesn't seem to be any less of them.

Plum starting to flower. Joy - hopefully this will mean the first fruit from this tree.

In the veg patch, mustard grown as a green manure is going nuts. Need to pull this up soon.

Peas. So many peas. Yay.

Onions that I planted out are doing ok.

Maybe it was a bad idea to let this nettle grow in the path.

Still just one asparagus plant sending up spears.

But what's this?! Look, asparagus seedlings are coming up!

And in another good news story, remember that tomato plant that self seeded back in May?

OMG! It has flowers! I will need to try and replicate this. Was it the bricks of the mass of weeds that kept it alive, do you think? Either way, I'm super excited to potentially have very early tomatoes. 


  1. you'll definitely need long sleeves and leather gloves to pull that nettle. I had one in my garden and even all 'suited up' I still got stung :-(
    I second your yay to the peas. I also love the magnolia tree photobombing the passionfruit vine pic.
    (and boo to that neighbour! not nice, indeed!)

    1. Oh yes. Leather gloves for sure.
      So true, magnolia photobomb! I didn't even notice that :)

  2. Oooh - I've never seen citrus espaliered before? Is it an experiment or do loads of people do it? We couldn't have them permanently attached to anything here as they have to go inside in the winter.

    1. I don't think it's super common, but I'm certainly not the first. Apparently citrus does quite well like this but mine are very young so I can't give my own perspective on the pros and cons. Perhaps a potted citrus could be espalier to allow for indoor/outdoor flexibility?...

  3. Love the lettuce that is growing in the rock. I see you too are cured with the white caterpillar moth on your cabbages. Everytime I look out the front I see those stupid moths flying about everywhere I have holy cabbages everywhere. I always have to check the parsley before chopping (not the protein I am after). NIce work on the extra asparagus plants

    1. Yes - the cabbage moth is my sworn enemy. They weren't to bad over winter, but are back with a vengence now. I've never noticed them in parsley, but will be extra careful now!